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Priorities. Everyone has them. Sex is one of mine…

The fuck socks I wore…

I wrote in great detail about the fuck I ‘mentioned’ was about to happen in the last post…

I don’t know where the notebook is that I scribbled all the steamy details in… (EEK!)

Anyway – it was a while ago now. We’ve fucked quite a few times in between.

But it was a fuck I remember the feeling of. Not every detail anymore – that is lost with my notebook…

But it was especially sweet as neither of us had orgasmed for 5 very long days and nights. (Time of the month and then a few days at in laws with children sleeping in our room)

I remember everything being juicy and lustful and easy cummings spilling out of me. And yet I fucking loved this guy who was pounding into me and I felt so God damn grateful that we could actually have some space to get in on…

I just love sex! Isn’t it just so delicious?

The way I feel now, I can’t believe we would sometimes go for months without any.

How is that possible?

I mean Jesus – his cock is as thick as my wrist!

Anyway, I think we are making up for lost time (and there is quite a lot of it to make up for!!!)

Priorities. Everyone has them. Sex is one of mine – even if it means getting to sleep at 2am a lot.

I think I’m used to sleep deprivation and we don’t do it every single night of the week – so every once in a while, I do get more than 5 hours of sleep ; )


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Cum covered cock…

What I wore to entice him… (Those splashes are from toothpaste not cum ; ))


We’d joked that ‘you’re only as good as your last fuck!’

…and after the last session I’d gushed that ‘it was one of the most amazing fucks of my life.’

It wasn’t really kinky or anything – just extremely pleasurable both physically and psychologically. He just felt a little bit too big for me and I kept orgasming for ‘Daddy.’

Anyway – enough said of that one. This next time it was also good. Not the best ever – but still delicious.

I had two orgasms which seemed to feel enough and then we just lay still for a time – him on top of me… I had this amazing sense of the merging of our souls… It felt expansively beautiful, but at the same time incredibly sad… because we could never actually become one…

Then he got up and said we had lots of stuff to be getting on with.

“But don’t you want to cum?” I asked.

“We’ve got lots to do!”

“Oh please cum now…” I pretty much begged.

“We can carry on later!”

“I’ll push all the right buttons – it won’t take long!”

Five minutes later, he’s rubbing his cock, kneeling over me with his balls in my face. My tongue is busy licking them and diving into his arsehole every now and again – trying to get as high up as I can….

Then he spurts his load all over my breasts and tummy and shoulders and bedclothes.

He laughs at my surprised moan when I feel the hot liquid on my skin… He moves back and sticks his cum covered cock into my now tiring mouth…

Of course I lick it all clean like the very good girl that I am…


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Please hit me again Sir…

My slutty ass…

I’ve often read about those poor dears who are punished for not addressing their dom/master etc in the correct fashion. My giddy submissive self has always been somewhat envious of those crimes and punishments – but my husband has never been one to bear titles – that is until this morning…

I think I died and went to heaven…

The children were all out for the day – I asked him what his plans were – trying to sort out a timetable for working on the computer….

“First we’re gonna fuck!”

“Oh really?” I say, actually genuinely surprised.

“Yes really!” he replies, but then he wanders off.

I go upstairs and put on a see through lacy bra and some matching (but not meant to be matching) lacy boy shorts. Some dark black hold up stockings and an ‘in your face’ bright red low cut mini dress. I lie down on our bed.

“I’m wearing some fucking clothes!” I shout down the stairs.

“Oh yeh…” I hear and the laptop shutting and then he’s right there in front of me…

“Get up then! Show me your stuff!” I sit up and then walk round towards him –  for some reason feeling a bit shy…

He pushes me face down onto the bed.

“Assume the position!” I lie sprawled forwards with my ass in the air expectantly – But there’s not even a slap – he starts to undo my bra,

“But their matching and you haven’t even seen them yet!”

“You don’t need it!” he replies matter of factly and ‘helps’ me to take it off.

“Assume the position!” I of course assume… He gives me a few hard delicious slaps to my ass.

“Look – you’re making my cock hard.” I look and sure enough it looks ready for action. I put out my hand to feel it.

“No touching!” is the stern rebuke. He then slaps me hard on the inside top of my thighs a few times (which always makes me feel like a naughty little girl being punished.)

“What do you say?” he asks.

“Ummm… Thank you?” I flounder for a moment…

“Thank you…?” he says guiding me towards something we both want and for a moment I can’t even think straight…

“Thank you SIR!” I answer.

“And?” he’s looking at me scarily sternly and what he wants I don’t know….What do I want? Of course…

“Please hit me again sir!” I answer with relief. He smiles at me.

