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I guess he’ll just have to beat me!

I was falling asleep – but aware of him coming to bed – I wanted him to maul me and was willing him to wake me up for a fuck – and he did…

It was a mixture of urgent fucking, but with some tenderness thrown in every now and again. Three orgasms for me and he came pretty quick after – probably about 10 minutes…

Just before we started the lovemaking I had this urge for him to go down on me. What’s so unusual about that you may say? Well I used to be abit hung up about my body and its secretions and made it clear when we first met that I didn’t want him to use his tongue thus – so its been about 19 years!!!

Anyway I felt too embarrassed last night to say anything before hand – crazy really as normally I am so forward and open with my sexual needs…

After sex, I just felt like I wanted to be really close, so I put my head on his chest and I felt so in love. I said I had two things that I wanted to ask him. I got abit inarticulate then… but I managed to somehow gabble out that the next time I have a bath (a bath! my god I’m still worried about offending him with my wetness!) would he put his tongue down there… “Of course! I’ve often wanted to do that – but you wouldn’t let me.” He replies sweetly.

The 2nd thing is “Have you fucked anyone whilst you’ve been with me?” “No,” He answer’s sounding surprised and a little offended. I’ve asked him this question maybe three times in the last 20 years – I know you can never be sure and he has lied about little things in the past – but I think I might believe him. If he has slept with anyone else – I’m at the stage where it wouldn’t be the end of the world – I would feel hurt of course.

Then he asked me… I said that I couldn’t possibly sleep with anyone else and not tell him – catholic ancestors and all that – in fact I would find it hard to keep anything from him..

But then this blog!!!! Surely I’m keeping this a secret. I don’t know if he would mind – he might even be flattered. Actually there are two things that worry me about telling him about this:

The first is that he will become self conscious and maybe do things differently… Saying that, I haven’t changed in the way I act sexually after beginning this blog.

The second and probably much more scary thing is that he will read all my posts – and being a brilliant writer – he will see all the grammatical errors I have done and all the parts where the writing isn’t so great etc

Oh well, I guess he’ll just have to beat me!


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I’ve had enough sex for today

I’ve had enough sex for today. I feel quite indifferent as I wander in to give my husband a goodnight kiss. He kisses me tenderly and then thumps me hard several times where his cock usually goes… I feel like I want to wet myself its so good. I’m all his – and he know it…

Then the bastard says he has work to do!



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Fucking my brains out!

My dad is staying for four days. He usually takes the kids out. My littlest has become a little bit clingy of late and “just wants to stay with mummy.”

She can sometimes be abit of a handful when the other two are around, but when its just her she’s an angel and its nice for us both to have some one to one. But there is a little bit of me that hopes that she will go out so that I can get my brains fucked out!

Anyway, she decides after lunch that she is going out…

After seeing them all off I see my husband’s 2nd (or 3rd) helping of food on the table. “Don’t eat too much!” I say. “Am I some sort of stud horse? he says covering his plate over for later. “Something like that.” I reply.

Upstairs he whips off his belt. Mmmmm. Then he hits me all over – delicious…Probably not quite hard enough and then it is – “Ouch!”

He’s naked now – very male, very hairy, huge cock…mmm.  I go down on him and gag myself a few times (what a weird sound it makes.)

He pulls off my very tight jeans (as quickly as is physically possible!) Then my thong is ripped off me too.

We talk about maths, so his erection can go down a little in order to put the condom on. I keep top clothes on in case anyone returns early etc…

I don’t need any lube I’m so wet.

He puts my feet right up to my head and thrusts into me really deep. He slaps my thighs. I see his ass going up and down and it thrills me to think that he’s moving up and down into me.

I can hardly speak – but just before I orgasm, I say to him “Look at me!” I want him to watch my contorted face completely helpless with pleasure.

I  say to him “No means no!” He laughs and I say “I want to go on top.” He laughs again and he makes me come. He then starts playing around with my anus and because there is so much pleasure in so many places it kind of confuses me – I’m on the brink for ages and I don’t come and then I do and “Oh boy!”

We change positions and he slips out. He needs abit of extra help then, so I lick his balls. I lie on my side and he enters from behind. I compliment him on his large cock and hard balls. I think about talking to him about what I could wear for him – which he likes sometimes – but I don’t. He’s asking me if I’m ok? (Of course I’m ok – I’m being fucked!) Then he says “Its taking me a long time today…” No its not – its only been half an hour.” I reply.

