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“Do you want to see my new knickers?”

"Do you want to see my new knickers!?"

‘Last night’ began with two very hard smacks – one on each bum cheek, whilst I was clearing up the dishes…

I say hard, but I just felt them as pure pleasure. He wondered after if I was ok – as his hand hurt.

“Not sore at all, but very nice!” I said.

Later on the bed he was looking at the laptop. I lay on top of him.

“Do you want to see my new knickers?”


They are ready in the drawer. They look a much brighter blue than I remember in my rush home from work to the children. My judgement must have been slightly clouded as they were such a bargain (and I mean really cheap!)

“They’re really bright!” He says. Mmm they aren’t having quite the desired effect, so I turn round and stick  out my ass at him…

“They look really nice though!” he says going to the cupboard of contraception. (That’s more like it!)

I will skip over the initial niceties of our fucking – but needless to say, he was hard and deep to the point where it was a little bit deliciously achy for myself… I had three gorgeous cummings and was literally on the pinnacle of a forth when he suddenly stopped! He had bloody indigestion again! And I was soooo close! My body was screaming out for completion! ‘Greedy!’ you may say… Yes, possibly…

But in my defense… A woman in a similar situation might understand, but a man… Well maybe for a man, it’s like you’ve just fucked three very sexy women and then a forth walks in the room ready to be ‘taken’ She opens her legs and you are about to have ‘lift off’ when she closes them again and doubles up with a tummy ache! Ok, ok, I’m rambling here and its not really a similar scenario at all – but you get my drift! Anyway back to what happened…

The incredibly understanding, angelic etc girl in me said,

“We should change positions so you’re more upright, then the heartburn won’t be so bad. I’ll turn around as well so you can cum.” (The bitch in me was of course screaming and stamping her feet – but for now the good girl won…)

He’s behind me now and I’m playing with his arse (hole).

“Go easy!” he says. Maybe I nicked him with one of my fingernails which are just beginning to grow…

He is starting to lose control and his balls are swelling as is his cock. I scratch his balls.

“Not so rough!” I try to be more gentle… He is the first guy I know who likes ‘scratching’. I never did it before my husband. Amazing how everyone is so unique in their likes and dislikes…

He stops for a moment – I hope I haven’t hurt him and worry that his momentum for cumming has been lost… But when he begins thrusting again he’s just about to shoot his load. I rub his perinium as he cums – which seems to drive him wild!

Just to say I am away for the next few days – probably with no internet access at all! Will catch up with comments, blog reading and emails on my return. Thank you for reading! 


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A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do…

Mind the prickles...

Time of the month has just finished as of last night! Yes! (Thus no posts for the last few days…)

During the day I went out, flinging one of his freshly laundered (wank) cloths at him.

“Don’t use this when I’m gone!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You know…”

“No I don’t!”

“I just mean we might get it on later…” Oh dear, he’s a bit prickly! I think he’s getting sick of me telling him not to jerk off (when I’m not there!) I make a mental note not to mention anything of this nature for a while… Its just that if he self pleasures, he tends to take a ‘lot longer’ to cum…But I guess a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do…

He says I have this mad idea of him sitting around playing with himself whenever he’s alone in the house. Well, yes… I do sometimes have that mental image – and I don’t think I’d be able to resist playing with such a nice cock!


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My ass…

I’m clearing up one of the children’s rooms and bending down to pick up a piece of discarded tissue.

“What do you think its like being me and having to live with this?”

He comes up behind me and grabs my ass. He then thumps me hard in the cunt a few times… I can’t move with the pleasure of it.

“Oh poor you…” says the delicious bastard as he walks off.

Later the laptop is on the bed and I’m bent over checking my mail – I am about to finish when I hear him coming up the stairs.. I linger a while longer and stick my ass out just a little more. He thumps me hard again – this time successively and I feel like I’m going to wet myself and come at the same time. I find myself moaning and almost collapsing on the bed. The sweet bastard walks off again…


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Hope and desperation continued…. ’10 orgasms and counting…’

“Desperation doesn’t look too good..” He said. I was at the point where I didn’t care and hoped that at least he would pity my plight…

Pity must have been taken because somehow he’d removed my girly boxers without me even noticing. I tried not to show him how eager I really was and just lay back and opened my legs. He put the condom on easily as he wasn’t fully erect, I then scratched his balls to help him get harder.

I’d been waiting two days for this and orgasmed very easily. He was good at making me come – but maybe because he wasn’t feeling 100% – not as lively as he normally is.

For the fourth orgasm, he stopped thrusting and just pressed hard into me. It was delicious – and I could have had more – but my husband seemed tired and sweetly uncomplaining.

I told him, I wanted to get the (wanking) cloth for him to give him a rest – but asked him to be in me for a little while just to be close…

Often, I play with his ass and balls with my tongue when he pleasures himself, but tonight he wanted me to lie on his chest. So I licked his nipples on and off and used my hands on his lower half.

After he’d come, I was kind of wishing that he was a 2- 4 minute guy and we could have a quick fuck again – but he’s not, so I just cuddled up to him…

Somehow he sensed my need for more and he began to rub my clit. This was lovely, but I actually haven’t masterbated for a while as previously it lowered my libido for cock.

Anyway, I guess I was slightly out of practice and wasn’t able to come as easily as normal… it must have taken at least 10 minutes…But when I did come it felt like I was going through the roof…

I helped his hand sometimes and with my other hand pressed hard into the place where his cock usually goes…

Every now and again, he would flick and play with my nipples. I had 5 more delicious orgasms which now came easily..

I was so sweaty and juicy and very grateful after.

“Thankyou!” I kept saying over and over, until we drifted off to sleep, my arms wrapped around him…


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