Pathetic and desperate measures…

13 Oct

Pathetic and desperate measures...

Feeling low… Very unusual for me. Could it be hormones? Could it be the early 5am start? Or possibly the fact that I drove back after dropping all the kids off with the wet anticipation of having a leisurely fuck, in which it didn’t matter what I said or how loud I was cumming because no one, but my husband would be in the house!

I ‘think’ this might be the seed of not feeling on top of the world, because on arriving home he had indigestion and hadn’t done any washing up, or anything else apart from look at the computer!

He knew I was ‘up for it’ just by looking at me, but had the cheek to say there was ‘loads to be done around the house!’

I know he suffers from heartburn etc – but maybe he’d had a wank, so didn’t need it as much as me…

It always used to be him that had the greater sex drive – but now it seems to be me – A dose of my own medicine perhaps! God how I’ve made him suffer during the years by not wanting sex as much as him! But now I crave – my body is trying to make up for lost time… Pathetic and desperate measures make me pull my jumper off the shoulder if I am about to meet him in the house. Tight jeans – even tighter – I could go on…

Yes there is alot to do in the house and maybe he hopes to have sex later… But an empty house! What a lost opportunity!!! I am so frustrated!!!

To be continued…  in a much more positive post!


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