“That’s better!” A couple of very hard spanks follow…

“Up against the wall!” I move to the wall, automatically putting my hands above my head and stick my ass out towards him. After a few stingers to my eager behind, he starts to rub one of his knuckles up into my pussy. The knuckle then moves its way to my asshole. I’m moaning now with a little bit of pain and alot of pleasure.Then he stops,

“What do you say?”

“Thank you Sir.”

“Good girl. Turn around!!” I do what he asks and he moves my arms which have dropped to my side back above my head…

“Assume the position!” I’m not sure what he means – he’s never asked me to do this facing him before… I push my pelvis towards him.

“More!” he says. Good I’m on the right track. I stick my pussy towards him for all I’m worth.

SMACK! Woah! He’s never hit me this hard on my cunt before. SMACK! And again and again. My pussy feels like it’s burning – and no understatement here. It’s hot hot hot!

“What do you say?”

“ you Sir.” I manage to whisper.


“Please hit me again Sir…” Mmmmmaaaargh! His eyes are so deliciously stern and I have to keep thanking Sir and asking Sir for more… Then he stops for a moment, which at this point is somewhat of a relief…

“Have you got the condom?”

“No.” SMACK!

“No what?!” Another hard SMACK!


“Um…” I mumble as my legs begin to  buckle…

“What’s the matter?” he asks.

“I think I’m going to wet myself.”

“What do you say?!”

“Sir, ummm please hit me again… Sir!”

“Go get the condom!” I scramble over to the side of our bed and grab one and hand it over…

“Prepare to be fucked!” I move fast…

I lie sprawled on the bed – my knickers have gone – I’m not sure when… my pussy is burning like hell!

“Spread em!” I spread. I’m always amazed that his cock is so hard – I mean – he must be enjoying this as much as me!

After my first delicious cumming, I can’t resist from using those immortal lines form Oliver Twist:

“Please Sir, can I have some more?” He of course obliges and I have another couple. I suddenly have this urge to lick him all over. I begin with his ears, his lips, his nipples, his balls.

He’s out of me now, asking if I like him wiping his balls all over my face.

“Yes Sir!” I reply..

I’m lying on the bed with my stockings and my short read dress still on. He’s kneeling over my head facing my legs, stroking his cock with his hand. My tongue is working like crazy on his balls and ass. Every now and again my dress rides up to reveal my slutty ass and pussy. Every now and again he orders me (not without some disgust in his voice!) ‘to sort out my dress!’

There is something about this attempt at modesty when I am his complete and utter whore that turns him on…Sometimes I pull my dress down too much and my nipples poke out of the top half.

My tongue is working on his asshole and he cums hard, first on the front of my outfit and then lifting up the top of my dress, the warm cream shoots all over my breasts.

I lick any left over cum from his cock and then we look into each others eyes and share one very messy, wet and sloppy, dirty kiss…


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“I’ve made your cock hard…”

Butt cheeks!

“Dry your hands!” I stop washing up, look at him to see if anything is wrong and then obediently, I pick up a nearby dishcloth.

“Spread your cheeks apart!” I’m not sure what he means at first (duh!), but then I lean against the sink, bring my hands to my ass and open it wide. I’m wearing a rather flouncy skirt with soft thin material.

“Good girl!” He shoves one of his finger knuckles into my asshole. I don’t know why I’m not expecting it – Actually I don’t know what I’m expecting – but it takes my breath away. He keeps rubbing into me for a while. At first it feels a bit strange, uncomfortable for a moment, but as I get used to the sensations it becomes very pleasurable. It takes alot of me to stop from crying out – but the kids are in the other room…Then he stops…

“Look what you’ve done!” He takes one of my hands and places it onto the very hard bulge in his trousers.

“You did this! Tell me what you’ve done!” I lean forwards and whisper in his ear

“I’ve made your cock hard…”

“Yes, you have. Now carry on with what you were doing!”

Oh God, the last thing I’m thinking about is washing up. My knees are weak, clit erect and pussy dripping! But somehow, I do what he says….

All I can think of now is what will happen later…


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Tired, but ready… (As always!)

Not fussed as to what position – just give it to me… (please!)

I’d just driven for 12 hours (with some toilet breaks). I was really very tired with little sleep for the last few nights, as one of the kids has been ill. But I knew he was up for it. I lay down and could have gone to sleep in a few seconds, but there was a distinct ache between my legs. A yearning from four days of no fucking….
“You’re very tired aren’t you?” he said.
“Yes, I am, but…”
“We should just go to sleep then shouldn’t we?”
“Well, I am really tired, but…”
“I’m rejecting you then!”
“I’m rejecting you! You need to get some sleep!”
“No, please don’t! I’m very tired, but I really, really want to be fucked… please! Just a quickie…”
He gives in – without too much of a fight. He is deliciously hard and what follows is some of the sweetest (and quickest) sex for a while. I think I had three orgasms – but I was so tired – it all seems like a dream now…
My sleep is so much more satisfying for it.

