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Crime and (my) Punishment…

Crime and (my) Punishment…

I put on my teeny tiny skin tight black shorts to go to the shops with my man.

(A little background might be needed here: the above mentioned item is probably the most talked about piece of clothing when fucking each other!)

He clocks my ass with appreciation as I walk past, but then immediately raises his eyebrows and then furrows them slightly.

“You are not going out with those on!” (Ooh just like a strict daddy!)

“Yes I am!” I say determinedly. It’s hot for once in this rainy climate and I know I look ok.

“Those are for bedroom use only!” he says sternly. (Ooh again!) I bat my eyelashes and nearly know I’m going to get my own way…

“Just this once! I won’t do it again!”

He mutters something about Lara Croft as I skip gaily down the stairs.

Well I don’t have Lara’s breasts – but I was wearing a push up bra and I’ve been very physically active lately – so feeling toned and strong and of course my ass – is it’s usual voluptuous self – so maybe I could be an action girl for the next half hour or so…

Anyway, that night – I’m not really expecting anything to happen as we fucked the two previous nights and needed to catch up on sleep… In fact I’d even begun to drift off.

But then I feel a firm hand playing with my ass cheeks and a whisper in my ear:

“Where’s the condom?” My immediate answer is to get said condom. His urgency in fucking quickly makes me eager for his big hard cock, which I can just about make out in the darkness.

I widen my legs and hold my wet lips open to let him in. He feels just too sweet inside of me. His fist presses against my ribs and then the idea of punishment makes my pussy flush with heat.

“Are you punishing me for wearing those shorts outside?”

“Yes I am!” he whispers as he pounds hard into me. I feel so deliciously naughty and take my dues like the very bad girl that I am.

He squeezes my throat, he warns me with the flat of his hand on my cheek – but he doesn’t slap my face – he doesn’t need to – his hard cock, his body pressing down on mine and some fingers pinching my nipple gently and sometimes not so gently – tell me who’s in control.

It all too soon sends me over the edge… and again… and again…and again…


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Your punishment is not to be punished!


I was in the bathroom, having given it a clean when my husband comes in…

“Ugh! It’s all wet!”

“Yeh,” I say, “I’ve just wiped everything with a sponge.”

“You need to dry it after – that’s what I do!”

I giggle at his fussiness and he comes over to tell me off (hopefully) with a smack or two…

“Your punishment is not to be punished!” He walks away leaving me turned on, but sorely disappointed..

Later down in the kitchen, I’m putting drops out for one of the children who is poorly. My husband comes up from behind and starts thumping his fist into my pussy successively. I am completely helpless and leaning on the table for support. I feel like I am going to cum and/or wet myself…

“What’s the matter with you/” He says flippantly.

“Fu…uck!” I murmer… The sweet bastard then carries on with the washing up and I take the now prepared medicine upstairs – trying my hardest to concentrate on children’s bedtime.

In the bathroom again – just finishing brushing my teeth. He comes in and hits me in the clit. My body bends forwards with surprise and pleasurable pain. I make a groaning/moaning sound.

“Oh poor you!” says my husband.

He moves me to the mirror.

“Look! Look at that!” I see myself half double up and moan as he hits my clit again. I turn my head away. I don’t want to see myself looking so uncomposed.

“Look!” he says sternly.

I look at myself in the mirror being made to receive this bittersweet pleasure a few more times…

“See you later!” says the delicious arsehole, walking away…


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