Fuck, fuck, fuck! Hurry night…

05 Sep

He’s gone out to the shops – I am still turned on. The kids are making a lovely mess downstairs…

We’ve had good times and not so good – some times of practically no sex etc.

Since my littlest has not been waking so much at night and my breast feeding hormones have diminished its like I’ve fallen in love/lust with my husband again. Maybe he’s always just been a constant – but I know that he is now definitely paying me more attention sexually – maybe because he knows more what I want and our kinks match.  Its not like it used to be at all –  its actually way way better. Its a shame really as we had so much time back then – but now with work and 3 children time is oh so limited…

When will this honeymoon period end..

I am tidying out a bedroom drawer piled high with months of stuffed papers, clothes and toys. He comes up behind me and  grabs my ass and starts rubbing me through my clothes where its most delicious – just where his cock should go. In just under 3 seconds I am all his and will literally do anything for him…He pushes me up hard against the wardrobe and slaps me (quite softly) across both cheeks…

Then the bastard leaves me to carry on tidying…

Later he pushes me into the pantry and thumps me where he rubbed me before and hits me around the breasts and face. He then complains that his trousers are getting stained and its my fault and slaps me some more.

Fuck, fuck, fuck! Hurry night…





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