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How to encourage an Orgasm (or 2 or 3 or 4!)

Had another article published by Talk Tabu. This company are run by 2 very cool women. In a nutshell Talk Tabu is a new app for making sex education horny – instead of boring! Sounds very good to me!!!

Here’s the link for the article How to encourage an ORGASM!!!

(Noone has liked it yet… just saying : )

There are lots of other very interesting sex based articles on their blog.



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Going to sleep very soon…

imageI told my husband earlier that I’d just released an egg. And of course this wouldn’t come to anything – but we could go through the motions…

Well I’m definitely ovulating as I’m particularly horny. But my man is downstairs on the computer… Not good really is it?

We’ve had a couple of days break as well from actual sex – so really he should be up here with me and ready to go.

Ooh I think I hear things turning off downstairs…


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His Birthday…

It’s his birthday today – so am hoping he wants me to do lots of things for him. Am rather horny with anticipation…


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Where can I buy a vibrator?

Hello lovely people who I haven’t seen for  a long long time.

I haven’t left the planet – but have started another business which is doing beautifully – but leaving me so much less time for blogging…

Just wondering as I’m rather innocent in this department : )

Can anyone recommend a silent vibrator? Where can I buy it?  (I’m in the UK) Or a good online store where I can view a selection.

Thank you in advance. I do miss reading your salacious stories – but all in good time!



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She looked just so fuckable!

She looked just so fuckable!

I’d seen a women wearing a white top with a little frivolous frill around the neck line and I thought that is what I need! She looked just so fuckable!

Well yesterday afternoon, I was wearing a white vest with this frivolous frill (I’d found it in a sale so cheaply!)  which kind of accentuated the little cleavage I have. I wore this with a small tight black cardigan.

He’d been ill so we’d had a bit of a break – which felt like ages – although actually when we thought about it – was only one night.

Somethings in the air at the moment and it’s making me damn horny! Was hoping that he would be well enough to give me some sweet loving…

Several times I put myself in ‘interesting positions’ so he would have to notice me. A little lean forward facing him… And a little lean forward so he could see my ass. He seemed to be getting better and better and he really liked the top.

I wasn’t being particularly subtle with attracting his attention though – one time he came in and my legs were spread wide on the bed. Didn’t have quite the desired effect – he just burst out laughing! But then he played with me for a bit – which more than made up for being laughed at.

Anyway we did get it on. It felt soooo hot and sweet. I only had three orgasms though – didn’t want to tire him out too much…

This morning I’m getting hornier still – perhaps I’m ovulating…

About a couple of minutes after every time he’s turned me on today, I got these little aches – a little like bad period pains – which I know is my pussy crying out for more orgasms. Anyone else get this? Would be very interested to hear if you do…

`I know we’re going to get it on tonight. Well I hope so! I’m wet with anticipation ; )

Will keep you posted…


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For all the rest of you!

For all the rest of you!

One of my favorite positions to attract attention


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