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Putting the record straight…

I haven’t mentioned this before – because it seemed quite insignificant at the time – but my husband now knows about this blog…

I can’t lie about anything really to my nearest and dearest friends and I just had to tell him…

His reaction, I thought was incredible as it was so ‘nothing!’

I think I began the conversation with lights out and just after having sex…

“Well, that’s another one for the blog…”

“Oh yeh?” he replies rather sleepily…

“I actually do have a blog…”

“Yeh… Really?” still sleepy – probably not the best time to have a conversation with him!

“I’ll tell you about it in the morning, but basically our sex life in detail is on the internet…”

“What… what have you called your blog?”


“Oh that sounds good.”

“Really, so you don’t mind?”

“No, why should I?” I pause in the conversation to think of a reply and in the meantime he is asleep…

The next morning I show him some posts (I go out the room as I feel really quite scared of his opinion on my writing – him being a writer by profession and ‘abit’ of a perfectionist!)

And as I thought the first thing he does is point out some spelling and punctuation mistakes (!)

Then he gives me praise! (Hallelujah and I jump 50 feet inside myself!) He likes it! He can be so scornful of bad/lazy writing and he wouldn’t be too worried about hurting my feelings on this account.

So now that puts the record straight!

Oh, yeh... this has been me all week!





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