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Pathetic and desperate measures continued…”You know where I am if you want me!”

Pathetic and desperate measures...


“You know where I am if you want me! You have a 20 minute window!” I say as I go up to bed…

I doze off…

I wake up with him ripping the warm covers off me. I look at my watch.

“Sorry, you’re six minutes late!’

“Oh, really?” he says very confidently.

I begin to pull the duvet back over myself and he punches me real quick in the pussy. Woah! I wasn’t expecting that. I take a sharp intake of breath. I am really tired after having got up early, but after that hit below the belt…

He then lands on me and won’t let me move and proceeds to pinch my nipples, roughly rub my clit and thump me in the pussy ( I know this isn’t everyones cup of tea) but if he carries on I feel like I’m going to die…

He throws over the lube and for some reason it ejaculates all over my hand. There is loads of it. I use much more than usual and the spare I rub on his anus with some teasing finger play, which of course makes him rock hard!

When he enters me its soooo slidy… Not sure if I really like it so slippy, but on a positive note I think anal sex might be a possibility with oodles of lube.

Slidey up and slippy down…. He’s doing some sort of kinky circular grind – which I try to match. Mmmmmm, I’m so close…. I hold back…. I want this delicious plateau to last a little longer…. Then I give in to cumming and I’m moving around like crazy…Trying not to make any noise…moaning, head thrashing from side to side, grabbing and scratching, flinging my arms around as the orgasm seems to shoot into them as well…I poke my husband in the eye with my thumb.


After he has recovered and starts grinding his hips again, I cum almost immediately – a bit calmer this time…and then another one…

My legs are on his shoulders now and I’m thinking just one more would be nice, when..


“Yes, my love?” I say as I take my legs down and a lovely stiff cock slides out from me. Little footsteps… and within seconds, the youngest is sound asleep between us…

Yes, we could probably move the little beauty, but it’s such a peaceful sleep –  just wouldn’t seem right. I’m almost ashamed to write the next bit – I’m feeling really tired and satisfied enough to leave him to his own devices… (Also I’m pretty much guaranteed a fuck tomorrow night if he doesn’t get his kicks this evening!) Ooh, I’m such a bitch!


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The funny fuck…

I was over tired and so was he – but we were still going to get it on!

Over tired = giggles for me…

He was standing pretending to look really macho after he’d put on the condom, waiting whilst I lay on the bed applying lube. I used some tissue to dry my fingers and then flicked it across the room at him. It couldn’t have been better – it landed right on his mouth. He was very impressed and I thought it was hilarious.

When he started hitting me about, I thought that was funny too. He kept a mock serious face and began to open my legs. I tried to keep them closed, so he would have to get rougher and he did. I stopped laughing for a while…

Orgasm one felt like it would come easy, but it didn’t – his thrusting slowed down and didn’t feel hard enough – I thought he was teasing me…

Climax was close now and I said to him

“Harder please!” he misunderstood and began to punch me almost feebly in the ribs – tiredness made me think this misunderstanding was funny. I orgasmed to the peal of my own giggles.

After I’d recovered – both my breath and my laughing – I asked my husband what was wrong – he definitely didn’t seem ok now – in fact he was kind of collapsing on me…

Apparently he’d been trying to hit my ass – but missed and hit his balls instead – ouch!

How sweet of him to keep on till the bitter end for me. I can’t believe he didn’t tell me – maybe he thought I’d laugh.

Anyway, he said he felt a little weak and very slightly nauseas. The good girl in me actually won this time and I said very audibly that we should stop and get the (wank) cloth  and “Yes, of course I’d had enough.” (The bad girl gave a big thumbs down!)

I really wanted him to feel well quickly though, so as he pleasured himself I licked his nipples and balls. He soon felt better.

It was late and to make him come quicker I licked his anus and stuck my tongue in and out.

I don’t know of anyone else doing this, but my husband often laughs when he orgasms. Tonight I joined in with his ecstatic laughter.



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Fucking my brains out!

My dad is staying for four days. He usually takes the kids out. My littlest has become a little bit clingy of late and “just wants to stay with mummy.”

She can sometimes be abit of a handful when the other two are around, but when its just her she’s an angel and its nice for us both to have some one to one. But there is a little bit of me that hopes that she will go out so that I can get my brains fucked out!

Anyway, she decides after lunch that she is going out…

After seeing them all off I see my husband’s 2nd (or 3rd) helping of food on the table. “Don’t eat too much!” I say. “Am I some sort of stud horse? he says covering his plate over for later. “Something like that.” I reply.

Upstairs he whips off his belt. Mmmmm. Then he hits me all over – delicious…Probably not quite hard enough and then it is – “Ouch!”

He’s naked now – very male, very hairy, huge cock…mmm.  I go down on him and gag myself a few times (what a weird sound it makes.)

He pulls off my very tight jeans (as quickly as is physically possible!) Then my thong is ripped off me too.

We talk about maths, so his erection can go down a little in order to put the condom on. I keep top clothes on in case anyone returns early etc…

I don’t need any lube I’m so wet.

He puts my feet right up to my head and thrusts into me really deep. He slaps my thighs. I see his ass going up and down and it thrills me to think that he’s moving up and down into me.

I can hardly speak – but just before I orgasm, I say to him “Look at me!” I want him to watch my contorted face completely helpless with pleasure.

I  say to him “No means no!” He laughs and I say “I want to go on top.” He laughs again and he makes me come. He then starts playing around with my anus and because there is so much pleasure in so many places it kind of confuses me – I’m on the brink for ages and I don’t come and then I do and “Oh boy!”

We change positions and he slips out. He needs abit of extra help then, so I lick his balls. I lie on my side and he enters from behind. I compliment him on his large cock and hard balls. I think about talking to him about what I could wear for him – which he likes sometimes – but I don’t. He’s asking me if I’m ok? (Of course I’m ok – I’m being fucked!) Then he says “Its taking me a long time today…” No its not – its only been half an hour.” I reply.

Now I get some lube and smear it around his ass – pushing my fingers in, out and around. With my other hand I pinch and fondle his balls and scratch his perinium. His thrusting gets stronger, less controlled and more urgent and he shoots his load.

I get butterflies when he comes…

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