Playing hard to get…

14 Sep

As we drifted off to sleep, he didn’t seem happy, so I asked what the big deal was. (It kind of was a big deal – see last blog post if interested –  but at the end of the day, its not the end of the world)

“Psychologically its not good for a man not to be able to carry it through.”

“But you were ill and you had indigestion and you were possibly going to vomit on me!” He’s not usually insecure about such things – so maybe I’ll try and soothe his male ego in maybe not an obvious way – by not being all over him… also it might mean I get fucked sooner rather than later…

My husband has said in the past that I can’t play ‘hard to get’- Well lets see if I can’t just pull off an oscar winning performance… I’ll just play it really cool and he can do all the running!

So far, so good – apart from me pulling my top down a little to reveal more cleavage for him to see. Oh, and letting my wide necked jumper fall off my shoulder every now and again – which he can never seem to resist from looking at. Yes, apart from doing those two things, I am extremely modest.

Went to a mini festival for an afternoon with my kids and the DJ there chatted me up – he must have been abit desperate though as he started playing songs for me… I left as soon as I could. Of course I ‘had to’ fleetingly mention what happened to my husband…but he didn’t seem in the least bit jealous!

At bedtime, my husband (very nearly better again) mauls my ass and punches my cunt a few times – its absolutely delicious, but as I definitely don’t want a repeat of the night before I don’t return him any favours. I try my hardest to go to sleep.

The way I’m acting I could even be a virgin again – well in my boring dreams anyway!


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