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She looked just so fuckable!

She looked just so fuckable!

I’d seen a women wearing a white top with a little frivolous frill around the neck line and I thought that is what I need! She looked just so fuckable!

Well yesterday afternoon, I was wearing a white vest with this frivolous frill (I’d found it in a sale so cheaply!)  which kind of accentuated the little cleavage I have. I wore this with a small tight black cardigan.

He’d been ill so we’d had a bit of a break – which felt like ages – although actually when we thought about it – was only one night.

Somethings in the air at the moment and it’s making me damn horny! Was hoping that he would be well enough to give me some sweet loving…

Several times I put myself in ‘interesting positions’ so he would have to notice me. A little lean forward facing him… And a little lean forward so he could see my ass. He seemed to be getting better and better and he really liked the top.

I wasn’t being particularly subtle with attracting his attention though – one time he came in and my legs were spread wide on the bed. Didn’t have quite the desired effect – he just burst out laughing! But then he played with me for a bit – which more than made up for being laughed at.

Anyway we did get it on. It felt soooo hot and sweet. I only had three orgasms though – didn’t want to tire him out too much…

This morning I’m getting hornier still – perhaps I’m ovulating…

About a couple of minutes after every time he’s turned me on today, I got these little aches – a little like bad period pains – which I know is my pussy crying out for more orgasms. Anyone else get this? Would be very interested to hear if you do…

`I know we’re going to get it on tonight. Well I hope so! I’m wet with anticipation ; )

Will keep you posted…


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He said he had a headache…

Freezing my ass off!

Freezing my ass off!

I can’t quite believe he refused me last night!

Well ok it was ‘a little’ after midnight and he said he had a headache…

But!! We hadn’t had sex the night before! And!! I was just about to menstruate (which means 3 days/nights of no fucking)

Put it this way, I was definitely looking forward to some hard cock and was pretty damn sure I’d get some…

AND I even put on a skimpy top, some stockings and not much else for the occasion (even though I was freezing my ass off!)

I pushed my ass in towards him and wriggled around a bit. He moves his hands over my breasts and pussy and does a few hard pushes into my arsehole which sends me momentarily to heaven. But then he trails off.

I turn to face him, trying to get to his very sensitive nipples and/or his cock.  But he doesn’t let me and it gets to the point where albeit laughs, he is wrestling me off.

I see the losing battle, so I gracefully give up and relax. But then he starts coming on to me!

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“Self preservation,” he replies.

“It’s ok,” I say.

Although of course I am disappointed – I mean it – I’m not rebuffed very often – in fact I don’t usually have to try to get him to fuck me (very often!) and luckily my self esteem is big enough to take it.

He relaxes as well…

I fidget around a bit trying to get comfortable – eventually snuggling my ass in to him – wondering how I will get to sleep. I press my pussy a little for pleasure and for comfort.

“You’re just like a kitten,” he whispers in my ear.

Next thing I know, I’m waking up 3 hours later menstruating big time…

In the morning he is very touchy feely and tells me how much he loves me… As if he’s concerned that I might have taken a knock. But I’m fine – yes of course sex would have been ‘nice’ but I’m ok.

But I do appreciate his sweetness in making sure I don’t feel too bad…


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I’m just about to get fucked!

Fucking nighty!

I haven’t been around for a while. In fact it seems like I haven’t sat down and had a cup of tea for the last 12 years – since my first child was born and now the pace has upped!

So I’m sorry if any of you have missed me ; )

I’m just about to get fucked!

I’ve had a shower and put on my thigh high socks. Im also wearing a very tight short denim skirt with a frilly thong underneath. On top I’m wearing my baby doll nighty – as in the above picture – it is bedtime afterall…

I hope I get a few spanks and I hope to have a few minutes to let you know how it went…

Lots of Love



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It was late… But I was horny as hell…

Fuck socks..

I didn’t think he’d want to do anything. It was late… But I was horny as hell…

The night before I’d given him a blowjob and no satisfaction for myself!!!

I put on my tiny black nighty, french knickers and thigh high bed fuck socks. I wait in bed, dozing every now and again.

Eventually he comes upstairs and as is the custom he rips off the covers.

“What are you wearing now?” He pushes his fist against my pussy and then walks off to the bathroom.

He’s in bed now and I snuggle up to him, lifting my top and rubbing my breasts on his chest.

“I’m really tired you know, I’m going to sleep!” he says…

“I only did two things bad today!”

