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After orgasm 3 my tears are pathetically welling up…

Not too many... just a few...

He said he had a headache… My heart sank…

In bed for sleep, he usually starts off with his back to me and I usually rub my breasts and pussy against him… He doesn’t seem to mind…and it usually gives him a hard on.

After about 30 seconds of rubbing he says

“Do I need to get a condom?” It could be my imagination – or more likely he is teasing me, but he sounds put upon and tired. But I need his cock, so I swallow my pride…

We fuck and its good, but I feel abit shitty at the same time. I think I’m using him for his cock, and although it feels huge and hard I’m worried about his head hurting and him not really wanting to be doing it…

After orgasm 3 my tears are pathetically welling up. He can’t see because we are in darkness. I’m feeling kind of monstrous – like a female spider.

I cum again and again, and again. Its good to be sexually satisfied – but sad isn’t so great.

“You’d better come out now – or I’ll be keeping you here all night” I say reluctantly. He takes out his still hard cock and I dig out the wank cloth.

“That was intense, but what’s the matter?” he asks as I lie on his chest while he arranges the cloth.

“Nothing, really. Well there is something, but can I tell you after?”

“Tell me now!”

“No, please let me tell you after… Its not big or awful, but it is something…” He self pleasures and I help out, licking, sucking, rubbing and scratching where he likes it…

After, I try to talk, but I can’t really find the words to express…

“Are you vulnerable and inarticulate?” He asks (in a Brooklyn accent.)

“Kind of… Its just that I feel like I’m using you and… I mean I know you were hard, but did you enjoy the fucking?” He pulls me closer.

“Of course I did! Don’t you know I was only playing earlier? Silly! I thought you knew that…” I’m getting my words together abit better now…

“I’ve always played hard to get in the past. Well, maybe not played – just not been needing to have sex so much, but now its different. I think I’m trying to ask if its alright with you that I am now always ready for ‘it’. I’m finding it abit overwhelming… Always wanting it… Always thinking abou…”

He kisses me on the forehead and pulls me even closer.

“Is that what you’re going on about? Any man, dead or alive would not find this a problem!”

“Really?” I feel so relieved. rather silly, and sweetly reassured…


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Didn’t think anything would happen last night…

Lacy knickers!

Didn’t think anything would happen last night…

I was completely hands off as he is in the middle of a cold…. But…yes, ok….I did put on a very tight, kind of see through skimpy Tshirt as my nighty….And, if I think about it… yes, I did lie on the bed clothes even though I felt really cold and yes my ‘nightie’ was short enough to reveal my lacy knickers… And I let the lower half of my ass cheeks peek out provocatively…

But in my defence, I didn’t touch him!

He made a grab for me first…and that was that!

He now says that he feels worse this morning because of our ‘activities’ last night and has the cheek to say it was my fault!

Well, I stood my ground and protested my innocence…But you of course know the truth….


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Hope and desperation…

My husband hasn’t been feeling too good for the last couple of nights – but just before he fell ill, he really turned me on big time – slapping me around, pushing me up against walls etc…

When I’m really turned on and I have to wait to have sex and carry on through everyday life – the only feeling I can liken it to is claustrophobia – there is open space somewhere – but its really far away – you want fresh air right now and you can’t get it!

Anyway, I knew my guy was not feeling 100% – so although I felt really turned on I was not making a move on him at all. Coming up to bedtime I tried to be a really good girl and just put on some boring pyjamas and go to sleep – but of course I found myself rifling through my drawer for something abit more enticing…

I found a tight see through strappy camisole and had to put it on. Some very tight blue stretchy boxers on my lower half.

I lay on my front in my most comfortable position – legs a part – one leg a little bent so that my ass sticks up a little provocatively. Anyway, I did have the covers on and was ‘trying’ to get to sleep.. until my husband comes along and rips the covers off and demands to know

“Whats all this for?”

“Hope.” I say after a pause.

“Have you got everything ready?” (contraception, lube etc)

“No.” I say

“Hope is going..” he says. To which I scramble out of the bed and make a mad dash for condoms etc

“Desperation…doesn’t look too good…” He says….

TO BE CONTINUED… (Husband is back and blog still a secret and have to make lunch for kids etc)


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The poor cock!

Last night I had two orgasms. We were interrupted and then I fell asleep before he could come….

Apparently he didn’t wank and I believe him because everytime he sees me (and the kids arn’t aware!) he fondles, slaps, and/or gropes (clothing) my breasts, nipples , ass and/or cunt. One of his favourites (and mine aswell!) is to hold both of my hands with one of his – so even if I struggle, he can still do what he wants. Of course, I don’t struggle too much – or I’d probably easily be able to get away and he wouldn’t be able to do the things he wants to do – which of course would be no fun for either of us.

Oh, yes, not sure how I could nearly forget this, but when I was dozing on the bed (my ass sticking up a little provocatively) I was awoken by a huge erect cock being thrust into my mouth. I took it in really deep. A taste of things to come…(ha ha excuse the pun)

There is serious sexual tension in this house, but the kids are in or playing in the garden – so we can’t do anything until tonight…

I feel almost claustrophobic when I’m turned on and can’t fuck – a feeling of unbearable no escape.

Anyway, we finally hit the sheets at about midnight. I am definitely up for sex  but also exhausted. Have been waking at 6.01am every morning this week to provide breakfast, packed lunch and drive a foreign student who is staying with us for 2 weeks.

My husband mauls me in various delicious places and then turns around as if he is going to go to sleep (he occasionally teases me this way) – But he could also be very tired –  on the other hand he has a massive erection and very hard balls. Tiredness or not, we are definitely going to get it on!

The next thing I know its 6.01am. “Did anything happen last night?” I ask confused and groggy. “No, you fell asleep.” “Really?” I say. “Yes, it seems the peacock struts his stuff and the  peahen  falls asleep before anything can happen!”

The poor cock…


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