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The seed of a fuck is planted…

Lots of seeds!

You know that moment when sex is inevitable…

The fuck might happen moments after… hours, days, weeks, even years sometimes… But that moment is always delicious – whether you are fully conscious of it or not…

I remember my very first fuck seed was planted when splitting up with my first ‘proper’ boyfriend age 15. The moment that I thought I’d lost him showed me how special/horny he really was. I knew then that he had to and was going to me my first cock inside….

I have lots of fuck seeds now… This one happened yesterday afternoon:

We were having a disagreement about something – I can’t even remember what now… I was being particularly stubborn in a flirty sort of way…

Suddenly he started rubbing my clit nicely hard. I doubled up with the shock and pleasure of it.

The kids were around, but he managed to do it without any of them noticing.

“Haven’t got any answers now have you?”  He says cockily walking off. He’s right though (the bastard!) I couldn’t speak out of pleasure and trying to keep it together in front of the kids!


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