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Please, please, please, let me have his cock tomorrow night!

Glorious sometimes, but at the moment I hate this English weather – Rainy, wet and cold and its only September! This dampness in the air causes every other person to be sick with one virus or another. My husband just seemed to be getting better and now I think he’s succumbing to another lurgy. Maybe I should get in there before nothing works!

I put on a black vest come too short night dress which I picked up very cheaply the other day. I’m happy to say that it looks deliciously cheap on me! Its the 2nd time I’ve worn this little number to entice, but last night I chose to give (blow job!) rather than to receive… I really thing I deserve some receiving now…

I really don’t want to push him though – if he’s ill, he’s ill! The bad girl in me laughs at my attempt at trying to be nice!

I go to bed – he comes to bed and really nothing is going to happen. He’s ill! Why oh why?!?!

I contemplate the usefulness of polygamy and the possibility of a one night stand – but its very late and what excuse could I give right now and actually  its still his cock that I want right now and not anyone elses…

I find myself rubbing my ass into him which usually does the trick – but he’s just laughing inbetween sniffles and asking me in a puzzled tone as to what I am doing…

Frustrated is how I feel! I’m about to menstruate aswell and we don’t normally fuck when I’m bleeding.

Tomorrow night! Oh please, please please let me have his cock tomorrow night!


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The funny fuck…

I was over tired and so was he – but we were still going to get it on!

Over tired = giggles for me…

He was standing pretending to look really macho after he’d put on the condom, waiting whilst I lay on the bed applying lube. I used some tissue to dry my fingers and then flicked it across the room at him. It couldn’t have been better – it landed right on his mouth. He was very impressed and I thought it was hilarious.

When he started hitting me about, I thought that was funny too. He kept a mock serious face and began to open my legs. I tried to keep them closed, so he would have to get rougher and he did. I stopped laughing for a while…

Orgasm one felt like it would come easy, but it didn’t – his thrusting slowed down and didn’t feel hard enough – I thought he was teasing me…

Climax was close now and I said to him

“Harder please!” he misunderstood and began to punch me almost feebly in the ribs – tiredness made me think this misunderstanding was funny. I orgasmed to the peal of my own giggles.

After I’d recovered – both my breath and my laughing – I asked my husband what was wrong – he definitely didn’t seem ok now – in fact he was kind of collapsing on me…

Apparently he’d been trying to hit my ass – but missed and hit his balls instead – ouch!

How sweet of him to keep on till the bitter end for me. I can’t believe he didn’t tell me – maybe he thought I’d laugh.

Anyway, he said he felt a little weak and very slightly nauseas. The good girl in me actually won this time and I said very audibly that we should stop and get the (wank) cloth  and “Yes, of course I’d had enough.” (The bad girl gave a big thumbs down!)

I really wanted him to feel well quickly though, so as he pleasured himself I licked his nipples and balls. He soon felt better.

It was late and to make him come quicker I licked his anus and stuck my tongue in and out.

I don’t know of anyone else doing this, but my husband often laughs when he orgasms. Tonight I joined in with his ecstatic laughter.



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