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Sex in the afternoon – maybe…

Well, the afternoon came and the kids were out. I arrived home and my husband was washing up! He came towards me and informed me that the kids were out and we should get it on…

I backed away and said “We have so much to do…” He backed away then and said “Yeh, you’re right.”

I then went towards him and gave him a hug to which he said “Hello!” I said, “I’ll be upstairs if you want me!”

I went up to our bed and then he shouted up “You know you’re right – we really do have so much to do…”

“Ok” I shouted down feeling disappointed now.

Then he came up ‘Get your clothes off” I of course obeyed. For the foreplay he slapped me around abit – a little harder than usual – probably because I guided his hand to hit me last time I orgasmed.

We had half an hour. I made an effort to come quickly – probably just over five minutes. The first coming was quite far back – right inside me – the second one was especially intense – on the clitoris. He came after another five minutes, i got dressed, grabbed the keys and out to the car.

The house was a mess….

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