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Please hit me again Sir…

My slutty ass…

I’ve often read about those poor dears who are punished for not addressing their dom/master etc in the correct fashion. My giddy submissive self has always been somewhat envious of those crimes and punishments – but my husband has never been one to bear titles – that is until this morning…

I think I died and went to heaven…

The children were all out for the day – I asked him what his plans were – trying to sort out a timetable for working on the computer….

“First we’re gonna fuck!”

“Oh really?” I say, actually genuinely surprised.

“Yes really!” he replies, but then he wanders off.

I go upstairs and put on a see through lacy bra and some matching (but not meant to be matching) lacy boy shorts. Some dark black hold up stockings and an ‘in your face’ bright red low cut mini dress. I lie down on our bed.

“I’m wearing some fucking clothes!” I shout down the stairs.

“Oh yeh…” I hear and the laptop shutting and then he’s right there in front of me…

“Get up then! Show me your stuff!” I sit up and then walk round towards him –  for some reason feeling a bit shy…

He pushes me face down onto the bed.

“Assume the position!” I lie sprawled forwards with my ass in the air expectantly – But there’s not even a slap – he starts to undo my bra,

“But their matching and you haven’t even seen them yet!”

“You don’t need it!” he replies matter of factly and ‘helps’ me to take it off.

“Assume the position!” I of course assume… He gives me a few hard delicious slaps to my ass.

“Look – you’re making my cock hard.” I look and sure enough it looks ready for action. I put out my hand to feel it.

“No touching!” is the stern rebuke. He then slaps me hard on the inside top of my thighs a few times (which always makes me feel like a naughty little girl being punished.)

“What do you say?” he asks.

“Ummm… Thank you?” I flounder for a moment…

“Thank you…?” he says guiding me towards something we both want and for a moment I can’t even think straight…

“Thank you SIR!” I answer.

“And?” he’s looking at me scarily sternly and what he wants I don’t know….What do I want? Of course…

“Please hit me again sir!” I answer with relief. He smiles at me.

“That’s better!” A couple of very hard spanks follow…

“Up against the wall!” I move to the wall, automatically putting my hands above my head and stick my ass out towards him. After a few stingers to my eager behind, he starts to rub one of his knuckles up into my pussy. The knuckle then moves its way to my asshole. I’m moaning now with a little bit of pain and alot of pleasure.Then he stops,

“What do you say?”

“Thank you Sir.”

“Good girl. Turn around!!” I do what he asks and he moves my arms which have dropped to my side back above my head…

“Assume the position!” I’m not sure what he means – he’s never asked me to do this facing him before… I push my pelvis towards him.

“More!” he says. Good I’m on the right track. I stick my pussy towards him for all I’m worth.

SMACK! Woah! He’s never hit me this hard on my cunt before. SMACK! And again and again. My pussy feels like it’s burning – and no understatement here. It’s hot hot hot!

“What do you say?”

“ you Sir.” I manage to whisper.


“Please hit me again Sir…” Mmmmmaaaargh! His eyes are so deliciously stern and I have to keep thanking Sir and asking Sir for more… Then he stops for a moment, which at this point is somewhat of a relief…

“Have you got the condom?”

“No.” SMACK!

“No what?!” Another hard SMACK!


“Um…” I mumble as my legs begin to  buckle…

“What’s the matter?” he asks.

“I think I’m going to wet myself.”

“What do you say?!”

“Sir, ummm please hit me again… Sir!”

“Go get the condom!” I scramble over to the side of our bed and grab one and hand it over…

“Prepare to be fucked!” I move fast…

I lie sprawled on the bed – my knickers have gone – I’m not sure when… my pussy is burning like hell!

“Spread em!” I spread. I’m always amazed that his cock is so hard – I mean – he must be enjoying this as much as me!

After my first delicious cumming, I can’t resist from using those immortal lines form Oliver Twist:

“Please Sir, can I have some more?” He of course obliges and I have another couple. I suddenly have this urge to lick him all over. I begin with his ears, his lips, his nipples, his balls.

He’s out of me now, asking if I like him wiping his balls all over my face.

“Yes Sir!” I reply..

I’m lying on the bed with my stockings and my short read dress still on. He’s kneeling over my head facing my legs, stroking his cock with his hand. My tongue is working like crazy on his balls and ass. Every now and again my dress rides up to reveal my slutty ass and pussy. Every now and again he orders me (not without some disgust in his voice!) ‘to sort out my dress!’

