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The poor cock!

Last night I had two orgasms. We were interrupted and then I fell asleep before he could come….

Apparently he didn’t wank and I believe him because everytime he sees me (and the kids arn’t aware!) he fondles, slaps, and/or gropes (clothing) my breasts, nipples , ass and/or cunt. One of his favourites (and mine aswell!) is to hold both of my hands with one of his – so even if I struggle, he can still do what he wants. Of course, I don’t struggle too much – or I’d probably easily be able to get away and he wouldn’t be able to do the things he wants to do – which of course would be no fun for either of us.

Oh, yes, not sure how I could nearly forget this, but when I was dozing on the bed (my ass sticking up a little provocatively) I was awoken by a huge erect cock being thrust into my mouth. I took it in really deep. A taste of things to come…(ha ha excuse the pun)

There is serious sexual tension in this house, but the kids are in or playing in the garden – so we can’t do anything until tonight…

I feel almost claustrophobic when I’m turned on and can’t fuck – a feeling of unbearable no escape.

Anyway, we finally hit the sheets at about midnight. I am definitely up for sex  but also exhausted. Have been waking at 6.01am every morning this week to provide breakfast, packed lunch and drive a foreign student who is staying with us for 2 weeks.

My husband mauls me in various delicious places and then turns around as if he is going to go to sleep (he occasionally teases me this way) – But he could also be very tired –  on the other hand he has a massive erection and very hard balls. Tiredness or not, we are definitely going to get it on!

The next thing I know its 6.01am. “Did anything happen last night?” I ask confused and groggy. “No, you fell asleep.” “Really?” I say. “Yes, it seems the peacock struts his stuff and the  peahen  falls asleep before anything can happen!”

The poor cock…


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