Should I play harder to get?

23 Aug

We will be able to get the funk on tonight! Just to make sure my husband know this, I wear very tight jeans, a push up bra with a low V neck….

What else will I do in order to attract his attention…

I brush obviously against him a few times…

I take off my jumper twice and let my T shirt ride up and linger… to which my husband wants to know if there is a strip show…

In the afternoon he phones up from town and asks my daughter if I want anything from the shops to which I reply “A cockeral” – He knows what I mean…

Just before going to the park with the children, I back him into a corner and grab his balls. I say “Don’t do anything with ‘them’ while I’m out!”

Later I ask him if I should play harder to get? He simpy replies “No – I don’t think it would be possible for you!”

Oh no, I’m starting to feel abit achy – maybe just not sitting properly…No am definitely coming down with something… Could be the lurgy that I was up with my youngest two nights ago….

I guess, I could just lie back and spread my legs – let him to all the work – but it wouldn’t be so much fun then would it?. We shall see…

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Posted by on August 23, 2011 in parent, relationships, sex, wanking


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