There is something about this attempt at modesty when I am his complete and utter whore that turns him on…Sometimes I pull my dress down too much and my nipples poke out of the top half.

My tongue is working on his asshole and he cums hard, first on the front of my outfit and then lifting up the top of my dress, the warm cream shoots all over my breasts.

I lick any left over cum from his cock and then we look into each others eyes and share one very messy, wet and sloppy, dirty kiss…


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“I’ve made your cock hard…”

Butt cheeks!

“Dry your hands!” I stop washing up, look at him to see if anything is wrong and then obediently, I pick up a nearby dishcloth.

“Spread your cheeks apart!” I’m not sure what he means at first (duh!), but then I lean against the sink, bring my hands to my ass and open it wide. I’m wearing a rather flouncy skirt with soft thin material.

“Good girl!” He shoves one of his finger knuckles into my asshole. I don’t know why I’m not expecting it – Actually I don’t know what I’m expecting – but it takes my breath away. He keeps rubbing into me for a while. At first it feels a bit strange, uncomfortable for a moment, but as I get used to the sensations it becomes very pleasurable. It takes alot of me to stop from crying out – but the kids are in the other room…Then he stops…

“Look what you’ve done!” He takes one of my hands and places it onto the very hard bulge in his trousers.

“You did this! Tell me what you’ve done!” I lean forwards and whisper in his ear

“I’ve made your cock hard…”

“Yes, you have. Now carry on with what you were doing!”

Oh God, the last thing I’m thinking about is washing up. My knees are weak, clit erect and pussy dripping! But somehow, I do what he says….

All I can think of now is what will happen later…


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Maybe he isn’t hitting me hard enough…

Cat collar on of course!

I was squatting in front of him (wearing his new cat collar of course!) with my knees spread wide…

He was half propped up against the pillows directly in front of me. The broken belt strap was in his hand.

He started to hit me with it quite gently at first and then a little harder each time…

Pussy… inside thighs… outer thighs,…breasts…clit…

He kept saying how brave I was because I was hardly flinching and just staring him out with a smile on my lips…

It stung alot at its peak. Very nearly too hard for me to take  – but not hard enough to leave a mark. I have this crazy desire for him to leave some bright red welts or bruises – but my skin seems to be rather resilient – or maybe he isn’t hitting me hard enough… (and I know he’s going to read this… ; )


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“Don’t do that please!”

Girly and sexy?

I normally don’t like wearing clothes that are too big for me – Did the baggy thing in my teens and some of my 20’s. Now I’m so happy with my body it has to be close fitting attire most of the time!

Anyway, I put on this white, kind of baby doll dress nighty, which is a couple of sizes too big for me – but very short. I am hoping it makes me look girly in a sexy sort of way.

I then choose some cream and black ‘fuller’ knicker style – which he seems to prefer – opposed to a piece of string – which I guess is more ‘in your face’ kind of sexy.

There.. I was ready, but he is downstairs on the computer…

I make some really loud light clicking turning off sounds and a big audible bounce into bed… Great! I can hear the laptop shutting and then his footsteps…

I smile at him as he comes in and then turn over as if going to sleep. He pulls the covers off to reveal what I am wearing…

“What’s all this?’

Not so in your face!

“My nightwear!” I say, pulling up the covers. He pulls them off again and then punches me in the pussy. Delicious! He jumps on top of me, pinches my nipples and hits me in the ribs. In the excitement, I mistakenly elbow him hard in the knee…

He goes to the toilet and gets into bed turning away from me. I bite his back softly a few times.

“Don’t do that please!” I’m not sure if he is joking or not…

I turn my back to him and he asks if I have all the contraception ready!?

“No, I thought you were tired.”

“That’s why you got all dressed up then?” (The cheek!) He turns round and gives my pussy such a pounding, I think I am going to cum and/or wet myself.

He turns off all the lights and puts on a condom. I lube up quietly and then wait for him as if I am sleeping. I love the idea of him fucking me when I’m not awake and haven’t given my consent. He pulls off the covers (again!) and roughly opens my legs.

The fucking is bliss. He feels just so hard to the point of aching . As we haven’t got it on for a few days its too delicious and I cum very quickly bathing my whole body in hardcore pleasure.  Orgasm two comes straight after – deep inside me. Three, four and five make me buck with urgency for the sweetness of more – I feel it much more in my clit.

He moves to behind me to go for his cumming. It is gorgeous – right on the G spot. He’s hanging over the side of the bed pumping away vigorously. It is soooo horny and then he goes and wallops his head on a wooden chair! We stop… (He’s abit of a wimp when it comes to pain – but it was abit of a bang.)

