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Well, didn’t have sex last night, but…

Well, we didn’t have sex that night, as it was 11.45pm when finally we hit the sheets and I’d been up since 5.30am! Still, there was a part of me that was a little disappointed.

The next morning got up very early and went to the dentist for a check up. i ended up having a really good, but uncomfortable teeth cleaning session. I then drove all the children to where they needed to be for the morning.

As I walked back into the house I was aware that it was just me and my husband in and that we could have sex – This was a fleeting thought however, as there was so much tidying and work to do…

Anyway, I think I was getting some lunch together on the stove, when he came up to me and said “Hey, we’re all alone, we should get it on!” We went upstairs and he slapped me on the bum all the way up. I’m not sure exactly why I find this such a turn on – but usually the harder the better! i was wearing some jeans and he pulled them right up and made me bend over. He then took off his belt and hit me a few more times. He folded the belt up and made me put it between my teeth – I didn’t really enjoy this so much, as I was aware of how white my teeth were now and after all the nerve pain felt abit sensitive about them. The teeth thing, also made me unusually not very willing to suck his cock – so I didn’t!

It took me abit longer to come than normal and I felt like I had to try – about 10 minutes roughly. When I did come,(and I haven’t done this before) I grabbed his hand and encouraged him to hit me in the ribs. He is always slightly gentler than I would like him to be – but although it didn’t necessarily make my orgasm any better it was still a turn on. I had two more orgasms – then it was his turn. We got off the bed and he was standing behind me and I went onto all fours on the corner. It was very deep – definitely a g-spot experience.

We got back onto the bed – spoons position I think… I was playing with his balls and ass and he came about 15 minutes after me – which is actually pretty quick for him.

Good fun!

Half an hour later we are eating lunch….

The kids will be away tomorrow afternoon aswell!…

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