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For the sake of research and cumming on Xavi…

So cheap you can see the label...

Whilst I was away working, I thought I’d see – just out of interest – and it would be fun…

How long it would take me to orgasm using my fingers if I really went for it…

From start to finish for orgasm one it took me 1.5 minutes. My arm was nearly dead and I felt like I’d gone for a sprint my breathing was so rapid.

After a short pause of no fingers, I began to circle my clit again…

Orgasm two took 20 seconds, orgasm three took 15 seconds and orgasm four took 10…

In the evening, I thought – for research purposes of course, to try again…

Again it took me 1.5 minutes to hit the delicious peak, but 5 seconds for orgasm two,10 seconds for orgasm three and 20 seconds for orgasm four.

Then my husband came to bed. He was really tired and had a bad back, so didn’t join in… But I couldn’t help myself and had to carry on…

We do an alphabet memory word game every now and again to exercise our brains. Tonight he chose footballers names…

I began with John Aldridge, he repeated Aldridge and added Batistuta. I repeated these and added Charlton and so on….

I kept orgasming throughout and if I forgot any – he would give me a slap.

I never know when to stop masturbating, so I asked him to just tell me to stop!

I went down on him then and he ended up cumming on Xavi.

We were both sated and I lay on his chest and we finally finished with Zadin…


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“Come kitty kitty come!”

It actually fitted!

I’d given him a black cat collar with a little silver bell for a Christmas present…

I was sitting at the bottom of the tree distributing the presents. Also sorting used wrapping and rubbish into bags as they were discarded. I had my hands full…

In my ears there was a ringing which had been going on for a while – but with my concentration of the tasks in hand, I was not totally aware of it. I looked then at the source of sound and he was ringing the cat collar bell hard.

“Come kitty kitty come!” he said…

I think I blushed a deep red and tried to focus on what I was meant to be doing…

A little later, I put the collar on. It actually fitted!

He was in the bathroom and I ‘had’ to go in there to put some towels in drawers. I also wanted to see what he thought of his new ‘present’.

His eyes shot right to the collar.

” That really really suits you!” he said sounding almost surprised! I was suddenly pulled tight to him.

“You’d give anyone a boner!” I think I must have blushed again. Boner! I’ve never heard him say that word – nor have I ever used it – but it sounded so exquisitely ‘dirty’.

The rest of the morning was a haze of arousal…

I’d done something wrong and he was calling me all sorts of derogatory names under his breath.

“Arsehole! Bitch! Slut! Whore! Etc!”

Gosh we are so sexual towards each other – but yet there are so many things we haven’t done – like this degradation with insults.

I think I was trying to chop some vegetables and he was standing close beside me. The effect of his words was such a hot rush of a turn on… My clit was just steamingly hard and tingling all over – It almost felt like I would cum soon if he carried on with his oh so lovely name calling.

We had visitors, but I lost count of the times that my clit was rubbed, nipples pinched or pussy pounded…There were also numerous manhandlings of breasts and ass and I got quite a few smackings  for doing so many many things wrong…

Overall a very pleasant way to spend the Christmas morning…


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Hopelessly hoping for cock…

Enjoyable while it lasted...
















There has been only a little fucking this week, but much masturbation – some of it mutual. He is still ill – just waiting for results of test…

Last night we were teasing each other silly for what seemed like ages… I had resisted cumming as I was hopelessly hoping for cock… but then after much pounding of pussy, nipple pinching, cock stroking and clit rubbing, I couldn’t hold out anymore… I was letting myself give in to his so persuasive fingers and just about to go over the edge when ‘patter of tiny feet…’

Little face at end of bed and then small climbing body which squeezes itself between us…Seconds later it is snoring contentedly…

Well, that was the end of that! (And serves me right!)


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Oh my God, oh my God! He went down on me!

Oh my God, oh my God! He went down on me!

For those new to these pages my husband has not gone down on me for about 19 years… I was relatively young when we first got together and distrustful of my body – so didn’t want him going down there in case he didn’t like what he smelled or tasted… So, to cut a long story short ‘it’ has simply not been on the agenda…. Until last night!

