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Unsatisfactory, guilty sex…

Was in two minds about posting this as feel really awful about it – but as this is a true and honest blog…

We can’t have sex for four days as my dad has come to stay. – to make space, I sleep in with the girls and my son goes in his dads room.

So no sex. No sex for four days!

I know there are other rooms in the house, but we also have a student staying – so nowhere is private…

It was in the afternoon, I put on a long skirt and took off my knickers. I felt like such a slut (and it felt good!) as I knew what I was going to do – felt myself getting wet with anticipation.

I fed and watered the children and sat all three in front of an exciting film.

I then went upstairs and my husband and I had a ‘quickie’. I won’t go in to too much detail – just that I had two comings and my husband came after 20 minutes (more about why a ‘quickie’ should last so long in a future post)

Anyway it was actually really awful – totally unsatisfying. We couldn’t relax, couldn’t make any noise, were listening out for sounds of the children and ready to stop in the next instance if we should hear little footsteps or be needed…

My husband said he felt really guilty afterwards and I do to – especially coming down and seeing their sweet innocent faces entranced by the film.

Maybe I’m making too much of this – but one of the things that i feel most proud of myself doing – is being a good mother. Don’t feel this was good parenting.

Feeling frustrated is better than this. Never, never again…



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