His Birthday…

It’s his birthday today – so am hoping he wants me to do lots of things for him. Am rather horny with anticipation…


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She looked just so fuckable!

She looked just so fuckable!

I’d seen a women wearing a white top with a little frivolous frill around the neck line and I thought that is what I need! She looked just so fuckable!

Well yesterday afternoon, I was wearing a white vest with this frivolous frill (I’d found it in a sale so cheaply!)  which kind of accentuated the little cleavage I have. I wore this with a small tight black cardigan.

He’d been ill so we’d had a bit of a break – which felt like ages – although actually when we thought about it – was only one night.

Somethings in the air at the moment and it’s making me damn horny! Was hoping that he would be well enough to give me some sweet loving…

Several times I put myself in ‘interesting positions’ so he would have to notice me. A little lean forward facing him… And a little lean forward so he could see my ass. He seemed to be getting better and better and he really liked the top.

I wasn’t being particularly subtle with attracting his attention though – one time he came in and my legs were spread wide on the bed. Didn’t have quite the desired effect – he just burst out laughing! But then he played with me for a bit – which more than made up for being laughed at.

Anyway we did get it on. It felt soooo hot and sweet. I only had three orgasms though – didn’t want to tire him out too much…

This morning I’m getting hornier still – perhaps I’m ovulating…

About a couple of minutes after every time he’s turned me on today, I got these little aches – a little like bad period pains – which I know is my pussy crying out for more orgasms. Anyone else get this? Would be very interested to hear if you do…

`I know we’re going to get it on tonight. Well I hope so! I’m wet with anticipation ; )

Will keep you posted…


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For all the rest of you!

For all the rest of you!

One of my favorite positions to attract attention


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See the Andrex (toilet paper!) in left of picture. Doesn’t give the right connotations…


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Front demure view!

Front demure view!


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For Theo and HH!

For Theo and HH!

My ass (as usual!) ; )


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Crime and (my) Punishment…

Crime and (my) Punishment…

I put on my teeny tiny skin tight black shorts to go to the shops with my man.

(A little background might be needed here: the above mentioned item is probably the most talked about piece of clothing when fucking each other!)

He clocks my ass with appreciation as I walk past, but then immediately raises his eyebrows and then furrows them slightly.

“You are not going out with those on!” (Ooh just like a strict daddy!)

“Yes I am!” I say determinedly. It’s hot for once in this rainy climate and I know I look ok.

“Those are for bedroom use only!” he says sternly. (Ooh again!) I bat my eyelashes and nearly know I’m going to get my own way…

“Just this once! I won’t do it again!”

He mutters something about Lara Croft as I skip gaily down the stairs.

Well I don’t have Lara’s breasts – but I was wearing a push up bra and I’ve been very physically active lately – so feeling toned and strong and of course my ass – is it’s usual voluptuous self – so maybe I could be an action girl for the next half hour or so…

Anyway, that night – I’m not really expecting anything to happen as we fucked the two previous nights and needed to catch up on sleep… In fact I’d even begun to drift off.

But then I feel a firm hand playing with my ass cheeks and a whisper in my ear:

“Where’s the condom?” My immediate answer is to get said condom. His urgency in fucking quickly makes me eager for his big hard cock, which I can just about make out in the darkness.

I widen my legs and hold my wet lips open to let him in. He feels just too sweet inside of me. His fist presses against my ribs and then the idea of punishment makes my pussy flush with heat.

“Are you punishing me for wearing those shorts outside?”

“Yes I am!” he whispers as he pounds hard into me. I feel so deliciously naughty and take my dues like the very bad girl that I am.

He squeezes my throat, he warns me with the flat of his hand on my cheek – but he doesn’t slap my face – he doesn’t need to – his hard cock, his body pressing down on mine and some fingers pinching my nipple gently and sometimes not so gently – tell me who’s in control.

It all too soon sends me over the edge… and again… and again…and again…


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Dirty ass licking whore…

He says my tongue is one of my fortes!

He says my tongue is one of my fortes!

It was very late – of course it was!

He wasn’t feeling too well – and I felt tired. He knew I’d wanted it very badly the night before and hadn’t got any – but I didn’t want to put any pressure on him…

I thought my best ploy would be to play coy and ‘pretend’ kind of that I was going to sleep.

“Are you going to sleep?’ he said, ramming his fist into my pussy and then grabbing my ass until it hurt some…

“Mmm – maybe,” I manage to say – in between gasps.

“Condom! Where is it?!” I dive for my little box next to the bed. Realising too late that I don’t look demure anymore – just rather desperate…

Anyway, we’re fucking and he just feels absolutely so hard – a little too big – achy – but this turns me on of course…

“Whore,” I say. “I’ve always loved that word ever since I was little.” This is true – but I’m being a bit contrived and not asking him outright to use the ‘term’, but hoping that he knows what I want without me having to spell it out… I can be a little shy you see – even when fucking!

It feels like I’m close to cumming, without much effort – but it has been a couple of days I guess. My mind keeps flitting to the time before when he opened my pussy lips as if he were checking them before inserting his cock. In my mind he’s doing it again and I cum hard. No 2 cums very shortly after.

I tell him he needs to save his energy and ask him to pretty please withdraw. I get his wank cloth from under the pillow and begin to suck his nipple and play with his balls, whilst he works on his lovely cock.

He pushes my head gently down to his balls.

“Lick!” I’m very obedient.

He pushes me further down. I continue licking and then I’m pushed to his ass.

‘Are you licking my dirty sweat?”

“Yes, I am.”

“You know I haven’t washed for a couple of days…?”

“Yes I do,” I stifle a giggle. Luckily I don’t mind his taste at all and his smell turns me on…

“Your a dirty ass licking whore! What are you?”

“I’m a dirty a..”

“Sorry!  I’m YOUR dirty ass licking whore!”

“That’s better. Good Girl!”

“Thank you Sir!” I stop for a moment to get a piece of hair out of my mouth.

“Come on! You’re not doing very well are you! Make me cum!” My tongue is getting tired, but I’m circling around his ass hole, sticking it in and out for all I’m worth. Scratching his balls and then rubbing his nipples.

“In! As far as you can!” I’m sticking my tongue up quite far –  in little pumping movements and I’m so into it – that I don’t even realise that he’s cum. He’s stopped moving and he’s laughing now – which he is apt to do on or after orgasm

“Such enthusiasm! Thank you!” I crawl back up to his chest and he looks at me with almost wonder in his eyes.

I smile broadly back feeling completely ravished (even though it’s maybe me that has been doing the ravishing!) Sweat and spit smeared all over my hair and face.

I smell of sex.

I am indeed his whore…


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Behaving like a stroppy teenager…

Behaving like a stroppy teenager…

Lying in the dark last night, he said I was behaving like a stroppy teenager. I kind of didn’t know what he was talking about and then realised my lips were so pouted, I could be mistaken for Donald Duck.

Anyway, I felt justified in my moodiness but was kind of hoping that he would take me in hand with some sort of punishment – but that was not to be…  I snapped out of it and cuddled up – trying to ignore the fact that I so wanted to be fucked – but he was not having any of it.

Tonight I went down to where he was sitting (sniffling from a flu) on the sofa.

“Please Sir, do you think if I did a little dance for you… you might do things to me? ”

I was half joking – but about to go on about maybe begging on my knees for a piece of his cock. But he showed me some clips of music from the 80’s and my bid for a fuck kind of peetered out. He isn’t 100%, so I don’t want to push it…

Later putting out some laundry, he starts pushing into my cunt with his fist – which is one of the things that gives me the most pleasure. He grabs my nipple and squeezes hard – my knees start to give way. He grabs my ass and deftly pushes me over onto the sofa and begins to rub himself against me.

Ooh, I think I might be in here – fingers and toes all crossed!


