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A fuck too far…

I think I might have gone too far this time…

He’s still not well – headache, sore legs and a cold/flu to top it all off – which may have gone to his chest.

He does seem abit better today though – or so I thought…

He was treating me really badly towards the evening (in a sexy sort of way!) He was goiing in harder than usual – so I thought ‘yeh, he must be getting better…’

The kids were in bed now and I was sorting out my drawer – I ‘had’ to try on things to see whether to get rid of them or not…

I somehow ended up wearing black stockings, white suspenders – some wierd black and cream frilly thong and a tight see through lacy mini dress petticoat – which I thought looked better without a bra…

I must admit that when my husband came into the room he did look flushed and not quite right – but he was still pushing me onto the bed, slapping me around and pulling my hair – all much, much harder than normal.  All the while I could see his cock looking really big and really hard.

As I put the lube on (which I didn’t need at all) everything I was touching felt really swollen.

To be continued tomorrow… (sorry off to work!)


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I ‘think’ I just faked an orgasm…

Have just had sex – the smell of it hangs heavy in the room – still feel flushed and satisfied.

Was expecting to go to the library and shops with my youngest, but she decided to go with her brother and sister out for an afternoon trip with my dad.

As soon as she said that she was going out aswell, I could feel myself getting a little wet with anticipation – especially when my husband and myself ‘happened’ to be in close proximity to one another.

In some ways I find it quite annoying that I am so at the mercy of my sexual urges – but its also undeniably pleasurable in a painful sort of way.

Anyway, when we had the house to ourselves, we did a little tidying…

I could feel myself getting more and more turned on. When we finally got into our bedroom (there are too many windows elsewhere!) he slapped me a few times on the bum and after all the waiting it was simply delicious.

I took him right to the back of my throat then a few times and then we stopped for contraception. We lay down and waited… and waited…he was still too big for the condom. I thought he had become a little more flacid, so I lifted his cock up to see – wrong thing to do of course! More waiting…. We looked at a difficult French language book and at last he could put on the condom.

He looked and felt especially big today. I orgasmed fairly quickly – probably not more than three minutes. I then said  “I want to go on top for the next one” He held me down and smiled “Maybe for the third one!”

He wouldn’t stop then and I simply had to come. `It seemed to get even more intense then and he slapped me around abit and asked if I “liked being pinned down and fucked?” I moaned incoherantly that “I did” and “Fuck! Fuck off! and then I came again.

I then thought I was going to come again… I was making all the sounds – but then I didn’t! So it appeared as a genuine orgasm – but it was a kind of fake one – as I didn’t actually come…

Just for the record – I have never faked an orgasm ever! (Apart from kind of just now….)

I was completely spent. He pulled out of me to put his feet up as he was getting a cramp.

I fell asleep. He asked me if I was asleep “Yeh, but I’m ready when you are.”

He started fucking me from behind whilst my eyes were still closed. He came – or he seemed to come…”Did I come then? I’m not sure…” “It felt like it” I answered. When the condom came out it was obvious something had ejaculated!

Must tell husband later about possible fakery of orgasm – can’t keep anything from him. (Apart from maybe this blog!)

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