I fall asleep after two orgasms and leave him to his own devices…

26 Aug

Eventually we get it on after five days! It is just delicious (yes, I know I overuse this word but…) I came twice without even having to try.

Don’t you just love it when that happens? Maybe guys have this most of the time… but sometimes I have to try a little to orgasm – it only takes me a few minutes – but when you don’t even have to make any effort and it just engulfs you with its pleasure and you can’t even stop it if you wanted to ….

Then my middle child cries out “Mummy!”   “I’m just coming.” I say (or rather I just have!)  My daughter has now got the lurgy that I have just recovered from. I get some more clothes on – settle her down and get into bed with her and say to my husband – “You’ll have to use ‘the cloth’ – by yourself!” I then fall into a deep and satisfied sleep.

I do of course wake a few times during the night to look after my daughter and my husband is having a good rest in the other room. I do wonder if he wanked himself to sleep or not…

I shall find out in the morning…

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Posted by on August 26, 2011 in parent, relationships, sex, wanking


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