There comes a point where there is no turning back…

02 Oct

“Look at that on display!” he says of my ass as I walk past.

“It shouldn’t be allowed!” He makes a grab for my butt cheeks and squeezes.

Later he is reprimanding me for every little thing – Pinching my nipples and slapping my breasts and ass for punishment. Needless to say, I am getting very turned on.

Time flies and the kids don’t get into bed until late – 9.30pm. Then there is tidying etc to do…

Midnight we eventually hit the sack. We are tired, but turned on…

“We should get to sleep shouldn’t we?”

“Yes.” I say…

We then play a silly game of trying to get to sleep and then one of us coming on to the other and then sleeping again and the other person turning the other one on etc etc…Its about 1am now…

There comes a point where there is no turning back…

He is hitting my pussy where his cock usually goes and I feel like I’m going to cum and wet myself if I let go and orgasm. Then he’s got his hand underneath me, rubbing my clit and with the other hand working on my ass. I feel like I’m going to climax, but I do so want his cock inside me. (I can see he is very erect so I kind of know what the answer to my next question will be)

“Are you too tired to fuck?”

“No, not at all.”

Contraception etc done and he’s thrusting deep. I’m underneath and its delicious. I bring my legs up to his shoulders and I remark that when we first met, this position hurt like hell, but now that I’m more flexible, I could stay here for literally hours…

He takes my hands and pins them above my head. With his free hand he plays with my nipples. My nipples are REALLY sensitive – ticklish, but also touching them with a hard cock inside me makes me cum really quickly – and I do…

As the orgasm rushes through me, he keeps pounding away and I don’t stop either – there is a moment where it is unbearably intense, but I ride over it and another cumming begins…

I think because it feels just so good, my cunt always wants more and I find my pelvis bucking urgently to get the next climax… Its so close, seemingly deep in my pussy. Then he changes position and my clit suddenly feels to be my centre.

Oh, I cum and my hands are scrabbling all over his back and ass, scratching, grabbing, trying to pull at his hair….

After, I say we should go for his orgasm, but then maybe…ooh…just one more would be nice…He allows me to be greedy!

We change positions, so he is behind me. I keep running a finger from the back of his crack to the base of his balls. With my other hand I pinch his balls all over. I’m squeezing my pussy as tight as it will go…

I don’t even realise that I am holding my breath…

His body begins to shudder and lose control and then relief and ecstasy and I relax with a huge sighing out…


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3 responses to “There comes a point where there is no turning back…

  1. xxbronzegoddessxx

    October 3, 2011 at 12:22 am

    *jaw on the floor*
    Damn girl!

    I need a well endowed husband because that sounded amazing lol

  2. terriblytorn13

    October 5, 2011 at 4:24 pm

    Very hot!


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