A few weeks back, I shyly (yes, I know abit out of character!)  said to him, that it would be nice if he gave it another go at some point – the first time, definitely after a bath…

It was 12.30am and I was really very tired, but he was obviously very horny. I could have easily gone to sleep, but his rubbing and caresses and slaps and punches kept me awake…

Anyway it got to the point where I was sucking his cock and then I thought ‘Hey! I had a bath this lunchtime!

I began to take off my knickers (which is totally against the norm of things, as he usually has the honor)

“What are you doing?” he asks… I couldn’t say what I was hoping to do for a moment out of shyness (again!) We did have a conversation the other night about whether or not as a couple we would fit into an easy or awkward 69… so I reply:

“I was just wondering if we would fit in a 69…”

“No, just lie down and spread em!”

Of course I immediately obeyed and spread my legs. I was scared and excited and turned on. It was a kind of ‘first date’ sort of feeling. Although I’m sure I’ve never done this on a first date!

I’m quite naturally not a hairy person (on my body not my head!) but there is some hair …I’ve offered to shave below – but he’s never wanted me to.

So he gently moved the hair away and I think I’m holding my breath in anticipation. Then he opens my lips and then his tongue goes in and touches my clit… and I moan with what can only be described as delight! OH BOY it is so so delicious! I remember to breathe every now and again, in gasps and pants – but mostly I continue to hold my breath.

He twirls his tongue around my clit, he sucks..

“You’re really wet! he says. (Who wouldn’t be?!)

He sucks again… He’s good… Really good!

I know I’m not experienced in receiving thus, but he is a pro.

We came together when he was 25, so he must have come down on quite a few women before me – evidence suggests this to be true! (He was abit of a slut before me!) So there must be females out there who he’s ‘tongued’ more than he has me…Ooh, I’m abit jealous – in a kind of turned on way – especially as he’s sooo good!

I resolve to change this imbalance asap, but for now I call him up. I’m not going to go for an orgasm this first time.

We go on to penetration. I’m not going to elaborate apart from using my favorite word ‘delicious’ and on my first cumming I cried out,

“Fuck me hard!” and he did!

Just to let you lovely people know that I have 4 projects to get on with which are going to take up alot of my time for the next few months (money is a little tight at present!) So I am going to try and be really disciplined and not blog more than once a week! This is going to be very hard for me as I love writing these posts sooooo much – but needs must! Thank you for reading!!!


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Sucking cock again!

He’s holding my hands and telling me I have to keep my legs wide open. He slaps or thumps my ass, clit, cunt and legs over and over… sometimes its pleasurable, sometimes it hurts, but most times its somewhere in between the two.

I could of course get my hands free – but I always find I’m obedient to where he wants my body to be…

When he hits the place where his cock should go I feel like I’m going to wet myself and orgasm at the same time. When he hits me there successively I get more than usually wet – maybe I am wetting myself…

I really want to let myself go and orgasm and wet myself if that is what is going to happen – but I’m on our bed and my mind kicks in and I close my legs each time.

I then feel his cock and its pretty limp. he’s been concentrating so much on me that he’s not even turned on anymore – soon change that!

I’m struggling with him to get my mouth on his cock – he’s laughing and pushing me away – but I had a taste for it the other night and now I want more!

Ha, got it! Of course it has no choice now, but to grow and grow and grow…

I’m on top of him and the head is swelling big. He’s really very helpless underneath me and his cock feels like it does when its about to come…

My husband usually takes a while to orgasm – used to be a classic sufferer of delayed ejaculation, so I’ve never made him orgasm just with my mouth… But as his climaxes seem to be getting quicker and I do so like a challenge…

I take him to the back of my throat several times, but as gagging stops me from continuing, I concentrate with moving my lips up and down the top half of his cock.

“You’re really good at this!” He sounds almost surprised!

He rubs the base near his balls and sometimes moves my head – but mostly he lets me do it all…

After about 10 minutes – much quicker than I expected he shoots his load into my mouth. I swallow most of his cum, but some of it spills out onto my tangled sweaty hair.

He keeps smiling at me as if he’s won alot of money or something.

