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Wanking and breastfeeding – is there a link?

Was going to write about having had great sex at 2am previous night and feeling exhausted  by it and why did we have to do it etc… But fell asleep!

Its not that I mind him wanking, I just find it quite amazing that we have had sex nearly every day this week and he still finds the urge (and time!) to masterbate!

What does concern me is that for years and years we didn’t have sex – maybe once a month if we were lucky and then we would be listening out for baby sounds…

I had absolutely no libido during breastfeeding.Three children breastfed for about three years each, plus pregnancies in which I couldn’t have sex during the first 3 months of pregnancy due to tiredness and nausia – and then my husband was too scared to have sex with me during the last three months of pregnancy incase he hurt the baby. (We did have a bleed during a ‘session’ in the first pregnancy in which I was admitted to hospital – so who can blame him.) All this adds up to over 10 years!

About half the time we have been together! Thats alot of time without having sex! My husband must have been sooooo frustrated – and he was but he never pestered me – but thank God for wanking – otherwise I’m sure he would have had to have had an affair (or two or three!)

I remember this period of abstinence well. Dried up crusty hankies and socks with tissues in them hidden in every inconceivable place!

I’m truly amazed that the sex we have now is so so good as at one point our love making was rather snatched and nonexistant for oh so very long.

Hormones are curious things….


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