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The knickers that caused the offence…

The knickers that caused the offence...

I was going to end this blog, because I haven’t had time to write for it and possibly more importantly (for me) not had time to read other blogs.
Well I haven’t ended it yet as I’m hoping that at some point I will have more time – which of course – may be wishful thinking…

Anyway, I had a comment this morning from David DM – (formally known Racerx) which stated that if I didn’t post something out soon, he would spank me. Of course I very dutifully agreed to take my punishment if I didn’t manage to post out today. So although I would actually like to be a naughty girl and get my just desserts – my husband might not like another man’s hand on my wanting ass… mmmmm – something to think about though ; )

Anyway the knickers pictured…
Due to a yeast infection (hell on earth!!!) and then the first few days of time of the month, we hadn’t fucked for about a week. Which for the last couple of years is a very long time for us. We were both gagging for it…
It was the third day of menstruating for me – so I thought I’d leave my knickers on until the last possible moment. My man had his condom on and was all ready for entry when he realized my pants were still on. He wasn’t happy! He squeezed one of my nipples hard, whilst tearing off the offending article. My legs were then roughly opened and he gently squeezed my neck and then much harder. This was all rather sudden and I was – to say the least a little shocked as I wasn’t expecting it at all – although of course wet with excitement.

“Are you frightened?’ he whispered in my ear.
‘Yes I am.’ I answered truthfully.
Then his cock was in me and it felt delicious.

The next day my little masochistic self kept thinking of how roughly he’d handled me and it made me very excited every time. In fact it was like falling in love all over.

I must sound like such a loon – or maybe he’s just been too nice to me recently…


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This is LOVE!!!

Apparently he says this is my song – and normally it is…
But for the last 3 days I haven’t felt horny which is the first time (even when ill!) in the last three years. It’s a strange feeling and I recognise it from all those years ago. But I haven’t done anything different…. So we shall see – but I don’t like it, I really don’t!

Anyway I would like this song to be mine again – but for now I dedicate it to all of you deliciously pervy readers. It really is a very funky fucking piece of music!


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Come see what you look like!

I was folding up some laundry. He walked past and then stopped suddenly. He looked at me intently.

“You just look so beautiful! Sorry, I don’t mean to sound so surprised!”

“Come over here and see what you look like!”
He took me to the laptop and this is what he played…

Apparently the actress – Dorothy Malone was so nervous, they had to do several takes of her pouring out the drinks because her hands were shaking so much. In the end Bogey does the pouring. She actually looks quite assured to me.

He showed me another clip after ‘a different one of me’ apparently.

It was a girl – maybe late teens – also coming on to Bogey.

Should I be flattered that he sees me in black and white? Probably not – but very flattered that he sees me in other women – especially when they are soooo pretty ; )

ps I really am not always coming on to him.
At least not when I’m asleep anyway…


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Orgasm exclamations!

Orgasm exclamations!

What do you say when you orgasm? I’m very interested to know – in a pervy sort of way…

When we fuck I have 3 or 4 climaxes – but usually I only utter words on the first one…

If the kids are out I will moan really loudly and use the opportunity to call my husband ‘daddy’ – (without the repercussions of traumatising said offspring)

When the children are asleep – I do sometimes call out ‘daddy’ – but it’s strangled and in my throat – designed not to be recognised as a word…

For the past year or so – my orgasm exclamations have been swear words such as ‘Fucking Jeeeesus Chriiiiiist Almighty’ Then more recently I have proceeded to swear at my husband : ‘You fucking bastard, asshole bastard!’ Why, I’m not exactly sure – something to do with the fact that I am completely at his mercy and he is an asshole for making me feel such an utterly willing whore…

It’s a good feeling.

Recently I have been saying his name over and over… Sounds really bland – but there is something so intensely erotic about someones name – yes also maybe a little cheesy too – but I’ve found it to be incredibly intimate to the point where it has felt almost taboo to say his name.

The very last time we fucked was very sweet in terms of words (so sweet in fact – it’s almost embarrassing) I said something I’ve never said before…

By the way – he has just walked past completely naked and danced – waving his cock around in circles for me – I think I may be lucky tonight ; )

… anyway – as I was saying (!) I looked into his eyes – which is actually quite difficult when you are in the throes of orgasm – and said ‘My love, my love, my love…’ No idea where that came from! Never seen a film with anyone saying that! But anyway that’s what came out and it felt just right for that moment…

I hear the shower turning off upstairs – I’d better get to bed and see what words come out to night…

If it’s something unusual or really silly – I’ll let you know…

Hope Christmas (for those who celebrate it!) isn’t too stressful for you lovely readers and some of it is enjoyable…


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He said he had a headache…

Freezing my ass off!

Freezing my ass off!

I can’t quite believe he refused me last night!

Well ok it was ‘a little’ after midnight and he said he had a headache…

But!! We hadn’t had sex the night before! And!! I was just about to menstruate (which means 3 days/nights of no fucking)

Put it this way, I was definitely looking forward to some hard cock and was pretty damn sure I’d get some…

AND I even put on a skimpy top, some stockings and not much else for the occasion (even though I was freezing my ass off!)

I pushed my ass in towards him and wriggled around a bit. He moves his hands over my breasts and pussy and does a few hard pushes into my arsehole which sends me momentarily to heaven. But then he trails off.

I turn to face him, trying to get to his very sensitive nipples and/or his cock.  But he doesn’t let me and it gets to the point where albeit laughs, he is wrestling me off.

I see the losing battle, so I gracefully give up and relax. But then he starts coming on to me!

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“Self preservation,” he replies.

“It’s ok,” I say.

Although of course I am disappointed – I mean it – I’m not rebuffed very often – in fact I don’t usually have to try to get him to fuck me (very often!) and luckily my self esteem is big enough to take it.

He relaxes as well…

I fidget around a bit trying to get comfortable – eventually snuggling my ass in to him – wondering how I will get to sleep. I press my pussy a little for pleasure and for comfort.

“You’re just like a kitten,” he whispers in my ear.

Next thing I know, I’m waking up 3 hours later menstruating big time…

In the morning he is very touchy feely and tells me how much he loves me… As if he’s concerned that I might have taken a knock. But I’m fine – yes of course sex would have been ‘nice’ but I’m ok.

But I do appreciate his sweetness in making sure I don’t feel too bad…


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Forgive me if I gush a little…

I may gush some…

Well I hope you’ll forgive me if I gush a little…

Being the innocent girl that I am, I didn’t know about the 100 best sex blogger of the year list which Rori from Between My Sheets meticulously creates – until I was put on it. I feel truly honoured as quite a few of my fellow sex bloggers who I hold in high esteem are also there.

Here comes the big gush: Rori has named my ‘Please hit me again Sir… as the post which made her cum the hardest. That has made me feel sooooo good and without gushing too much – I can’t quite believe it!!!

My friend Dawn, somehow slipped through the net and didn’t make it. Now I know about this list, I will be nominating her next year.

Reed didn’t make it either (not that he’d care!), but one of the criteria is that you have to have been blogging for a year and he’s just moved from Blogspot over to us at our dear and wonderful WordPress…

Thank you to those who nominated me you horny devils you!

Oh and through this award I’ve succeeded in one of my little personal goals… {cue hollow laughter in dark and scary looking gothic castle}

A ‘friend’ told me – just before I started Sexuallifeofawife – in a slightly boastful manner that she got about 700 hits a week on her dear and wonderful WordPress site. My crazy ego self decided at that very moment that at some point I would get the same as her (that took a few months) and then maybe, just maybe I would get that per day – every now and again…

Well ‘friend’ yesterday was the day and today I’m nearly there aswell…

Oh god, you’re all going to think I’m a psycho (took me 5 attempts to spell that word!) Better change the subject very quickly.