“What are they?” he sighs.

“I trapped the handle of the bag (very expensive backpack that he bought me and that is really his ideal!) in the carboot door. The other ‘bad’ thing is the usual thinking about sex…

I think I can feel his cock stirring to attention… But I don’t acknowledge it yet…

“Look, I just want to go to sleep,” he sighs again.

“Ok, but please turn towards me.” He does and he puts his arm around me. I seize the opportunity and wriggle my ass against his cock, which I now know for sure is hard…

“Where’s the condom?” he asks (I think I detect another sigh – but not sure…)

I quickly retrieve it from under my pillow and he puts it on…

He opens my legs and goes for entry… Mmm he’s gone soft…

“You’re tired, maybe we should just go to sleep.” He doesn’t move, so I lick his nipples and he gets hard once more… We try again…. Shite! Soft again…

“Can we try one more time?” I ask almost pleading.

“Yeah, just give me a moment… ” He gets off and lies next to me… I rub myself against him again, I push my pussy up and down on his thigh… But what really does it for him is when he slaps my clit a few times.

Third time lucky! He’s in and feels really really good…  I know he’s tired, so I’m giving him as much  help as I can – licking his nipples (they are so sensitive!) fondling his balls and reaching round for his asshole…

He in turn plays with my breasts, slaps my thighs and the first delicious orgasm seems to last forever…

The next one is deep inside – must be right on my G spot… Sooooo good…I kind of want to go for more, but then I don’t think it would be fair on him etc

“You can go to sleep now.” I say.

“Not finished yet,” he says pushing my knees together and helping me to turn over, so he can get more leverage from behind.

He feels enormous and so good. He’s definitely into it now. His balls are hardening and I feel him getting close. Pretty quickly for him too.

I’m not sure exactly what position we are in… Half way down the bed  – he’s kind of behind me, but I”m nearly over on my back with one leg in the air and he is nearly on his front…

He is about to cum… Patter of tiny feet in the dark. WTF!!! Youngest child is getting into the bed with us. We make a mad dash for the duvet.

“Mummy and Daddy are the wrong way round!” She’s between us now (as she usually is most nights when she wakes up) But he is still hard as a rock in me… He pulls out.. She’s cuddling me and nearly asleep.

“I’m going to take her back.” I say.

“No, its ok’ he says.

“No, you were so close, I’ll take her back!” As soon as youngest is back in bed, she is fast asleep again..

I give him the wank cloth. I lick low – Long flat of the tongue ones from his asshole to the base of his balls… He cums hard…

We drift into sleep sated… It was definitely worth the effort – for both of us…


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Will try my very best to get into his good books later!

My husband does most of the washing up in our house. I’m not much of a perfectionist when it comes to dishes, which has made him take over this most skill needed task. I think my husband has slight OCD tendencies when it comes to anything to do with water – washing up being no exception!

“Why did you put the dish with all that melted cheese in with all the other washing up?”

“I wiped it first!”

“Did you? Did you really? Don’t do it again! I REALLY MEAN IT!” He didn’t shout that last bit, but there was so much intention behind his words, I just felt it right to put them in capitals.

Anyway, this reprimand (my idea of domestic bliss) made me go quite weak at the knees – which I was rather embarrassed about – seeing as he wasn’t fooling around and ‘really meant it’.

I began to quickly stir whatever was on the stove. He surprised me then by coming up close and whispering into my ear.

“Not everything is a prelude to something. I heard your little sharp intake of breath…”

I’m wet now and he knows I am…

The children burst in at the door and that moment is gone. Mmmm… will have to try my very best to get into his good books later!

(Will let you know what happens ‘tonight’ when I am back home in a few days)


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“Don’t do that please!”

Girly and sexy?

I normally don’t like wearing clothes that are too big for me – Did the baggy thing in my teens and some of my 20’s. Now I’m so happy with my body it has to be close fitting attire most of the time!

Anyway, I put on this white, kind of baby doll dress nighty, which is a couple of sizes too big for me – but very short. I am hoping it makes me look girly in a sexy sort of way.

I then choose some cream and black ‘fuller’ knicker style – which he seems to prefer – opposed to a piece of string – which I guess is more ‘in your face’ kind of sexy.

