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Will try my very best to get into his good books later!

My husband does most of the washing up in our house. I’m not much of a perfectionist when it comes to dishes, which has made him take over this most skill needed task. I think my husband has slight OCD tendencies when it comes to anything to do with water – washing up being no exception!

“Why did you put the dish with all that melted cheese in with all the other washing up?”

“I wiped it first!”

“Did you? Did you really? Don’t do it again! I REALLY MEAN IT!” He didn’t shout that last bit, but there was so much intention behind his words, I just felt it right to put them in capitals.

Anyway, this reprimand (my idea of domestic bliss) made me go quite weak at the knees – which I was rather embarrassed about – seeing as he wasn’t fooling around and ‘really meant it’.

I began to quickly stir whatever was on the stove. He surprised me then by coming up close and whispering into my ear.

“Not everything is a prelude to something. I heard your little sharp intake of breath…”

I’m wet now and he knows I am…

The children burst in at the door and that moment is gone. Mmmm… will have to try my very best to get into his good books later!

(Will let you know what happens ‘tonight’ when I am back home in a few days)


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