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My ass…

I’m clearing up one of the children’s rooms and bending down to pick up a piece of discarded tissue.

“What do you think its like being me and having to live with this?”

He comes up behind me and grabs my ass. He then thumps me hard in the cunt a few times… I can’t move with the pleasure of it.

“Oh poor you…” says the delicious bastard as he walks off.

Later the laptop is on the bed and I’m bent over checking my mail – I am about to finish when I hear him coming up the stairs.. I linger a while longer and stick my ass out just a little more. He thumps me hard again – this time successively and I feel like I’m going to wet myself and come at the same time. I find myself moaning and almost collapsing on the bed. The sweet bastard walks off again…


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