Now I get some lube and smear it around his ass – pushing my fingers in, out and around. With my other hand I pinch and fondle his balls and scratch his perinium. His thrusting gets stronger, less controlled and more urgent and he shoots his load.

I get butterflies when he comes…

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Unsatisfactory, guilty sex…

Was in two minds about posting this as feel really awful about it – but as this is a true and honest blog…

We can’t have sex for four days as my dad has come to stay. – to make space, I sleep in with the girls and my son goes in his dads room.

So no sex. No sex for four days!

I know there are other rooms in the house, but we also have a student staying – so nowhere is private…

It was in the afternoon, I put on a long skirt and took off my knickers. I felt like such a slut (and it felt good!) as I knew what I was going to do – felt myself getting wet with anticipation.

I fed and watered the children and sat all three in front of an exciting film.

I then went upstairs and my husband and I had a ‘quickie’. I won’t go in to too much detail – just that I had two comings and my husband came after 20 minutes (more about why a ‘quickie’ should last so long in a future post)

Anyway it was actually really awful – totally unsatisfying. We couldn’t relax, couldn’t make any noise, were listening out for sounds of the children and ready to stop in the next instance if we should hear little footsteps or be needed…

My husband said he felt really guilty afterwards and I do to – especially coming down and seeing their sweet innocent faces entranced by the film.

Maybe I’m making too much of this – but one of the things that i feel most proud of myself doing – is being a good mother. Don’t feel this was good parenting.

Feeling frustrated is better than this. Never, never again…



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The poor cock!

Last night I had two orgasms. We were interrupted and then I fell asleep before he could come….

Apparently he didn’t wank and I believe him because everytime he sees me (and the kids arn’t aware!) he fondles, slaps, and/or gropes (clothing) my breasts, nipples , ass and/or cunt. One of his favourites (and mine aswell!) is to hold both of my hands with one of his – so even if I struggle, he can still do what he wants. Of course, I don’t struggle too much – or I’d probably easily be able to get away and he wouldn’t be able to do the things he wants to do – which of course would be no fun for either of us.

Oh, yes, not sure how I could nearly forget this, but when I was dozing on the bed (my ass sticking up a little provocatively) I was awoken by a huge erect cock being thrust into my mouth. I took it in really deep. A taste of things to come…(ha ha excuse the pun)

There is serious sexual tension in this house, but the kids are in or playing in the garden – so we can’t do anything until tonight…

I feel almost claustrophobic when I’m turned on and can’t fuck – a feeling of unbearable no escape.

Anyway, we finally hit the sheets at about midnight. I am definitely up for sex  but also exhausted. Have been waking at 6.01am every morning this week to provide breakfast, packed lunch and drive a foreign student who is staying with us for 2 weeks.

My husband mauls me in various delicious places and then turns around as if he is going to go to sleep (he occasionally teases me this way) – But he could also be very tired –  on the other hand he has a massive erection and very hard balls. Tiredness or not, we are definitely going to get it on!

The next thing I know its 6.01am. “Did anything happen last night?” I ask confused and groggy. “No, you fell asleep.” “Really?” I say. “Yes, it seems the peacock struts his stuff and the  peahen  falls asleep before anything can happen!”

The poor cock…


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I fall asleep after two orgasms and leave him to his own devices…

Eventually we get it on after five days! It is just delicious (yes, I know I overuse this word but…) I came twice without even having to try.

Don’t you just love it when that happens? Maybe guys have this most of the time… but sometimes I have to try a little to orgasm – it only takes me a few minutes – but when you don’t even have to make any effort and it just engulfs you with its pleasure and you can’t even stop it if you wanted to ….

Then my middle child cries out “Mummy!”   “I’m just coming.” I say (or rather I just have!)  My daughter has now got the lurgy that I have just recovered from. I get some more clothes on – settle her down and get into bed with her and say to my husband – “You’ll have to use ‘the cloth’ – by yourself!” I then fall into a deep and satisfied sleep.

I do of course wake a few times during the night to look after my daughter and my husband is having a good rest in the other room. I do wonder if he wanked himself to sleep or not…

I shall find out in the morning…

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Definitely well enough to fuck…

Was too ill to have sex! Although just before I drifted off, he asked if I had everything ready (contraception etc) I think he was joking…

Feel much better today – I’m not sure how much better until just before going out, (the kids were playing outside waiting) he pushed me face forwards against the door and said “Present yourself!” I stuck my ass out towards him and he slapped it hard three times. I couldn’t move for a few seconds – the feeling of being turned on is so delicious, such a rush – don’t feel like I can even walk….

Definitely well enough to fuck…

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