For your enjoyment here is the 100 best sex blogger list of 2012:

Between My Sheets
1. Molly from Molly’s Daily Kiss @mollysdailykiss
2. EA from Easily Aroused @EasilyAroused
3. Hyacinth Jones from A Dissolute Life Means…
4. Cheeky Minx from Love Hate Sex Cake @LoveHateSexCake
5. Amy from Anal Amy @AnalAmy
6. My Trousers Rolled from My Trousers Rolled @rolledtrousers
7. Sexual Life of a Wife from Sexual Life of a Wife
8. Dark Gracie from Gracie’s Playground @darkgracie
9. diirrty from d i i r r t y
10. nilla from Vanillamom’s Blog @swirlednilla
11. Suggestive Tongue from Suggestive Tongue @Suggestive
12. Sunny Megatron from Sunny Megatron @SunnyMegatron
13. Aisha from Being Aisha
14. Dev from Delving to Deviance
15. Amie Wee from Crevice Canyon @crevicecanyon
16. Remittance Girl from Remittance Girl @remittancegirl
17. Lady Dragonfly from Lady Dragonfly @miladydragonfly
18. paltego from Femdom Resource
19. Bella Blush from Clean, Moral, Polite
20. Girl on the Net from Girl on the Net @girlonthenet
21. Clarisse Thorn from Clarisse Thorn @clarissethorn
22. Kyle Mew from Kyle Mew @kylemmew
23. Violet+Rye from Uncommon Appetites @UCAppetites
24. Mina and Sylvanus from At Longing’s End @mydesire and @sylvanus
25. Athol Kay from Married Man Sex Life
26. Heather and Nikki from Vagina Antics @Heather_Cole1 and @Nikki_Blue1
27. Ferns from Domme Chronicles @Ferns__
28. Conina from Exploring Surrender
29. Kaya from Under His Hand
30. Joan Price from Better Than I Ever Expected @joanprice
31. Dumb Domme from Dumb Domme @DumbDomme
32. Sadie from That’s What Sadie Said
33. Nikki from Nikki True @Thenikkitrue
34. Lucas Brooks from Top To Bottom @Top2Bottom
35. HH and Lo from My Sex Life with Lola
36. Harper Elliot from (It Girl. Rag Doll) @HarperEliot
37. Charlie Glickman from Charlie Glickman @charlieglickman
38. Lady Cheeky from Smut for Smarties @Lady_Cheeky
39. TemptingSweets999 from Tempting Sweets: Story Heat
40. Monocle, Redbud, and Ximena from The Erotic Writer @_Monocle_ and @_Ximena_Writes_
41. Happy BDSM from Happy BDSM
42. Charlie Nox from Charlie Nox @charlienox
43. Theo Black from Theo Black
44. Chrystal Bougon from Better Sex from Bliss @blissconnection
45. Rockin from Light Switch @RockinwithaCock
46. Dr. Marty Klein from Sexual Intelligence @drmartyklein
47. Miranda an Aaron from The Swinger’s Attic
48. Karen from Kissing Blue Karen @kissinbluekaren
49. Axe from Unspeakable Axe @unspeakableaxe
50. Peroxide from Submissive in Seattle @Peroxide__
51. Rachel Rabbit White from Rachel Rabbit White @rabbitwhite
52. Jill McDevitt from A Day in the Life of a Sexologist
53. LS&M from Love, Sex & Marriage
54. Hubman from Hubman’s Hangout @hubman38
55. Coyote’s Kitten from Kitten’s Paw Prints in Slavery @coyoteskitten
56. Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross from Dodson and Ross @dodsonandross
57. Daisy Danger from The True Life Sex Adventures of Daisy Danger @daisydanger
58. Oatmeal Girl from Submission & Metaphor @oatmeal_girl
59. Fatal from You Linger Like a Haunting Refrain
60. Ruby Ryer from Pegging Paradise @Ruby_Ryder
61. Kyle Jones from Butchtastic
62. Anakin and padme from Journey to the Darkside @AnakinDarth and @padmeamidala
63. Lady Pandorah from Lady Panorah’s Sanctuary @ladypandorah
64. Marie Rebelle from Rebel’s Notes @rebelsnotes
65 Thumper from Denying Thumber @thumperMN
66. Jade from Pieces of Jade @piecesofjade
67. Jason Stotts from Erosophia @jstotts
68. BD Swain from Leaning How To Tell You @redswain
69. Bre from Owned, Collared, Loved
70. Dangerous Lilly from This Could Be Dangerous @dangerouslilly
71. Modesty Ablaze from Modesty Ablaze @ablazingmodesty
72. Suzanne from All Mine
73. Kitty from My Secret Life
74. Domina Victoria Rage from Domina Victoria Rage @VictoriaRage
75. Sin from Finding My Submission
76. Maggie Mayhem from Miss Maggie Mahem @msmaggiemayhem
77. Artemisia Absinthium from Absinth Cocktail @ArtiAbsinthium
78. N. Likes from My Dissolute Life @nlikes
79. TheOthers1 from Undue Creativity
80. Roxy from Uncommon Curiosity @sroxy
81. Mollena from The Perverted Negress @Mollena
82. Jerome from Let’s Talk About Sex
83. Liza from Always Each Other @lizawrites
84. Figleaf from Real Adult Sex @talkingfigleaf
85. Red Vinyl Kitty from The Sub Mission @The_Sub_Mission
86. Omega and Mouse from The Power Exchange @talesofmouse
87. Innocent Loverboy from Innocent Loverboy @innocentlb
88. Shelby Cross from Shelby Cross, Writer
89. Blacksilk from Being Blacksilk @BlacksilkBlog
90. Kaleigh Trace from Fucking Facts @TheFuckingFacts
91. Romantic Dominant from A Faded Romantic’s Notebook
92. BiLikesSciFi from A Tale of Bi and Bi @bi_and_bi
93. Curvaceous Dee from Curvaceous Dee @curvaceousdee
94. Evoe Thorne from My Whole Sex Life @WholeSexLife
95. Ponyboy from Marriage in the Bedroom @Ponyboy0000
96. Jack and Jill from Frisky in the 916 @jackandjillcpl and @jillandjackcpl
97. The Gentle Nibbles Writing Team from Gentle Nibbles @gentlenibbles
98. Kitty from The Submissive Wife
99. Kat from She Makes the Rules

100. YOU! As always, I want to leave a place on this list for ALL the awesome sex bloggers out there! So please leave a comment on Between My Sheets with your name/URL to tell us about your sexy blog!


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Priorities. Everyone has them. Sex is one of mine…

The fuck socks I wore…

I wrote in great detail about the fuck I ‘mentioned’ was about to happen in the last post…

I don’t know where the notebook is that I scribbled all the steamy details in… (EEK!)

Anyway – it was a while ago now. We’ve fucked quite a few times in between.

But it was a fuck I remember the feeling of. Not every detail anymore – that is lost with my notebook…

But it was especially sweet as neither of us had orgasmed for 5 very long days and nights. (Time of the month and then a few days at in laws with children sleeping in our room)

I remember everything being juicy and lustful and easy cummings spilling out of me. And yet I fucking loved this guy who was pounding into me and I felt so God damn grateful that we could actually have some space to get in on…

I just love sex! Isn’t it just so delicious?

The way I feel now, I can’t believe we would sometimes go for months without any.

How is that possible?

I mean Jesus – his cock is as thick as my wrist!

Anyway, I think we are making up for lost time (and there is quite a lot of it to make up for!!!)

Priorities. Everyone has them. Sex is one of mine – even if it means getting to sleep at 2am a lot.

I think I’m used to sleep deprivation and we don’t do it every single night of the week – so every once in a while, I do get more than 5 hours of sleep ; )


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I’m just about to get fucked!

Fucking nighty!

