A fuck to far continued… ‘no orgasms and counting…’

13 Sep

‘A fuck too far’ continued…

During the pause in our contact whilst I lubed and he put the condom on, my husband said that he had a headache. The angel in me tried to say

“We should really let you rest.”

But the bad girl made sure the word’s couldn’t really be heard and knew there was no turning back anyway…

He felt hard and very deep and really really good – it had been a few days without sex and it was such a coming home feeling. The pleasure was intensifying, but then I could sense that something was wrong. I was, however too near orgasm to stop…

I was so, so painfully close and he’d slowed down which I began to feel annoyed with – sometimes he teases me with a second or two of pause – but now it was just slowing to a halt.

He stopped completely and I could hear him bringing up air, which sometimes happens to him when he gets indigestion… There was an awkward pause while he did some more burping…

“I feel like I’ve got heartburn one moment and I’m going to vomit the next.”

He cock was not what it was, which seemed to have hurt his male pride. I knew he was really pissed off.

I then attempted to sound almost cheery to try and remedy the situation.

“Listen, I think we should stop. We can carry on tomorrow when you’re feeling better…” I began to feel guilty and also a little scared.

In the past (years ago!) when my husband was angry he has been known to break a window (or two etc). I felt really vulnerable and was sure he was going to hit me around the face really hard. I don’t even want to admit this here really – but there was a teeny part of me that was excited by this possiblity – although in reality I know from past experience that a really hard slap in the face is not a turn on (for me anyway!)

He’s normally very considerate – even when he’s pushing me around etc and I don’t think he was doing it on purpose, but he was feeling quite ill and his whole body weight was on me and my legs which are normally vary happy to be spread were starting to protest. I didn’t feel like mentioning this discomfort. Instead I just turned my head to look to the side – part of this was a kind of embarrasment, but also to guard my face from being slapped.

He never did hit me of course but I felt very guilty now.

We cleaned up and went to bed – I cuddled up to him – I still wanted closeness.

I do not take full responsibility for this ‘fuck too far” as his cock had been very hard and he had been doing excellent foreplay. I did however encourage him pretty relentlessly – when maybe I shouldn’t have.

I suppose a guy’s cock can usually get erect even if the rest of him isn’t up to much.

I guess at the end of the day my husband should really have been tucked up in bed with a hot lemon drink and not beating up and fucking some nympho slut who just happened to be his wife…


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2 responses to “A fuck to far continued… ‘no orgasms and counting…’

  1. terriblytorn13

    September 14, 2011 at 3:07 am

    How sweet of him to try to please you even though he was not feeling well. Maybe when he feels better he’ll make up the lost orgasms.


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