He ends up self pleasuring.

I lick his nipples and work my hand lower… After about 10 minutes of no cum I think its about time!

I suck one of his balls, taking it fully into my mouth, sucking gently, slowly and deliberately. Then I take the other ball and do the same. He cums!


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Your punishment is not to be punished!


I was in the bathroom, having given it a clean when my husband comes in…

“Ugh! It’s all wet!”

“Yeh,” I say, “I’ve just wiped everything with a sponge.”

“You need to dry it after – that’s what I do!”

I giggle at his fussiness and he comes over to tell me off (hopefully) with a smack or two…

“Your punishment is not to be punished!” He walks away leaving me turned on, but sorely disappointed..

Later down in the kitchen, I’m putting drops out for one of the children who is poorly. My husband comes up from behind and starts thumping his fist into my pussy successively. I am completely helpless and leaning on the table for support. I feel like I am going to cum and/or wet myself…

“What’s the matter with you/” He says flippantly.

“Fu…uck!” I murmer… The sweet bastard then carries on with the washing up and I take the now prepared medicine upstairs – trying my hardest to concentrate on children’s bedtime.

In the bathroom again – just finishing brushing my teeth. He comes in and hits me in the clit. My body bends forwards with surprise and pleasurable pain. I make a groaning/moaning sound.

“Oh poor you!” says my husband.

He moves me to the mirror.

“Look! Look at that!” I see myself half double up and moan as he hits my clit again. I turn my head away. I don’t want to see myself looking so uncomposed.

“Look!” he says sternly.

I look at myself in the mirror being made to receive this bittersweet pleasure a few more times…

“See you later!” says the delicious arsehole, walking away…


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Sucking cock again!

He’s holding my hands and telling me I have to keep my legs wide open. He slaps or thumps my ass, clit, cunt and legs over and over… sometimes its pleasurable, sometimes it hurts, but most times its somewhere in between the two.

I could of course get my hands free – but I always find I’m obedient to where he wants my body to be…

When he hits the place where his cock should go I feel like I’m going to wet myself and orgasm at the same time. When he hits me there successively I get more than usually wet – maybe I am wetting myself…

I really want to let myself go and orgasm and wet myself if that is what is going to happen – but I’m on our bed and my mind kicks in and I close my legs each time.

I then feel his cock and its pretty limp. he’s been concentrating so much on me that he’s not even turned on anymore – soon change that!

I’m struggling with him to get my mouth on his cock – he’s laughing and pushing me away – but I had a taste for it the other night and now I want more!

Ha, got it! Of course it has no choice now, but to grow and grow and grow…

I’m on top of him and the head is swelling big. He’s really very helpless underneath me and his cock feels like it does when its about to come…

My husband usually takes a while to orgasm – used to be a classic sufferer of delayed ejaculation, so I’ve never made him orgasm just with my mouth… But as his climaxes seem to be getting quicker and I do so like a challenge…

I take him to the back of my throat several times, but as gagging stops me from continuing, I concentrate with moving my lips up and down the top half of his cock.

“You’re really good at this!” He sounds almost surprised!

He rubs the base near his balls and sometimes moves my head – but mostly he lets me do it all…

After about 10 minutes – much quicker than I expected he shoots his load into my mouth. I swallow most of his cum, but some of it spills out onto my tangled sweaty hair.

He keeps smiling at me as if he’s won alot of money or something.

“”Thats the most intense blow job I’ve ever had!” (Not sure why, but I felt really proud of that praise!)

He makes to start on me. I want cock in my cunt and know I won’t get that, so I say oh so sweetly,

“Lets just go to sleep”

I cuddle up still feeling very turned on, but all the mouth work must have tired me out, because I soon drift off to sleep…


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My ass…

I’m clearing up one of the children’s rooms and bending down to pick up a piece of discarded tissue.

“What do you think its like being me and having to live with this?”

He comes up behind me and grabs my ass. He then thumps me hard in the cunt a few times… I can’t move with the pleasure of it.

“Oh poor you…” says the delicious bastard as he walks off.

Later the laptop is on the bed and I’m bent over checking my mail – I am about to finish when I hear him coming up the stairs.. I linger a while longer and stick my ass out just a little more. He thumps me hard again – this time successively and I feel like I’m going to wet myself and come at the same time. I find myself moaning and almost collapsing on the bed. The sweet bastard walks off again…


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