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Sucking cock again 2

My husband along with most of the people in our town are getting this sore throat thing after already having had 3 other colds/flues…

I was gutted when he said he had a really raw sore throat – for selfish sexual reasons…

Anyway, I accepted it and tried my very best not to think of fucking or anything else to do with it!

I think I’m doing quite well. Apart from when he comes along and slaps me around the face (hard, but not too hard!), pinches my nipples and smacks my ass…

Well, he still looks red of face, but it takes most of my will power to stop myself from jumping on him at bedtime.  I think he finds it abit of a turn off when I force myself on him – although if you follow this blog you will know that on occasion I do.

Anyway, I put on my night wear, which is basically a long tight grey vest. Looking in the mirror it appears deliciously cheap. I think I’m nearly honest in saying that I’m not out to get laid, as this really is one of my comfortable sleeping nighties…

As soon as my husband sees me he says,

“What are you wearing that for? I reply that it is what I am to be sleeping in. He then asks

“Why are you walking like that then?”

“What do you mean?”

He then does an impression of somone swinging their hips provocatively and being led by their breasts. I must protest my innocence in this matter, dear reader, as I was walking in my normal manner! Oh…

I turn away from him to get to sleep and he rips the covers off. He then slaps me around the face and makes me turn my head the other way so he can slap the other side ‘for balance” He then slaps me hard on the inside of my upper thighs and my ass, balancing up everytime. My clit and pussy are not safe from his slapping either. He keeps doing this and if I close my legs – because its too hard he says “Open!” very assertively. I’m such a good girl tonight (and genuinly grateful of the attention!) that I say ‘Thank you!” nearly every time.

I catch sight of his cock and it looks very proud and ready to play!

I want to be fucked, oh, I want to be fucked!  But seeing him so erect, I want to taste him aswell. He’s now lying on the bed and I work my way down his body and put my mouth very lightly – barely touching – around the head of his cock. I go down and up teasingly softly. He seems to be enjoying it – but I can’t make out what he is saying… I scratch his balls gently which he especially likes – he moans again…

I now make proper firmer contact, working my mouth up and down the shaft. I get much further down than I ever have before – gagging a few times in the process – but tonight, I really want to please. I taste little spurts of cum – slightly salty. I like it!

“You’re getting better at this!” he tries to say…

The head is getting bigger now and it really feels fit to burst. I am very turned on and want to be fucked, but he is so in the realms of pleasure, I simply can’t have him stop now.

He’ll take another 10 minutes or so I think, but suddenly he cums, shooting his juices into my mouth, moaning and laughing in his exctasy..

I’m not expecting it yet – so I can’t swallow it all in one easy sweep. I lick and swallow,  lick and swallow…. I lick – until its all cleaned up.

My husband lies back and says he must be the luckiest man alive. I guess he is – for a milli second anyway – until the next guy cums and the next guy and then the next – all over this lovely world…


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Hope and desperation…

My husband hasn’t been feeling too good for the last couple of nights – but just before he fell ill, he really turned me on big time – slapping me around, pushing me up against walls etc…

When I’m really turned on and I have to wait to have sex and carry on through everyday life – the only feeling I can liken it to is claustrophobia – there is open space somewhere – but its really far away – you want fresh air right now and you can’t get it!

Anyway, I knew my guy was not feeling 100% – so although I felt really turned on I was not making a move on him at all. Coming up to bedtime I tried to be a really good girl and just put on some boring pyjamas and go to sleep – but of course I found myself rifling through my drawer for something abit more enticing…

I found a tight see through strappy camisole and had to put it on. Some very tight blue stretchy boxers on my lower half.

I lay on my front in my most comfortable position – legs a part – one leg a little bent so that my ass sticks up a little provocatively. Anyway, I did have the covers on and was ‘trying’ to get to sleep.. until my husband comes along and rips the covers off and demands to know

“Whats all this for?”

“Hope.” I say after a pause.

“Have you got everything ready?” (contraception, lube etc)

“No.” I say

“Hope is going..” he says. To which I scramble out of the bed and make a mad dash for condoms etc

“Desperation…doesn’t look too good…” He says….

TO BE CONTINUED… (Husband is back and blog still a secret and have to make lunch for kids etc)


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