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“I’ve made your cock hard…”

Butt cheeks!

“Dry your hands!” I stop washing up, look at him to see if anything is wrong and then obediently, I pick up a nearby dishcloth.

“Spread your cheeks apart!” I’m not sure what he means at first (duh!), but then I lean against the sink, bring my hands to my ass and open it wide. I’m wearing a rather flouncy skirt with soft thin material.

“Good girl!” He shoves one of his finger knuckles into my asshole. I don’t know why I’m not expecting it – Actually I don’t know what I’m expecting – but it takes my breath away. He keeps rubbing into me for a while. At first it feels a bit strange, uncomfortable for a moment, but as I get used to the sensations it becomes very pleasurable. It takes alot of me to stop from crying out – but the kids are in the other room…Then he stops…

“Look what you’ve done!” He takes one of my hands and places it onto the very hard bulge in his trousers.

“You did this! Tell me what you’ve done!” I lean forwards and whisper in his ear

“I’ve made your cock hard…”

“Yes, you have. Now carry on with what you were doing!”

Oh God, the last thing I’m thinking about is washing up. My knees are weak, clit erect and pussy dripping! But somehow, I do what he says….

All I can think of now is what will happen later…


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Tired, but ready… (As always!)

Not fussed as to what position – just give it to me… (please!)

I’d just driven for 12 hours (with some toilet breaks). I was really very tired with little sleep for the last few nights, as one of the kids has been ill. But I knew he was up for it. I lay down and could have gone to sleep in a few seconds, but there was a distinct ache between my legs. A yearning from four days of no fucking….
“You’re very tired aren’t you?” he said.
“Yes, I am, but…”
“We should just go to sleep then shouldn’t we?”
“Well, I am really tired, but…”
“I’m rejecting you then!”
“I’m rejecting you! You need to get some sleep!”
“No, please don’t! I’m very tired, but I really, really want to be fucked… please! Just a quickie…”
He gives in – without too much of a fight. He is deliciously hard and what follows is some of the sweetest (and quickest) sex for a while. I think I had three orgasms – but I was so tired – it all seems like a dream now…
My sleep is so much more satisfying for it.

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