You can beat me later!

04 Sep

Morning… I rub up close behind him, oh so not very subtly… He grabs my ass. I smile at him, he smiles at me. We have an understanding – we will fuck tonight.

Before going out, I hold onto his balls.

“I was going to say don’t wank – but you won’t have time, as you only have 20 minutes. Ha ha!”

“Do you think I just sit around playing with myself – waiting for you to come home?”

“No, not always – I just don’t want you to if we’re going to have sex, as it takes the edge off it for you…”

Anyway, maybe we won’t get to get it on. We have to be up at 5.30am to deliver our student to the airport. But of course, I happen to be acting all clumsy and doing stupid things. Then of course my husband has to reprimand me and slap me around abit. The  awful/delicious thing is – the more turned on I get the more ditzy I become.

My husbands ‘type’ before he met me was blonde and leggy. Well, i’ve got pretty long legs, but I’m definitely not fair haired. I can however be extremely silly and forgetful – could this be what attracted him to me? ONLY JOKING you many over 150 IQ blondes out there!

I am locked out – waiting in the car for my husband to return with his house keys – I of course forgot mine…

Have just sent him a text ‘You can beat me later!”

I hope he does….


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Posted by on September 4, 2011 in love, masochism, relationships, sex, wanking


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