“Don’t do that please!”

02 Nov

Girly and sexy?

I normally don’t like wearing clothes that are too big for me – Did the baggy thing in my teens and some of my 20’s. Now I’m so happy with my body it has to be close fitting attire most of the time!

Anyway, I put on this white, kind of baby doll dress nighty, which is a couple of sizes too big for me – but very short. I am hoping it makes me look girly in a sexy sort of way.

I then choose some cream and black ‘fuller’ knicker style – which he seems to prefer – opposed to a piece of string – which I guess is more ‘in your face’ kind of sexy.

There.. I was ready, but he is downstairs on the computer…

I make some really loud light clicking turning off sounds and a big audible bounce into bed… Great! I can hear the laptop shutting and then his footsteps…

I smile at him as he comes in and then turn over as if going to sleep. He pulls the covers off to reveal what I am wearing…

“What’s all this?’

Not so in your face!

“My nightwear!” I say, pulling up the covers. He pulls them off again and then punches me in the pussy. Delicious! He jumps on top of me, pinches my nipples and hits me in the ribs. In the excitement, I mistakenly elbow him hard in the knee…

He goes to the toilet and gets into bed turning away from me. I bite his back softly a few times.

“Don’t do that please!” I’m not sure if he is joking or not…

I turn my back to him and he asks if I have all the contraception ready!?

“No, I thought you were tired.”

“That’s why you got all dressed up then?” (The cheek!) He turns round and gives my pussy such a pounding, I think I am going to cum and/or wet myself.

He turns off all the lights and puts on a condom. I lube up quietly and then wait for him as if I am sleeping. I love the idea of him fucking me when I’m not awake and haven’t given my consent. He pulls off the covers (again!) and roughly opens my legs.

The fucking is bliss. He feels just so hard to the point of aching . As we haven’t got it on for a few days its too delicious and I cum very quickly bathing my whole body in hardcore pleasure.  Orgasm two comes straight after – deep inside me. Three, four and five make me buck with urgency for the sweetness of more – I feel it much more in my clit.

He moves to behind me to go for his cumming. It is gorgeous – right on the G spot. He’s hanging over the side of the bed pumping away vigorously. It is soooo horny and then he goes and wallops his head on a wooden chair! We stop… (He’s abit of a wimp when it comes to pain – but it was abit of a bang.)

He ends up self pleasuring.

I lick his nipples and work my hand lower… After about 10 minutes of no cum I think its about time!

I suck one of his balls, taking it fully into my mouth, sucking gently, slowly and deliberately. Then I take the other ball and do the same. He cums!


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6 responses to ““Don’t do that please!”

  1. liza bennett

    November 2, 2011 at 4:23 pm

    It’s good when we can laugh at ourselves in the midst of pleasure. Sounds like you had a delicious and hot night! Waiting for my own Mister right now…

    • sexuallifeofawife

      November 2, 2011 at 9:22 pm

      Mmmm…hope you have a good one…or two, or three…. I could go on ; )

  2. thepostmanalwaysrings

    November 2, 2011 at 8:25 pm

    Oh this was wonderful, once again….so true and so sexy…and thank you so much for the fantastic ‘peek’ photos.
    I can say there is something very hot about a girl in such attire.
    While reading this my mind drifted to some wonderful ‘early morning’ fucks, when I have had a partner in my bed and she may be wearing something exactly the same. Sometimes these moments are just divine, when I wake up and find my fingers exploring inside the material already in my sleep, my fingers already stroking and caressing the soft breasts, my cock already so hard and gently pushing into the back of my partner.
    Then…..the material is lifted and I find heaven as the skin of the buttocks is slowly revealed to me. Then that familiar shift and movement of the bottom closer to me, almost rotating and bucking already – but pressing firmly against my erection. A fingers slides between the thighs and I notice how wet she is, although she seems to be sleeping ……it is 4am and really we both seem to be asleep but have been caught up in this moment of lust for each other in the middle of the night.
    I pull the nighty further so that the full bottom is exposed and I look and see dribbles of her wetness on the inside of her thigh as her bottom gyrates, now more urgently. Then as I slide my thick cock deep inside I hear the music of her sigh as I penetrate so deeply and with a lust and greed that we both feel and know will last until we have fucked each other so desperately now and are eventually sated and lying in each others arms….and I can kiss my lovers breasts and feel them rise to my lips and swell in the afterglow of her unexpected early morning orgasm.

    • sexuallifeofawife

      November 2, 2011 at 9:24 pm

      Wow Mr Postman! Very evocative and sexy!
      Thank you! Sx

  3. The Hook

    November 27, 2011 at 12:49 am

    Never a dull moment, right?


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