There.. I was ready, but he is downstairs on the computer…

I make some really loud light clicking turning off sounds and a big audible bounce into bed… Great! I can hear the laptop shutting and then his footsteps…

I smile at him as he comes in and then turn over as if going to sleep. He pulls the covers off to reveal what I am wearing…

“What’s all this?’

Not so in your face!

“My nightwear!” I say, pulling up the covers. He pulls them off again and then punches me in the pussy. Delicious! He jumps on top of me, pinches my nipples and hits me in the ribs. In the excitement, I mistakenly elbow him hard in the knee…

He goes to the toilet and gets into bed turning away from me. I bite his back softly a few times.

“Don’t do that please!” I’m not sure if he is joking or not…

I turn my back to him and he asks if I have all the contraception ready!?

“No, I thought you were tired.”

“That’s why you got all dressed up then?” (The cheek!) He turns round and gives my pussy such a pounding, I think I am going to cum and/or wet myself.

He turns off all the lights and puts on a condom. I lube up quietly and then wait for him as if I am sleeping. I love the idea of him fucking me when I’m not awake and haven’t given my consent. He pulls off the covers (again!) and roughly opens my legs.

The fucking is bliss. He feels just so hard to the point of aching . As we haven’t got it on for a few days its too delicious and I cum very quickly bathing my whole body in hardcore pleasure.  Orgasm two comes straight after – deep inside me. Three, four and five make me buck with urgency for the sweetness of more – I feel it much more in my clit.

He moves to behind me to go for his cumming. It is gorgeous – right on the G spot. He’s hanging over the side of the bed pumping away vigorously. It is soooo horny and then he goes and wallops his head on a wooden chair! We stop… (He’s abit of a wimp when it comes to pain – but it was abit of a bang.)

He ends up self pleasuring.

I lick his nipples and work my hand lower… After about 10 minutes of no cum I think its about time!

I suck one of his balls, taking it fully into my mouth, sucking gently, slowly and deliberately. Then I take the other ball and do the same. He cums!


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“Do you want to see my new knickers?”

"Do you want to see my new knickers!?"

‘Last night’ began with two very hard smacks – one on each bum cheek, whilst I was clearing up the dishes…

I say hard, but I just felt them as pure pleasure. He wondered after if I was ok – as his hand hurt.

“Not sore at all, but very nice!” I said.

Later on the bed he was looking at the laptop. I lay on top of him.

“Do you want to see my new knickers?”


They are ready in the drawer. They look a much brighter blue than I remember in my rush home from work to the children. My judgement must have been slightly clouded as they were such a bargain (and I mean really cheap!)

“They’re really bright!” He says. Mmm they aren’t having quite the desired effect, so I turn round and stick  out my ass at him…

“They look really nice though!” he says going to the cupboard of contraception. (That’s more like it!)

I will skip over the initial niceties of our fucking – but needless to say, he was hard and deep to the point where it was a little bit deliciously achy for myself… I had three gorgeous cummings and was literally on the pinnacle of a forth when he suddenly stopped! He had bloody indigestion again! And I was soooo close! My body was screaming out for completion! ‘Greedy!’ you may say… Yes, possibly…

But in my defense… A woman in a similar situation might understand, but a man… Well maybe for a man, it’s like you’ve just fucked three very sexy women and then a forth walks in the room ready to be ‘taken’ She opens her legs and you are about to have ‘lift off’ when she closes them again and doubles up with a tummy ache! Ok, ok, I’m rambling here and its not really a similar scenario at all – but you get my drift! Anyway back to what happened…

The incredibly understanding, angelic etc girl in me said,

“We should change positions so you’re more upright, then the heartburn won’t be so bad. I’ll turn around as well so you can cum.” (The bitch in me was of course screaming and stamping her feet – but for now the good girl won…)

He’s behind me now and I’m playing with his arse (hole).

“Go easy!” he says. Maybe I nicked him with one of my fingernails which are just beginning to grow…

He is starting to lose control and his balls are swelling as is his cock. I scratch his balls.

“Not so rough!” I try to be more gentle… He is the first guy I know who likes ‘scratching’. I never did it before my husband. Amazing how everyone is so unique in their likes and dislikes…

He stops for a moment – I hope I haven’t hurt him and worry that his momentum for cumming has been lost… But when he begins thrusting again he’s just about to shoot his load. I rub his perinium as he cums – which seems to drive him wild!

Just to say I am away for the next few days – probably with no internet access at all! Will catch up with comments, blog reading and emails on my return. Thank you for reading! 


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