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I need to orgasm, but I can wait… (just!)

I knew what was happening and where I was going… I tried to resist at first, but then I felt his hand push my head down.

I stopped at his nipple and sucked and slurped… He pushed on my head again and I went down…

“Go earn your housekeeping!” I smirked in the dark; I’ve earned more than him for a while… So of course its just dirty demeaning talk, but fuck I like it…

I’m trying very hard to do my best for him at the moment, so I gave very very good head….

“That’s it… Good girl…You have your uses don’t you?”

“Yes, I do!” (Very muffled)

“Lucky you’re good at something!”

“Yes, it is!” I try to reply. He pushes my head further onto his bulging cock and I let myself go deeply onto him. I’m slightly afraid of gagging, but he holds my head, not giving me much room for movement… Gently, but firmly…Moving me where it feels best for him…

He slaps my cheek a couple of times… Gently, but firmly… His pelvis grinding into me…

I don’t feel in control at all… I love being used so completely…

Then he’s twitching and losing it, so close, the movements speed up and he cums deep in my expectant mouth…

It tastes really sweet today, usually its spicy/peppery…

I lie on his chest for a while and he says that I’ve been really good today…

I tell him I’ve been trying very hard to do everything right, but there are two….. No five things actually that I’ve done wrong…

“What are they?” he asks.

“Number one, I didn’t dry up the cutlery I put in the drawer..” (Btw, he’s pretty OCD when it comes to water!)

“Number two, when I put the cups away, I just rubbed the bottom of them on my jumper..” I hear him audibly swallow…

“Number three, I walked away from you when we were arguing…Number four, its true, I wanted you to put the rubbish out, so I could go on the computer.”(this was the start of said argument!)

“Number five, I’m thinking about sex all the time…”

“Course you are…”

We talk a while and end up playing a memory game (to stave off dementia!)

We take turns, adding a country each go – all the way to the end of the alphabet…

I’m getting really good at it. On my last turn, I run all the way through from A to Y without even a pause for breath… (God after all this time, I’m still trying to impress him!)

“Poor you! You’ve been really good, left unsatisfied and made to play a word game.”

“It’s ok,” I say, not completely sure if I mean it.

I feel uncomfortable about asking, but I’ve been thinking about it all day…

“Can you just do one thing for me before you go to sleep?”

“What is it?” he asks already getting settled.

“Please slap me for all those things that I did wrong?” He pulls my pants down under the sheets and spanks my wanting ass… Why I yearn for it I don’t know… He doesn’t do it quite hard enough – but it still feels soooo nice… I put my arms around him, rub my breasts on his back a little and feel all juicy.

I need to orgasm, but I can wait… (just!)

But love that he is confidant enough to just use me…

I guess it looks like real inequality, but its where I am right now… And I love it…


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Where have you been all my life…

For a change, my top half rather than my bottom ; )

He was pressing, caressing, slapping, nipping, pounding me into happy submission.

My mouth wide in pleasure, I couldn’t help but work down his body with tender licks and kisses to his hard waiting cock…

‘Its ingrained in my memory bank how to get you to give me a blow job.’ I remember him saying this to me and I know what he’s doing and I know where I’m going and I really can’t help myself…

I linger at his balls…. I take in his scent… I brush my lips gently against his cock head….I keep him waiting… Like he sometimes keeps me waiting…

His cock keeps jerking and jumping in anticipation… I wait a little longer with just my hot breath touching him….

Then I go for the kill…. Teasingly at first and then right where he needs it….

Up and down the head, rubbing the flat of my tongue on his male clit. My fingers tease his balls, his ass, the inside of his thighs. I can hear him gasping and making little grunting sounds and feel him swelling still more in my mouth.

His hand wraps around the base of his cock and rubs up and down and then much much sooner than either of us are used to, he shoots his load into my throat… I make a deep sound in the back of my mouth… I’m not expecting this for at least another ten plus minutes…

Somehow, I still manage to finish my job well and keep it all in my mouth…

“Sorry!” he says.”It took me by surprise!”

I make my way up his body for a hot embrace.

“Where have you been all my life?” he whispers.


This is my 100th post! My first was on impulse – and I’m still not sure what I expected….. I am amazed at how much I enjoy doing this… THANK YOU so much for reading, I really do appreciate it…


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