I felt his cock getting soft – he apologised…

02 Sep

I felt his cock getting soft – he apologised…

“Are you alright?” I ask.


“Do you want to stop?”

“No.” He said.

My husband has been gifted with a big dick – so when he gets soft, I can still feel it and it doesn’t slip out.

Anyway – I felt really horny and wanted an orgasm , so even though I knew he wasn’t enjoying it so much I continued fucking him. Physically it was still delicious – even though he wasn’t rock hard – but I felt guilty doing it.

After the first coming – I wanted more, but I said we should stop (because he still didn’t seem to be into it…)

“You’re not finished yet.” He very sweetly said…

I carried on and felt like I was just using him – but couldn’t stop myself – It was just so easy to orgasm and I felt really greedy for it and selfish.

My husband has called me selfish when it comes to sex – but in a kind of affectionate sort of way.

We changed positions so he could come, but he still didn’t seem to be getting any harder – so I asked him if I should “get the cloth?”

“Yes, I was just going to suggest that.” He replied.

He self pleasured while I played with his very hard balls and sucked and teased his nipples with my tongue.

Looking at my watch before sleeping it was 12.40am. I’d get about 5 hours sleep if I was lucky.

“We need more sleep, I said to him – and maybe we shouldn’t fuck for 3 days or something…”

“Yeh, maybe you’re right.” He says…

I cuddled up to him – but felt bad about using him (although he kind of gave me permission).

Tired, but physically sated… (for now!)

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