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The knickers that caused the offence…

The knickers that caused the offence...

I was going to end this blog, because I haven’t had time to write for it and possibly more importantly (for me) not had time to read other blogs.
Well I haven’t ended it yet as I’m hoping that at some point I will have more time – which of course – may be wishful thinking…

Anyway, I had a comment this morning from David DM – (formally known Racerx) which stated that if I didn’t post something out soon, he would spank me. Of course I very dutifully agreed to take my punishment if I didn’t manage to post out today. So although I would actually like to be a naughty girl and get my just desserts – my husband might not like another man’s hand on my wanting ass… mmmmm – something to think about though ; )

Anyway the knickers pictured…
Due to a yeast infection (hell on earth!!!) and then the first few days of time of the month, we hadn’t fucked for about a week. Which for the last couple of years is a very long time for us. We were both gagging for it…
It was the third day of menstruating for me – so I thought I’d leave my knickers on until the last possible moment. My man had his condom on and was all ready for entry when he realized my pants were still on. He wasn’t happy! He squeezed one of my nipples hard, whilst tearing off the offending article. My legs were then roughly opened and he gently squeezed my neck and then much harder. This was all rather sudden and I was – to say the least a little shocked as I wasn’t expecting it at all – although of course wet with excitement.

“Are you frightened?’ he whispered in my ear.
‘Yes I am.’ I answered truthfully.
Then his cock was in me and it felt delicious.

The next day my little masochistic self kept thinking of how roughly he’d handled me and it made me very excited every time. In fact it was like falling in love all over.

I must sound like such a loon – or maybe he’s just been too nice to me recently…


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Mind Fucking me…

I haven’t written poetry for a while. I used to write a lot of it when I was depressed many many years ago. I wrote this last night on the spur of the moment – so please be kind ; )

(Actually I can take criticism – my husband is a writer and very honest with anything I dare to show him – so feel free to pull the following to pieces if you want to… ; ))

Mind fucking me

in the middle of a breath

you take

me softly

with a slap

I fall

bending like willow

for your pleasure

willingly receiving

what you have

to give me




I whisper

you whisper




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Please hit me again Sir…

My slutty ass…

I’ve often read about those poor dears who are punished for not addressing their dom/master etc in the correct fashion. My giddy submissive self has always been somewhat envious of those crimes and punishments – but my husband has never been one to bear titles – that is until this morning…

I think I died and went to heaven…

The children were all out for the day – I asked him what his plans were – trying to sort out a timetable for working on the computer….

“First we’re gonna fuck!”

“Oh really?” I say, actually genuinely surprised.

“Yes really!” he replies, but then he wanders off.

I go upstairs and put on a see through lacy bra and some matching (but not meant to be matching) lacy boy shorts. Some dark black hold up stockings and an ‘in your face’ bright red low cut mini dress. I lie down on our bed.

“I’m wearing some fucking clothes!” I shout down the stairs.

“Oh yeh…” I hear and the laptop shutting and then he’s right there in front of me…

“Get up then! Show me your stuff!” I sit up and then walk round towards him –  for some reason feeling a bit shy…

He pushes me face down onto the bed.

“Assume the position!” I lie sprawled forwards with my ass in the air expectantly – But there’s not even a slap – he starts to undo my bra,

“But their matching and you haven’t even seen them yet!”

“You don’t need it!” he replies matter of factly and ‘helps’ me to take it off.

“Assume the position!” I of course assume… He gives me a few hard delicious slaps to my ass.

“Look – you’re making my cock hard.” I look and sure enough it looks ready for action. I put out my hand to feel it.

“No touching!” is the stern rebuke. He then slaps me hard on the inside top of my thighs a few times (which always makes me feel like a naughty little girl being punished.)

“What do you say?” he asks.

“Ummm… Thank you?” I flounder for a moment…

“Thank you…?” he says guiding me towards something we both want and for a moment I can’t even think straight…

“Thank you SIR!” I answer.

“And?” he’s looking at me scarily sternly and what he wants I don’t know….What do I want? Of course…

“Please hit me again sir!” I answer with relief. He smiles at me.

“That’s better!” A couple of very hard spanks follow…

“Up against the wall!” I move to the wall, automatically putting my hands above my head and stick my ass out towards him. After a few stingers to my eager behind, he starts to rub one of his knuckles up into my pussy. The knuckle then moves its way to my asshole. I’m moaning now with a little bit of pain and alot of pleasure.Then he stops,

“What do you say?”

“Thank you Sir.”

“Good girl. Turn around!!” I do what he asks and he moves my arms which have dropped to my side back above my head…

“Assume the position!” I’m not sure what he means – he’s never asked me to do this facing him before… I push my pelvis towards him.

“More!” he says. Good I’m on the right track. I stick my pussy towards him for all I’m worth.

SMACK! Woah! He’s never hit me this hard on my cunt before. SMACK! And again and again. My pussy feels like it’s burning – and no understatement here. It’s hot hot hot!

“What do you say?”

“ you Sir.” I manage to whisper.