I haven’t been around for a while. In fact it seems like I haven’t sat down and had a cup of tea for the last 12 years – since my first child was born and now the pace has upped!

So I’m sorry if any of you have missed me ; )

I’m just about to get fucked!

I’ve had a shower and put on my thigh high socks. Im also wearing a very tight short denim skirt with a frilly thong underneath. On top I’m wearing my baby doll nighty – as in the above picture – it is bedtime afterall…

I hope I get a few spanks and I hope to have a few minutes to let you know how it went…

Lots of Love



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Cum covered cock…

What I wore to entice him… (Those splashes are from toothpaste not cum ; ))


We’d joked that ‘you’re only as good as your last fuck!’

…and after the last session I’d gushed that ‘it was one of the most amazing fucks of my life.’

It wasn’t really kinky or anything – just extremely pleasurable both physically and psychologically. He just felt a little bit too big for me and I kept orgasming for ‘Daddy.’

Anyway – enough said of that one. This next time it was also good. Not the best ever – but still delicious.

I had two orgasms which seemed to feel enough and then we just lay still for a time – him on top of me… I had this amazing sense of the merging of our souls… It felt expansively beautiful, but at the same time incredibly sad… because we could never actually become one…

Then he got up and said we had lots of stuff to be getting on with.

“But don’t you want to cum?” I asked.

“We’ve got lots to do!”

“Oh please cum now…” I pretty much begged.

“We can carry on later!”

“I’ll push all the right buttons – it won’t take long!”

Five minutes later, he’s rubbing his cock, kneeling over me with his balls in my face. My tongue is busy licking them and diving into his arsehole every now and again – trying to get as high up as I can….

Then he spurts his load all over my breasts and tummy and shoulders and bedclothes.

He laughs at my surprised moan when I feel the hot liquid on my skin… He moves back and sticks his cum covered cock into my now tiring mouth…

Of course I lick it all clean like the very good girl that I am…


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Mind Fucking me…

I haven’t written poetry for a while. I used to write a lot of it when I was depressed many many years ago. I wrote this last night on the spur of the moment – so please be kind ; )

(Actually I can take criticism – my husband is a writer and very honest with anything I dare to show him – so feel free to pull the following to pieces if you want to… ; ))

Mind fucking me

in the middle of a breath

you take

me softly

with a slap

I fall

bending like willow

for your pleasure

willingly receiving

what you have

to give me




I whisper

you whisper




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The trouble with multiple orgasms (!)


Last night I acted like a completely spoilt bitch…

I had three orgasms and was on the very tippy tip verge of getting a forth when he stopped his grinding… He’d heard the youngest coughing…

…and then we weren’t sure if she was awake or not. Anyway, I felt pissed off that he’d stopped at that very precise moment – even though I’d already had three. Should I have been satisfied with that?

I kind of pushed him off. I haven’t mentioned it yet, but there was another reason lurking in my dizzy brain that was niggling me somewhat as well. I was convinced that he’d wanked during the day…

Now I’ve got nothing against masturbating and I’m even grateful to it for all those years where it was satisfying enough for my husband that he didn’t feel the urge to stray (when I was too tired and too busy with babies to even think about having sex)

Anyway, I had the distinct feeling that he wasn’t as in to it as usual – although yes, he did have a wee bit of indigestion… Also I know his balls – and how hard he normally is etc…

So at the same time as not getting my forths, I felt annoyed at him for ‘doing it’ without me – especially when I’m so freely available these day etc… Yes, yes I know it’s not like that and it isn’t personal etc

So I know my feelings were all out of proportion. Even the next morning I felt a bit annoyed still – which isn’t normally like me – but it was quickly quashed by his sweet words concerned at my frustration the night before – which made me feel even more bratty… and he hadn’t cum, which is pretty unforgivable on my part – but I guess he could have wanked if he was desperate… (tee hee)


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One hell of a horny morning…

Shit, it’s been one hell of a horny morning…

I’ve been trying to clean up really thoroughly – dusting, sweeping, mopping – you name it – I’ve done it!

But I have been made to suck his cock three times, made to kneel and watch him pee and lick him dry after…

Had my jeans pulled down twice in front of an open window with people walking by and been spanked (back and front)

Have had to ‘Assume the position’ and “present myself’ many times for more spankings/fingerings/knucklings…

Needless to say I am dripping wet and dying for it.

Apparently he can’t wait for tonight… Don’t think I can either!

Mystery blogger photo…

The above photo was going to be my secret photo for the ‘guess the blogger’ which Gillian Colbert was running -just before she had to very swiftly depart…

Your presence is missed by many Gillian! Hope you’re doing ok…


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Please hit me again Sir…

My slutty ass…

I’ve often read about those poor dears who are punished for not addressing their dom/master etc in the correct fashion. My giddy submissive self has always been somewhat envious of those crimes and punishments – but my husband has never been one to bear titles – that is until this morning…

I think I died and went to heaven…

The children were all out for the day – I asked him what his plans were – trying to sort out a timetable for working on the computer….

“First we’re gonna fuck!”

“Oh really?” I say, actually genuinely surprised.

“Yes really!” he replies, but then he wanders off.

I go upstairs and put on a see through lacy bra and some matching (but not meant to be matching) lacy boy shorts. Some dark black hold up stockings and an ‘in your face’ bright red low cut mini dress. I lie down on our bed.

“I’m wearing some fucking clothes!” I shout down the stairs.

“Oh yeh…” I hear and the laptop shutting and then he’s right there in front of me…

“Get up then! Show me your stuff!” I sit up and then walk round towards him –  for some reason feeling a bit shy…

He pushes me face down onto the bed.

“Assume the position!” I lie sprawled forwards with my ass in the air expectantly – But there’s not even a slap – he starts to undo my bra,

“But their matching and you haven’t even seen them yet!”

“You don’t need it!” he replies matter of factly and ‘helps’ me to take it off.

“Assume the position!” I of course assume… He gives me a few hard delicious slaps to my ass.

“Look – you’re making my cock hard.” I look and sure enough it looks ready for action. I put out my hand to feel it.

“No touching!” is the stern rebuke. He then slaps me hard on the inside top of my thighs a few times (which always makes me feel like a naughty little girl being punished.)

“What do you say?” he asks.

“Ummm… Thank you?” I flounder for a moment…

“Thank you…?” he says guiding me towards something we both want and for a moment I can’t even think straight…

“Thank you SIR!” I answer.

“And?” he’s looking at me scarily sternly and what he wants I don’t know….What do I want? Of course…

“Please hit me again sir!” I answer with relief. He smiles at me.

“That’s better!” A couple of very hard spanks follow…

“Up against the wall!” I move to the wall, automatically putting my hands above my head and stick my ass out towards him. After a few stingers to my eager behind, he starts to rub one of his knuckles up into my pussy. The knuckle then moves its way to my asshole. I’m moaning now with a little bit of pain and alot of pleasure.Then he stops,

“What do you say?”

“Thank you Sir.”

“Good girl. Turn around!!” I do what he asks and he moves my arms which have dropped to my side back above my head…

“Assume the position!” I’m not sure what he means – he’s never asked me to do this facing him before… I push my pelvis towards him.

“More!” he says. Good I’m on the right track. I stick my pussy towards him for all I’m worth.

SMACK! Woah! He’s never hit me this hard on my cunt before. SMACK! And again and again. My pussy feels like it’s burning – and no understatement here. It’s hot hot hot!

“What do you say?”

“ you Sir.” I manage to whisper.


“Please hit me again Sir…” Mmmmmaaaargh! His eyes are so deliciously stern and I have to keep thanking Sir and asking Sir for more… Then he stops for a moment, which at this point is somewhat of a relief…

“Have you got the condom?”

“No.” SMACK!

“No what?!” Another hard SMACK!


