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Thought we would have sex last night…….

Thought we would have sex last night – I was really tired – but sometimes since he has become more confidant – he rips off the bedclothes with a huge erection – passes me the lube and I sleepily apply and then he fucks me while I am still groggy. I do of course soon wake up – but there is a dreamlike quality to it all. I find it a real turn on that he is somehow fucking me without me necessarily giving him consent – but he is aware of that – so knows he can get away with it.

Last night it didn’t happen – bit of a shame – but I was incredibly tired – so probably just as well.

Hopefully something happens tonight…


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The sexual life of a wife…

I am a 39 year old woman. I have been with my husband for 20 years. I am completely (apart from the odd kiss) 100% faithful. I believe my partner (I know you can never be sure!) is also monogomous. We have 3 lovely children.

The amazing thing – which I didn’t imagine to be really possible – after being married for so long –  though of course it must be in many people’s lives, is that on a regular basis we have some really mind blowing sex. Not every single time of course – but mostly its really, really good!

I have slight masochistic tendencies where sex is concerned and he has a sadistic streak which makes our coming together work oh so well.

He also has a rather large cock…..


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