“”Thats the most intense blow job I’ve ever had!” (Not sure why, but I felt really proud of that praise!)

He makes to start on me. I want cock in my cunt and know I won’t get that, so I say oh so sweetly,

“Lets just go to sleep”

I cuddle up still feeling very turned on, but all the mouth work must have tired me out, because I soon drift off to sleep…


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Playing hard to get…

As we drifted off to sleep, he didn’t seem happy, so I asked what the big deal was. (It kind of was a big deal – see last blog post if interested –  but at the end of the day, its not the end of the world)

“Psychologically its not good for a man not to be able to carry it through.”

“But you were ill and you had indigestion and you were possibly going to vomit on me!” He’s not usually insecure about such things – so maybe I’ll try and soothe his male ego in maybe not an obvious way – by not being all over him… also it might mean I get fucked sooner rather than later…

My husband has said in the past that I can’t play ‘hard to get’- Well lets see if I can’t just pull off an oscar winning performance… I’ll just play it really cool and he can do all the running!

So far, so good – apart from me pulling my top down a little to reveal more cleavage for him to see. Oh, and letting my wide necked jumper fall off my shoulder every now and again – which he can never seem to resist from looking at. Yes, apart from doing those two things, I am extremely modest.

Went to a mini festival for an afternoon with my kids and the DJ there chatted me up – he must have been abit desperate though as he started playing songs for me… I left as soon as I could. Of course I ‘had to’ fleetingly mention what happened to my husband…but he didn’t seem in the least bit jealous!

At bedtime, my husband (very nearly better again) mauls my ass and punches my cunt a few times – its absolutely delicious, but as I definitely don’t want a repeat of the night before I don’t return him any favours. I try my hardest to go to sleep.

The way I’m acting I could even be a virgin again – well in my boring dreams anyway!


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Fucking my brains out!

My dad is staying for four days. He usually takes the kids out. My littlest has become a little bit clingy of late and “just wants to stay with mummy.”

She can sometimes be abit of a handful when the other two are around, but when its just her she’s an angel and its nice for us both to have some one to one. But there is a little bit of me that hopes that she will go out so that I can get my brains fucked out!

Anyway, she decides after lunch that she is going out…

After seeing them all off I see my husband’s 2nd (or 3rd) helping of food on the table. “Don’t eat too much!” I say. “Am I some sort of stud horse? he says covering his plate over for later. “Something like that.” I reply.

Upstairs he whips off his belt. Mmmmm. Then he hits me all over – delicious…Probably not quite hard enough and then it is – “Ouch!”

He’s naked now – very male, very hairy, huge cock…mmm.  I go down on him and gag myself a few times (what a weird sound it makes.)

He pulls off my very tight jeans (as quickly as is physically possible!) Then my thong is ripped off me too.

We talk about maths, so his erection can go down a little in order to put the condom on. I keep top clothes on in case anyone returns early etc…

I don’t need any lube I’m so wet.

He puts my feet right up to my head and thrusts into me really deep. He slaps my thighs. I see his ass going up and down and it thrills me to think that he’s moving up and down into me.

I can hardly speak – but just before I orgasm, I say to him “Look at me!” I want him to watch my contorted face completely helpless with pleasure.

I  say to him “No means no!” He laughs and I say “I want to go on top.” He laughs again and he makes me come. He then starts playing around with my anus and because there is so much pleasure in so many places it kind of confuses me – I’m on the brink for ages and I don’t come and then I do and “Oh boy!”

We change positions and he slips out. He needs abit of extra help then, so I lick his balls. I lie on my side and he enters from behind. I compliment him on his large cock and hard balls. I think about talking to him about what I could wear for him – which he likes sometimes – but I don’t. He’s asking me if I’m ok? (Of course I’m ok – I’m being fucked!) Then he says “Its taking me a long time today…” No its not – its only been half an hour.” I reply.

Now I get some lube and smear it around his ass – pushing my fingers in, out and around. With my other hand I pinch and fondle his balls and scratch his perinium. His thrusting gets stronger, less controlled and more urgent and he shoots his load.

I get butterflies when he comes…

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