“Um…” I mumble as my legs begin to  buckle…

“What’s the matter?” he asks.

“I think I’m going to wet myself.”

“What do you say?!”

“Sir, ummm please hit me again… Sir!”

“Go get the condom!” I scramble over to the side of our bed and grab one and hand it over…

“Prepare to be fucked!” I move fast…

I lie sprawled on the bed – my knickers have gone – I’m not sure when… my pussy is burning like hell!

“Spread em!” I spread. I’m always amazed that his cock is so hard – I mean – he must be enjoying this as much as me!

After my first delicious cumming, I can’t resist from using those immortal lines form Oliver Twist:

“Please Sir, can I have some more?” He of course obliges and I have another couple. I suddenly have this urge to lick him all over. I begin with his ears, his lips, his nipples, his balls.

He’s out of me now, asking if I like him wiping his balls all over my face.

“Yes Sir!” I reply..

I’m lying on the bed with my stockings and my short read dress still on. He’s kneeling over my head facing my legs, stroking his cock with his hand. My tongue is working like crazy on his balls and ass. Every now and again my dress rides up to reveal my slutty ass and pussy. Every now and again he orders me (not without some disgust in his voice!) ‘to sort out my dress!’

There is something about this attempt at modesty when I am his complete and utter whore that turns him on…Sometimes I pull my dress down too much and my nipples poke out of the top half.

My tongue is working on his asshole and he cums hard, first on the front of my outfit and then lifting up the top of my dress, the warm cream shoots all over my breasts.

I lick any left over cum from his cock and then we look into each others eyes and share one very messy, wet and sloppy, dirty kiss…


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“Are you going to cum for your master?”

To submit or not to submit, that is the question…

When I reblogged a Kickstarter campain for Black Door Press recently (Go Gillian!) It did something crazy to the chronological order of my posts and it made me look at a few of my very early outpourings…

When I began this blog (very impulsively!) it was all about me having this renewed sex drive and using it as much as possible (with my husband).

Yes I have always had the tendency to want to be dominated during sexual play – but this kink seems to be spilling into daily life to such an extent that, if I’d known how much I would end up doing for him – I’m not sure I would have allowed us to get together – all those years ago…

That girl when we first met, was not prim and proper. Kind of sexually experienced – but with only a few people. Above all she believed in equality between the sexes – under all circumstances and had absolutely no idea about the pleasures of submission… Although saying that she did know that pain and the idea of being dominated turned her on – but only during sex!

There has been a journey of sorts…

Its been turning over and over in my mind what the next step is – if there is to be another step…

There are many blogs with different perspectives of sub/dom relaitionships – its been rather enlightening reading them. Most seem to work very well, but they are all each unique in their own way.

What we have at the moment works. We/I am happy…

I try to make his coffee every morning (which kind of turns me on – especially if I’m abit late with it and he’s coming down the stairs and sees me scuttling around trying to get it done). I apologize alot to him. (Something about saying sorry is so horny for me.) He is also so much sterner with me in everyday life. (which makes me soooo wet!) He pushes me around – which he never used to do. He fondles and feels me (and takes my breath away) many times during each day.

But if its just about sex…

The other night we were fucking and he said

“Are you going to cum for your master?” It was like electricity shooting through me and I could feel my whole body shaking with the effects of those words…

He has never used the word ‘master’ before. Of course I orgasmed and then he said it again… But it wasn’t actually the cumming which made me stand to attention (don’t get me wrong it was delicious!)

His little string of words seemed to touch something deep inside. I didn’t talk about it afterwards. He could have been joking… or talking dirty – I guess he knows many of my little turn ons…

There is definitely a new dynamic in our relationship. Maybe that is why we are closer than we have ever been.

We’ve talked half jokingly about me being his fuckable property. I guess I am. But how far will this go?

Strangely though, I have always been the more dominant one in the relationship. Its me who has always made the ‘big’ decisions (of course with his full cooperation.)

But there is something so deliciously enticing being a slave to all his wishes… actually being owned…

Its his birthday soon and I am toying with the idea of sending him a card with:

I give myself to you…

or some such writing in. Of course I will be his present for the day (maybe its his birthday everyday!) But part of me wants to go further…

I guess we need to talk! Something in me is holding back though. He’s the sort of person, who doesn’t like setting things in stone or giving things labels or names. Maybe we don’t need to talk and it will happen naturally…

I’m not sure what will happen or what is right to be honest.

We shall see… any thoughts much appreciated…

I am going to have to get my shit together again for the next few weeks – which means visiting your blogs alot less – I really will miss you (mostly pervy) people!!  But has do be done as it does take up time reading your juicy writings! My postings have been a little thin of late – so no change on this front ; )

But it won’t be forever – just the next few weeks!

Of course I will be replying to your comments! 


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“I’ve made your cock hard…”

Butt cheeks!

“Dry your hands!” I stop washing up, look at him to see if anything is wrong and then obediently, I pick up a nearby dishcloth.

“Spread your cheeks apart!” I’m not sure what he means at first (duh!), but then I lean against the sink, bring my hands to my ass and open it wide. I’m wearing a rather flouncy skirt with soft thin material.

“Good girl!” He shoves one of his finger knuckles into my asshole. I don’t know why I’m not expecting it – Actually I don’t know what I’m expecting – but it takes my breath away. He keeps rubbing into me for a while. At first it feels a bit strange, uncomfortable for a moment, but as I get used to the sensations it becomes very pleasurable. It takes alot of me to stop from crying out – but the kids are in the other room…Then he stops…

“Look what you’ve done!” He takes one of my hands and places it onto the very hard bulge in his trousers.

“You did this! Tell me what you’ve done!” I lean forwards and whisper in his ear

“I’ve made your cock hard…”

“Yes, you have. Now carry on with what you were doing!”

Oh God, the last thing I’m thinking about is washing up. My knees are weak, clit erect and pussy dripping! But somehow, I do what he says….

All I can think of now is what will happen later…


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After orgasm 3 my tears are pathetically welling up…

Not too many... just a few...

He said he had a headache… My heart sank…

In bed for sleep, he usually starts off with his back to me and I usually rub my breasts and pussy against him… He doesn’t seem to mind…and it usually gives him a hard on.

After about 30 seconds of rubbing he says

“Do I need to get a condom?” It could be my imagination – or more likely he is teasing me, but he sounds put upon and tired. But I need his cock, so I swallow my pride…

We fuck and its good, but I feel abit shitty at the same time. I think I’m using him for his cock, and although it feels huge and hard I’m worried about his head hurting and him not really wanting to be doing it…

After orgasm 3 my tears are pathetically welling up. He can’t see because we are in darkness. I’m feeling kind of monstrous – like a female spider.

I cum again and again, and again. Its good to be sexually satisfied – but sad isn’t so great.

“You’d better come out now – or I’ll be keeping you here all night” I say reluctantly. He takes out his still hard cock and I dig out the wank cloth.

“That was intense, but what’s the matter?” he asks as I lie on his chest while he arranges the cloth.

“Nothing, really. Well there is something, but can I tell you after?”

“Tell me now!”

“No, please let me tell you after… Its not big or awful, but it is something…” He self pleasures and I help out, licking, sucking, rubbing and scratching where he likes it…

After, I try to talk, but I can’t really find the words to express…

“Are you vulnerable and inarticulate?” He asks (in a Brooklyn accent.)

“Kind of… Its just that I feel like I’m using you and… I mean I know you were hard, but did you enjoy the fucking?” He pulls me closer.

“Of course I did! Don’t you know I was only playing earlier? Silly! I thought you knew that…” I’m getting my words together abit better now…

“I’ve always played hard to get in the past. Well, maybe not played – just not been needing to have sex so much, but now its different. I think I’m trying to ask if its alright with you that I am now always ready for ‘it’. I’m finding it abit overwhelming… Always wanting it… Always thinking abou…”

He kisses me on the forehead and pulls me even closer.

