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Blow job, masturbation and a spanking…

Ready for my spanking!

MONDAY 1st January (early hours): Much foreplay and giggling followed by attempted fuck which kind of went squidgy. More giggling. No orgasms.

MONDAY/TUESDAY late hours 1st/ early morning of 2nd: Much foreplay followed by hard fuck with 3 orgasms for me followed by his cumming by self pleasure – with some help from me.

TUESDAY 2nd January: Particularly hot blow job for him with me swallowing followed by me masturbating with some help from him. Lost count of orgasms – probably around 6. I would have carried on – but I asked him to tell me to stop – otherwise I would have carried on all night!

TUESDAY DETAILS: I went to bed before him as usual – wearing a short cotton nighty, knee socks and French knickers. Oh, and a cat collar with a bell on it…

I was having a little ‘fiddle’ when I hear him come upstairs. I quickly remove my hand from pants and pretend to be asleep. As usual he pulls the covers off and mauls my ass.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I left a broken belt strap on top of the bed. He takes the strap and starts hitting me with it fairly gently…

He then goes off to the bathroom to brush teeth etc I pull the covers back up.

On his return he pulls the covers back off. Plays with me for a while with the belt and then gets into bed… He puts my hand onto his cock.

“What are you?” he asks.

“A fuck toy.” I reply

“What are you here for?”

“To give you pleasure”I answer.

“Get to it then!” I work my way down with slow kisses towards his balls and take them into my mouth and then work up to the base of his cock. I lick slowly up towards the tip and then I’m giving him head…

“Do you know what you’re doing?” he asks

“I’m trying to give you pleasure…’

“You either do it or you don’t!”

“Sorry, but I’m doing my best!”


“Sorry!”  I quickly use my hands to pay attention to his anus and balls. Something about apologizing to him gets me so turned on.

“Do you want me to stay down here?” I ask…

“Only come up to be punished.’ A minute or two later he calls me ‘up’ and hits me with the belt stingingly hard 3 times on each breast.

I go back down for more. I throat him as deep as I possibly can with 8 inches… Not quite to the base – but further I think than I have ever done before…

“Are you showing off?” he asks.

“No, just doing my very best to give you pleasure.” (Comes out abit muffled)

“Close your lips around!” He holds the back of my head and pushes me as far as I will go onto his cock. I can’t breathe of course and then he squeezes my nostrils together – so there is no chance of any breathe getting in. This act of downright cruelty gets me the wettest I’ve been for a very long time. Then he lets me come up for air…

‘Close your lips around the head! Do some work! Hands!” He’s swelling big now fucking my mouth. I feel deliciously violated and there is nothing I can do about it. He pushes my head onto his cock again and holds it there while he cums into the back of my throat. I can’t even swallow until he lets up as there is no room in my mouth to do so. Then I lick him clean – maybe a little longer than I need to…

I come up and lie on his chest.

“Who taught you to do that?”

“You of course.” I answer teasingly…

“Before you go to sleep could I make a request?”

“A request?”

“Yes, could you just hit me a few times on the bottom?”

“What for?”


“What for?”

“For thinking about sex all the time.”

“Mmmm yes I think I can do that.” I roll over onto my front and pull my knickers off my cheeks and he makes to hit me – but doesn’t and the anticipation is sweetly unbearable! Then it comes and he hits me hard with the belt many times… Nearly too hard to take – but not quite…

When he’s finished I rub my clit and open my legs very wide. I begin to squirt but I don’t care about anything getting wet. He’s running his hand up and down my thigh and sometimes hitting me in the pussy talking about discipline and a firm hand. I squirt some more until my knickers are soaking. I orgasm hard squirting some more in the process.

“Oh no! Tissues, I need tissues – lots of them!” I give him my knickers and he puts them in the shower.

I cum again as he begins to go sleep.

“Are you going to be there all night?” he asks. I close my legs and just doing that makes me cum again.

“Tell me to stop please otherwise I will be…”

“Do what you need to do…”I have 2 more orgasms.

“Please tell me to stop… Actually just let me have one more…” I do…

“Just one more now and I’ll be finished…’

“Stop!” I carry on…

“Just this last one… please it won’t take me long…”

“I said stop! If you don’t stop there will be days and days of no punishment and lots of torment” I try to get that last one in – but then I love to do what he asks… So I stop!


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Mmmm, the time to pounce is now… continued…

Skimpy and cheap!

I was nearly asleep when he took the covers off and began to pull off my knickers. I tried to bring them back up and he took them down again. I made one more attempt at some (mock) modesty, but he got the better of me and took them quickly off.

I began to pull the covers up and he pushed them aside and roughly opened my legs and put his cock near my opening.

He starts to push in…bliss…

Sometimes I don’t like him touching my nipples, because they can be sensitive to the point of being ticklish… I decide that I will allow him to do anything he wants to do to me/or with me…

This little decision turns me on… He plays with my left breast and the fact that it tickles and I still let him carry on turns me on even more…

He is very stubbly at the moment, so I don’t kiss him as much as I would like to. Instead I lick his neck and nibble his ears and push him up every now and again to suck on his nipples. He’s thrusting and teasing – every now and again pausing mid way in – which drives me crazy!

“You’re good!” I say…”Very good… Oh…” I start to cum…

“Fu…uuu…cckk….me!….me!!!!!” So, so delicious. Right deep inside. I lie still for a moment… I feel spent.

The next cumming doesn’t take too long – but it feels like ages. The centre of pleasure has moved to my clit and I am right on the very precipice of orgasm – its like the first  shoot of climax is starting, but the rest of it doesn’t follow on and this carries on for it must be at least a minute of the sweetest torture on this earth….and then oh boy! I am dying!!! That was what they call a whopper!!!

I say to him that as he’s not 100%, we should go for his cumming – but he graciously starts grinding his hips some more, slapping me round the face and hitting me in the ribs – moving me to that point beyond.

He then moves to come in from behind, I ask him to pass me the lube. I spread it around his arse and my middle finger slips easily in… so easily in fact – but I’m gentle, as I’ve never been this far before – sliding up and out and up again and down.

His cock is sooo hard and he’s already losing his control.

He stops while I play with his ass some more – then a minute or two of thrusting. Then he rests while I play. He can’t take it anymore and cums hard while I pinch his balls and wriggle my finger almost all of it inside of him…


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Thought we would have sex last night…….

Thought we would have sex last night – I was really tired – but sometimes since he has become more confidant – he rips off the bedclothes with a huge erection – passes me the lube and I sleepily apply and then he fucks me while I am still groggy. I do of course soon wake up – but there is a dreamlike quality to it all. I find it a real turn on that he is somehow fucking me without me necessarily giving him consent – but he is aware of that – so knows he can get away with it.

Last night it didn’t happen – bit of a shame – but I was incredibly tired – so probably just as well.

Hopefully something happens tonight…


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The sexual life of a wife…

I am a 39 year old woman. I have been with my husband for 20 years. I am completely (apart from the odd kiss) 100% faithful. I believe my partner (I know you can never be sure!) is also monogomous. We have 3 lovely children.

The amazing thing – which I didn’t imagine to be really possible – after being married for so long –  though of course it must be in many people’s lives, is that on a regular basis we have some really mind blowing sex. Not every single time of course – but mostly its really, really good!

I have slight masochistic tendencies where sex is concerned and he has a sadistic streak which makes our coming together work oh so well.

He also has a rather large cock…..


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