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‘Please…um…could I have your cock for just 5 minutes?’ continued…

Sorry, sorry, THANKYOU! I moan as the last orgasm rushes through my oh, so grateful body…

One of the children is coughing and sneezing. He withdraws and goes to see if she needs a tissue. I check the other two…

All are fine and still asleep. I lie back down in bed and begin to drift off to sleep. He comes back, sneezes a few times and then lies down next to me.

I cuddle up to him.

“Thankyou.” I say again. “Are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m ok.”

I’m just curious to see if his cock is hard… Yes, it is! I give it a few strokes with my hand and then turn away from him. I love to tease sometimes – but actually I could really go to sleep now and I thought he was ill etc!

If I slept now, I would be putting one over for all the women in history who’ve had sex, but not orgasmed due to their partner’s coming quickly and not being kind enough to bring them to climax after! Sorry – just being silly now and diverting from events.

Anyway, he’s abit turned on, so he’s right behind me, fondling my breasts and my ass. After 5 orgasms, I’m actually quite satisfied, so I push his hands away a few times and then I turn around…

I whip the (wank) cloth out from under the pillow (I got it when I went to check on the kids).

He doesn’t want me to go down to his balls and ass – which I often do to help him climax – maybe because he has been too ill to feel like washing(?) So I lie on his chest and suck and play with his nipples and tell him what I would like to wear for him. It usually goes to a secretarial cliche of a fitted skirt suit with sexy underwear on. At the moment I keep going to this tousled haired blonde girl that I saw in the post office a few weeks ago. She was wearing black shoes with little heels, tights and a grey skirt with matching jacket and I guess she could have been a secretary – but her skirt was really really short and she had a way of carrying herself which was a bit tarty and very sexy.

I’m talking about wearing something else now – black suspenders and black stockings – I’m scratching his balls and playing with his ass and sucking on his nipples and he’s shooting his load and I scratch the place between his ass and balls – because he says it makes climax stronger and longer and it seems to and I just love it when he comes!



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Sucking Cock!

Still holding onto the idea of playing hard to get. (I should be able to keep this up for maybe another day…)

I wait (with great hope!) for him to come on to me at bed time. When he does, I am so grateful, I suck on his cock for a good many minutes and won’t let it go…

I normally act the submissive one during sex, but now he is completely in my power. I am lying on the bed and he is on all fours moaning and groaning over me. Every now and again some of his juice comes into my mouth and it makes me feel even hornier.

I try every now and again to take him fully into my mouth, but him being around 8 inches its impossible (for me anyway!) Instead I content myself (and him) by playing with the head – especially the sensitive top underside with my darting tongue. Anyone got a good name for this area?

We’re in the dark and he can’t see me properly and he keeps asking me what I’m doing.

“Why, don’t you like it?” comes my muffled reply. His answer is always a moan…

After a good 10 minutes my tongue is almost numb with fatigue. Time to fuck!

We have to wait for his erection to go down, so he can put the condom on – we talk about his mother…

He feels gorgeously deep and I come four times deliciously easily.

Something unexpected happens then which is abit weird – my orgasm apart from being in my cunt, is also in my hands! I am opening and closing my fingers really quickly and they feel as though they are also in the throes of exctasy… Strange – but nice!

For my husbands coming, he enters from behind. It takes him probably just under 10 minutes of thrusting to bring him to climax. He feels even deeper in this position and I notice my mouth is wide open with the pleasure of it when he shoots his load…


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