“Is that what you’re going on about? Any man, dead or alive would not find this a problem!”

“Really?” I feel so relieved. rather silly, and sweetly reassured…


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The good ole missionary position

The good ole missionary

Tonight I’m happy simply to go in the good ole missionary position – it is afterall the place where I orgasm easiest and most…

2am last night I was rubbing myself up against him. The tingles that go through my breasts are so deliciously zingy…  My pussy likes it very much aswell…

“Am I a piece of furniture?”

“Yes, you don’t mind do you?” He guides my hand to his now very large cock. I feel his balls… mmm, very hard – a good sign that I might be in with a chance of a fuck…

‘Now time to sleep!” he says.

“Couldn’t we just have a quicky?” I plead trying not to sound too desperate (with my short nighty and black over the knee ‘bed socks’ on.)

“No, sleep!” He says firmly. A ‘quicky’ for him is about 20 minutes at best, so the good girl in me lovingly sighs and puts her arm around her husband and falls asleep – leaving the bad girl swearing and stamping her feet for satisfaction!!!

We are soooo busy at the moment with late nights and soooo tired, but I soooo badly need to cum, oh at least 4 times…and I don’t need belts or slaps or anything – just a hard fat cock… Oh well ok, a few spankings might do me good…


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Maybe he isn’t hitting me hard enough…

Cat collar on of course!

I was squatting in front of him (wearing his new cat collar of course!) with my knees spread wide…

He was half propped up against the pillows directly in front of me. The broken belt strap was in his hand.

He started to hit me with it quite gently at first and then a little harder each time…

Pussy… inside thighs… outer thighs,…breasts…clit…

He kept saying how brave I was because I was hardly flinching and just staring him out with a smile on my lips…

It stung alot at its peak. Very nearly too hard for me to take  – but not hard enough to leave a mark. I have this crazy desire for him to leave some bright red welts or bruises – but my skin seems to be rather resilient – or maybe he isn’t hitting me hard enough… (and I know he’s going to read this… ; )


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Clit in training…

Constantly ready for it...

All through the Christmas holidays he would rub my clit, spank my ass, pinch my nipples and pound my pussy whenever he came into contact with me (when noone was looking!)

Possibly irrelevant for this post – but I want to mention it…Every one of the above touches made me release (what I thought) were little horny surprised gasps. They were never put on and had the added attraction of making me feel deliciously embarrassed as they sounded so pornographic in nature…

He’s not doing it so much now (shame!) Well actually he was doing it this lunchtime again – but I mean generally not so much…

Anyway, every time he comes close to me now, I anticipate one of his ‘touches’ and I get aroused – even if he doesn’t make any physical contact – which is delicious, but so unfair… I feel almost constantly wet, helpless and gagging for it. Its like my clit has been trained to jump to attention any time he is within my vicinity…


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Blow job, masturbation and a spanking…

Ready for my spanking!

MONDAY 1st January (early hours): Much foreplay and giggling followed by attempted fuck which kind of went squidgy. More giggling. No orgasms.

MONDAY/TUESDAY late hours 1st/ early morning of 2nd: Much foreplay followed by hard fuck with 3 orgasms for me followed by his cumming by self pleasure – with some help from me.

TUESDAY 2nd January: Particularly hot blow job for him with me swallowing followed by me masturbating with some help from him. Lost count of orgasms – probably around 6. I would have carried on – but I asked him to tell me to stop – otherwise I would have carried on all night!

TUESDAY DETAILS: I went to bed before him as usual – wearing a short cotton nighty, knee socks and French knickers. Oh, and a cat collar with a bell on it…

I was having a little ‘fiddle’ when I hear him come upstairs. I quickly remove my hand from pants and pretend to be asleep. As usual he pulls the covers off and mauls my ass.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I left a broken belt strap on top of the bed. He takes the strap and starts hitting me with it fairly gently…

He then goes off to the bathroom to brush teeth etc I pull the covers back up.

On his return he pulls the covers back off. Plays with me for a while with the belt and then gets into bed… He puts my hand onto his cock.

“What are you?” he asks.

“A fuck toy.” I reply

“What are you here for?”

“To give you pleasure”I answer.

“Get to it then!” I work my way down with slow kisses towards his balls and take them into my mouth and then work up to the base of his cock. I lick slowly up towards the tip and then I’m giving him head…

“Do you know what you’re doing?” he asks

“I’m trying to give you pleasure…’

“You either do it or you don’t!”

“Sorry, but I’m doing my best!”


“Sorry!”  I quickly use my hands to pay attention to his anus and balls. Something about apologizing to him gets me so turned on.

“Do you want me to stay down here?” I ask…

“Only come up to be punished.’ A minute or two later he calls me ‘up’ and hits me with the belt stingingly hard 3 times on each breast.

I go back down for more. I throat him as deep as I possibly can with 8 inches… Not quite to the base – but further I think than I have ever done before…

“Are you showing off?” he asks.

“No, just doing my very best to give you pleasure.” (Comes out abit muffled)

“Close your lips around!” He holds the back of my head and pushes me as far as I will go onto his cock. I can’t breathe of course and then he squeezes my nostrils together – so there is no chance of any breathe getting in. This act of downright cruelty gets me the wettest I’ve been for a very long time. Then he lets me come up for air…

‘Close your lips around the head! Do some work! Hands!” He’s swelling big now fucking my mouth. I feel deliciously violated and there is nothing I can do about it. He pushes my head onto his cock again and holds it there while he cums into the back of my throat. I can’t even swallow until he lets up as there is no room in my mouth to do so. Then I lick him clean – maybe a little longer than I need to…

I come up and lie on his chest.

“Who taught you to do that?”

“You of course.” I answer teasingly…

“Before you go to sleep could I make a request?”

“A request?”

“Yes, could you just hit me a few times on the bottom?”

“What for?”


“What for?”

“For thinking about sex all the time.”

“Mmmm yes I think I can do that.” I roll over onto my front and pull my knickers off my cheeks and he makes to hit me – but doesn’t and the anticipation is sweetly unbearable! Then it comes and he hits me hard with the belt many times… Nearly too hard to take – but not quite…

When he’s finished I rub my clit and open my legs very wide. I begin to squirt but I don’t care about anything getting wet. He’s running his hand up and down my thigh and sometimes hitting me in the pussy talking about discipline and a firm hand. I squirt some more until my knickers are soaking. I orgasm hard squirting some more in the process.

“Oh no! Tissues, I need tissues – lots of them!” I give him my knickers and he puts them in the shower.

I cum again as he begins to go sleep.

“Are you going to be there all night?” he asks. I close my legs and just doing that makes me cum again.

“Tell me to stop please otherwise I will be…”

“Do what you need to do…”I have 2 more orgasms.

“Please tell me to stop… Actually just let me have one more…” I do…

“Just one more now and I’ll be finished…’

“Stop!” I carry on…

“Just this last one… please it won’t take me long…”

“I said stop! If you don’t stop there will be days and days of no punishment and lots of torment” I try to get that last one in – but then I love to do what he asks… So I stop!


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An ungainly many limbed beast!

School girl socks?

I’m not sure what we’re playing at, but we are running ourselves into the ground…

Every night bar one or two for the last 3 weeks we’ve been awake till 2 or 3am playing with each other…


It hasn’t always led to anything – but usually it’s ended with a blowjob, my clit or his cock being rubbed to cumming, a fuck or all of these put together. If I’m honest, I always prefer the fuck – but sometimes its just been easier to suck/rub and go to sleep.