“Please hit me again Sir…” Mmmmmaaaargh! His eyes are so deliciously stern and I have to keep thanking Sir and asking Sir for more… Then he stops for a moment, which at this point is somewhat of a relief…

“Have you got the condom?”

“No.” SMACK!

“No what?!” Another hard SMACK!


“Um…” I mumble as my legs begin to  buckle…

“What’s the matter?” he asks.

“I think I’m going to wet myself.”

“What do you say?!”

“Sir, ummm please hit me again… Sir!”

“Go get the condom!” I scramble over to the side of our bed and grab one and hand it over…

“Prepare to be fucked!” I move fast…

I lie sprawled on the bed – my knickers have gone – I’m not sure when… my pussy is burning like hell!

“Spread em!” I spread. I’m always amazed that his cock is so hard – I mean – he must be enjoying this as much as me!

After my first delicious cumming, I can’t resist from using those immortal lines form Oliver Twist:

“Please Sir, can I have some more?” He of course obliges and I have another couple. I suddenly have this urge to lick him all over. I begin with his ears, his lips, his nipples, his balls.

He’s out of me now, asking if I like him wiping his balls all over my face.

“Yes Sir!” I reply..

I’m lying on the bed with my stockings and my short read dress still on. He’s kneeling over my head facing my legs, stroking his cock with his hand. My tongue is working like crazy on his balls and ass. Every now and again my dress rides up to reveal my slutty ass and pussy. Every now and again he orders me (not without some disgust in his voice!) ‘to sort out my dress!’

There is something about this attempt at modesty when I am his complete and utter whore that turns him on…Sometimes I pull my dress down too much and my nipples poke out of the top half.

My tongue is working on his asshole and he cums hard, first on the front of my outfit and then lifting up the top of my dress, the warm cream shoots all over my breasts.

I lick any left over cum from his cock and then we look into each others eyes and share one very messy, wet and sloppy, dirty kiss…


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“Are you going to cum for your master?”

To submit or not to submit, that is the question…

When I reblogged a Kickstarter campain for Black Door Press recently (Go Gillian!) It did something crazy to the chronological order of my posts and it made me look at a few of my very early outpourings…

When I began this blog (very impulsively!) it was all about me having this renewed sex drive and using it as much as possible (with my husband).

Yes I have always had the tendency to want to be dominated during sexual play – but this kink seems to be spilling into daily life to such an extent that, if I’d known how much I would end up doing for him – I’m not sure I would have allowed us to get together – all those years ago…

That girl when we first met, was not prim and proper. Kind of sexually experienced – but with only a few people. Above all she believed in equality between the sexes – under all circumstances and had absolutely no idea about the pleasures of submission… Although saying that she did know that pain and the idea of being dominated turned her on – but only during sex!

There has been a journey of sorts…

Its been turning over and over in my mind what the next step is – if there is to be another step…

There are many blogs with different perspectives of sub/dom relaitionships – its been rather enlightening reading them. Most seem to work very well, but they are all each unique in their own way.

What we have at the moment works. We/I am happy…

I try to make his coffee every morning (which kind of turns me on – especially if I’m abit late with it and he’s coming down the stairs and sees me scuttling around trying to get it done). I apologize alot to him. (Something about saying sorry is so horny for me.) He is also so much sterner with me in everyday life. (which makes me soooo wet!) He pushes me around – which he never used to do. He fondles and feels me (and takes my breath away) many times during each day.

But if its just about sex…

The other night we were fucking and he said

“Are you going to cum for your master?” It was like electricity shooting through me and I could feel my whole body shaking with the effects of those words…

He has never used the word ‘master’ before. Of course I orgasmed and then he said it again… But it wasn’t actually the cumming which made me stand to attention (don’t get me wrong it was delicious!)

His little string of words seemed to touch something deep inside. I didn’t talk about it afterwards. He could have been joking… or talking dirty – I guess he knows many of my little turn ons…

There is definitely a new dynamic in our relationship. Maybe that is why we are closer than we have ever been.

We’ve talked half jokingly about me being his fuckable property. I guess I am. But how far will this go?

Strangely though, I have always been the more dominant one in the relationship. Its me who has always made the ‘big’ decisions (of course with his full cooperation.)

But there is something so deliciously enticing being a slave to all his wishes… actually being owned…

Its his birthday soon and I am toying with the idea of sending him a card with:

I give myself to you…

or some such writing in. Of course I will be his present for the day (maybe its his birthday everyday!) But part of me wants to go further…

I guess we need to talk! Something in me is holding back though. He’s the sort of person, who doesn’t like setting things in stone or giving things labels or names. Maybe we don’t need to talk and it will happen naturally…

I’m not sure what will happen or what is right to be honest.

We shall see… any thoughts much appreciated…

I am going to have to get my shit together again for the next few weeks – which means visiting your blogs alot less – I really will miss you (mostly pervy) people!!  But has do be done as it does take up time reading your juicy writings! My postings have been a little thin of late – so no change on this front ; )

But it won’t be forever – just the next few weeks!

Of course I will be replying to your comments! 


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