We’ve had visitors and no outside activities for the children (without us) – so no time to ourselves during the day. At night we’ve had to sleep with the door open and hall lights on as his mother has been staying… She has a tendency to sleep walk and sometimes miss the toilet bowl. So if she gets up in the night to pee – one of us has to be on the alert to make sure she doesn’t fall down the stairs and possibly to clean up after her…

Anyway – I guess we’ve felt abit suppressed in what we can do – although we’ve still had alot of fun…

The early hours of 2012 began in much the same way. Pussy pounding and clit rubbing, gentle scratching of balls and holding of cock. Oh and such a delicious furtively whispered role play where he was a geography teacher and I was his very willing pupil being ‘taken into hand’. Then I decided that I wanted to ‘sit on his lap’.

For all our sexual shenanigans I/we have never mastered me ‘riding cowgirl.’ Any tips gratefully accepted!

He entered on top and then we tried to roll over. It was such a struggle – an ungainly many limbed beast. I (of course) began to giggle and then we nearly fell of the bed…

He went soft so I tried to make him hard again. I sucked his nipples and gently scratched his balls which seemed to do the trick… Back to nearly full hardness, I sat on top of him and we tried for reentry. I was still abit giggly and he was saying that what we were attempting to do – was ‘Against the law of gravity and all the forces of nature!’ We were both laughing now and his cock went completely limp and I was still trying somehow to put it into me…

Anyway we were both left wanting that night. I remember drifting off to sleep wrapped around his back and feeling quite happy – even though my pussy was still warm and wet and wanting.  My last breath before repose was a giggly asking him if he was alright and if he needed to see a psychiatrist (for going soft) I’m not usually so blatantly teasingly rude – but I couldn’t help myself and know anyway that he is confidant enough in his erections to take it…


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All the things I never wanted…

I never wanted to be called a slut.

I never wanted to be objectified.

I never wanted to be used.

I never wanted to be called a slut.

I never wanted to have my pussy pounded so hard.

I never wanted to have my nipples pinched as much as they are now.

I never wanted to feel so helpless and eager with my legs spread wide.

I never wanted to be fingered with more than two fingers.

I never wanted to feel so submissive.

I never wanted to feel the back of his hand so bad…

I never wanted to wake up with a cock being shoved into my mouth.

I never wanted to be so wet and ready all the time.

I never wanted to be whistled at.

I never wanted to be buggered by such a huge one.

I never wanted to be pawed and mauled.

I never wanted to be fucked every night (and day).

I never really really really wanted to suck cock.

I never wanted to be degraded so much.

I never wanted to think about another woman giving him head,

nor him holding me open for someone else to wank over…

I never wanted to be looked at with a stranger’s leering eye.

I never wanted to be so abused.

I never wanted to be a good writer.

I never wanted you the reader to get hard or wet reading my words.

How things have changed this past year…



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“Come kitty kitty come!”

It actually fitted!

I’d given him a black cat collar with a little silver bell for a Christmas present…

I was sitting at the bottom of the tree distributing the presents. Also sorting used wrapping and rubbish into bags as they were discarded. I had my hands full…

In my ears there was a ringing which had been going on for a while – but with my concentration of the tasks in hand, I was not totally aware of it. I looked then at the source of sound and he was ringing the cat collar bell hard.

“Come kitty kitty come!” he said…

I think I blushed a deep red and tried to focus on what I was meant to be doing…

A little later, I put the collar on. It actually fitted!

He was in the bathroom and I ‘had’ to go in there to put some towels in drawers. I also wanted to see what he thought of his new ‘present’.

His eyes shot right to the collar.

” That really really suits you!” he said sounding almost surprised! I was suddenly pulled tight to him.

“You’d give anyone a boner!” I think I must have blushed again. Boner! I’ve never heard him say that word – nor have I ever used it – but it sounded so exquisitely ‘dirty’.

The rest of the morning was a haze of arousal…

I’d done something wrong and he was calling me all sorts of derogatory names under his breath.

“Arsehole! Bitch! Slut! Whore! Etc!”

Gosh we are so sexual towards each other – but yet there are so many things we haven’t done – like this degradation with insults.

I think I was trying to chop some vegetables and he was standing close beside me. The effect of his words was such a hot rush of a turn on… My clit was just steamingly hard and tingling all over – It almost felt like I would cum soon if he carried on with his oh so lovely name calling.

We had visitors, but I lost count of the times that my clit was rubbed, nipples pinched or pussy pounded…There were also numerous manhandlings of breasts and ass and I got quite a few smackings  for doing so many many things wrong…

Overall a very pleasant way to spend the Christmas morning…


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Accepting Awards!

To get up to date with my blogging this year I must respond to  2 awards!The first was the Tell Me About Yourself award given to me by terriblytorn13 Thank you terribly torn! 

To accept this award, I have to nominate 15 blogs that I like and want to pass this award on to and also tell you 7 things about myself…

So here goes (not in order of preference etc)

1) A Smile Like the Sun  What can I say… Huff is funny and horny and lovely all at the same time. He has posted some excellent poems as comments to some of my posts – which I am very flattered to have recieved.

2) A True Unfolding Scarlett Dubois writes some excellent erotica. There are also very honest accounts from her married life which are sometimes horny, but always interesting to read.

3) Always Each Other The similarities between Liza and myself are uncanny! We contacted each other before she started her blog…Now she has begun posting there is no stopping her. Fascinating for me (and you!) Her blog is so new – but so damn good!

4) Virtual Sin I love the hot and horny poetry from Virtual Sinner. We also had what I felt to be a rather  exciting exchange mounting to 69 comments on his ‘Ingenue’ post…

5) Best Bathroom Books As I’ve said before humor from a higher intelligence (maybe he’s an alien…) Seriously though Les has some very eye catching titles which draw you to his blog without you having any control over your fingers. Can also sometimes be informative!

6) Ejackulated This is hot stuff. Am hoping to find out more info about this guy who ups my stats the most – since I have been added to his blogroll…

7) Franny’s Secret Franny is gorgeously sexy! This blog is sometimes in German and sometimes in excellent English. Like myself she takes pictures of herself – Franny’s photos come across very very well…

8) You’ve Been Hooked! The Hook is an excellent writer – which he has been rewarded with a commission for a book version of his blog – about the daily grind of working in a hotel. Well worth a visit!

9) 2Passion 2Passion has been in a marriage he would like to leave… He has also been having a rather hot affair – which now seems to be cooling…It also looks like he has some cancer cells: (

10) Der Erzahler’s Erotic Tales The pictures he posts are very horn inducing. At least one of them never fails to get me wet…

11) The Postman Always Rings I don’t think the Postman is writing at the moment – but if we keep hitting on his site he might blog some more (when he isn’t so busy of course!)  In two words HOT and HORNY!

12) Musings About Me This gal is on a journey to find love… Some very interesting reads..

13) My Sex Like With Lola HH writes so eloquently about his life with Lola. Yes it is mostly about sexual happenings – but it can’t help but be as Lola is in no uncertain words a nymphomaniac. I find certain aspects of her masturbational tendencies very similar to my own…

14) The Chase Religion and Sex in the same blog. Yes it is possible and a very horny and interesting combination it makes!

15) Domination Diary The Dom writes about daily thoughts – but also about his long term life with submissive partner. This resonates very much with my own story… Definitely food for thought for my dirty masochistic mind…

Oh gosh, now 7 things about myself…

1) I bumped into my first boyfriend today by chance with his wife. Was so happy that I looked half decent! really gorgeous!

2) I once masturbated and had about 40 orgasms… sometime last year…

3) I used to binge and diet to excess. But am now so in touch with my body that I never go hungry and usually know when I am full. I am generally healthy, but do eat some chocolate everyday and don’t feel guilty in the least… I am so thankful to be this way as food and my body used to be such a battle. Now I love food and my body to bits (apologies if this sounds a bit hippyish!)

4) I am not the most skillful at being on top when having sex – but plan to change this in the very near future… will keep you posted on this!

5) My sex drive has grown and grown these past few years. I now think of sex much of the time…

6) Apart from my husband’s cock, I have no addictions…

7) I was a tomboy at school and could still beat all the boys at armwrestling age 17. (Which I found rather disappointing at the time!)

Now for the Liebsterblog Award which was given to me by Franny Thank you Franny!

The Liebster Blog can be awarded to 5 blogs that you like with less than 100 followers… You must also display the Liebster Logo. Which I have!

Here they are:

1) Lost in the Arms of Destiny Poetry and prose from the heart. A young woman’s journey through love and life. Some of this is very deep and sometimes hard to read because of its raw pain.

2) The Naughty Poet Poetry at its best. Very evocative….

3) Scribbles of a Confused Mind The writer calls himself Cruel Intentions which of course immediately intrigued the imagination of my little masochistic mind. He has a great interest in BDSM and Spirituality!

4) Lost in Nevada This guy was the first ever to click my like button! He is of the swinging lifestyle of which I know nothing about. Very interesting and not just about sex…

5) Beneath the Concrete the Forest Grows James Wakeling lives in Brighton and takes such wonderful photographs…

Thats it for now folks!



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Hot sticky liquid!

It was late – about 1am – I’d wrapped most of the children’s    presents and due to 2 previous bedtimes of 3am (yes, more sexual deviencies) I was very tired.

The night before, he’d given me 4 cock orgasms and then one of the girls had woken up.  I said that I would be back and gave him some wanking instructions. Unfortunately I fell asleep trying to get her settled..

So the next evening I owed him some satisfaction…

But I was exhausted. He put my hand on his cock and I was doing my best – but drifting off to sleep every now and again. I told him so, but that I was sorry ( I always find it so horny apologising to him) Everytime I was sorry – he made me open my legs wide and would hit me hard in the pussy – or right on the clit. He needed to hear a ‘thank you’ everytime.

After about the 10th drifting into sleep – I found this hard fat cock being shoved into my mouth and his hands at the back of my head guiding the procedure..

This kind of woke me up…

I was giving head again. I felt very greedy for any precum which oozed out every now and again. I would taste it, keep some in my mouth…kiss him – allowing him a taste of himself – which he seemed to be very urgent for aswell…

My lips were wide closed and bobbing up and down around his now bursting head with my tongue flat and rubbing on the sensitive spot. Both of his hands were gently guiding at the back of my head – but mostly it was all my effort…

I was expecting at least another half hour of licking/sucking/throating/tonguing/tasting/gorging/gagging – although he was feeling really hard and bulging somewhat at the head – and so it felt rather sudden – this hot sticky liquid cumming into my mouth. Of course I did my best in swallowing it all up…

This morning he gave me some very nice praise:

“You’re really very good at what you do. Do you do it professionally?”

“Not yet.. I’m perfecting my art first…” He’s looking at me as if he’s won lots of money…

“Why, oh why did we waste all those years…?”

“I don’t know… and we had so much time then…” I reply

“Maybe its abit like a novel which you put off writing. Then when you do write it – it feels so easy and all comes together and its just so…”

“Brilliant!” I say.

“Amazing!” He says

“Mindblowing!” I agree…

Happy Christmas to all you lovely horny sexy readers!!!


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“You’re selfish! Only thinking of yourself!”

Doing the housework (not!)

I’m menstruating which I find damn frustrating as he is just getting well enough to fuck me!!!

Anyway, just before I came on he made me squirt about 10 times by hitting my pussy over and over. I was sopping wet… anyway to cut a long story short he didn’t get any satisfaction because apparently I fell asleep…

The next day I thought about how I could make it up to him. Fucking was out as I was gushing blood by this stage… Blow job!

I was trying to tidy up the house and ooh, the idea of taking him in my mouth got me really excited…

Come bed time I had a mouth ulcer on my tongue. As is the case with still quite a few  matters to do with sex I am still quite innocent/uninformed… I thought – but wasn’t sure if a mouth ulcer was part of the herpes simplex virus and could possibly be transmitted to his sex organs – so maybe shouldn’t give him ‘head’

“So if you didn’t have a mouth ulcer I could fuck your beautiful mouth?” were his words…

He took the laptop out and searched several sites which stated that a mouth ulcer was in fact not contagious at all etc. But to help the mouth ulcer I should not be eating chocolate or nuts – which I do quite alot on a daily basis. The laptop went away..

“Have you been eating chocolate? pinching my right nipple.

“Agh! Yes… yes I have!” pinches left nipple.

“And nuts?

“Yes…” he spanks my ass cheeks with the next few words…

” You’re selfish! Only thinking of yourself!” I go down on him.

I lick around his cock head initially and it swells…

I’ve wondered if my mouth is small… I know he is well endowed – but my lips are so wide open when he is at his biggest…

Then I go for some throat action. I slide down as far as I can go…

I hear stories about women being able to go right to the base of a man’s cock and imagine that for the guy that would feel amazing. I want to do it for him – but I can’t… I think he’s around 8 inches when fully erect… Sword swallowing classes might be useful flits through my mind…

Anyway, for the next 20 minutes its just my mouth and his cock…

I tease that sensitive underside with my tongue, I throat him as much as I can – once or twice gagging helplessly – but luckily not bringing anything up. Mostly I play with my lips going up and down the head’s rim and the tip or flat of my tongue rubbing that male clit…

Sometimes he helps out a little with his hand at the base… Sometimes I scratch and fondle his balls aswell. I feel really happy to be giving him pleasure…

Sometimes I feel good at what I’m doing… Sometimes I feel like a professional whore… Sometimes I feel abit clumsy and useless…

He  usually takes just over half an hour to cum with penetrative sex – so not a two minute guy…

Its been about half an hour – he’s apologising…

I tell him its ok and “I’m alot tougher than some people think! (One of Mowgli’s lines from the Jungle book.) Yes its true my mouth and tongue are tired and a little numb – but I’m feeling quite happy where I am.

He goes on his side and begins to take charge a little…. He rolls me onto my back and pins me down with his cock stopping me from going anywhere…

I get back on top and give head for all I am worth – sometimes pulling the angle of his cock down  – which he likes… He uses his hand on the base, he moves my head with his hand and directs one of my hands to his anus and then he cums…

I swallow and swallow…  Then lick up the little trickles of after cum – finally giving a few sucks..

Then I snuggle up to his back and just before falling asleep I rub my breasts against his back – which gets me into a state of frenzy.. which I maddening don’t do anything about – but then its about 1am – so sleep drags me down and gives me some relief…


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Hopelessly hoping for cock…

Enjoyable while it lasted...
















There has been only a little fucking this week, but much masturbation – some of it mutual. He is still ill – just waiting for results of test…

Last night we were teasing each other silly for what seemed like ages… I had resisted cumming as I was hopelessly hoping for cock… but then after much pounding of pussy, nipple pinching, cock stroking and clit rubbing, I couldn’t hold out anymore… I was letting myself give in to his so persuasive fingers and just about to go over the edge when ‘patter of tiny feet…’

Little face at end of bed and then small climbing body which squeezes itself between us…Seconds later it is snoring contentedly…

Well, that was the end of that! (And serves me right!)


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Putting the record straight…

I haven’t mentioned this before – because it seemed quite insignificant at the time – but my husband now knows about this blog…

I can’t lie about anything really to my nearest and dearest friends and I just had to tell him…

His reaction, I thought was incredible as it was so ‘nothing!’

I think I began the conversation with lights out and just after having sex…

“Well, that’s another one for the blog…”

“Oh yeh?” he replies rather sleepily…

“I actually do have a blog…”

“Yeh… Really?” still sleepy – probably not the best time to have a conversation with him!

“I’ll tell you about it in the morning, but basically our sex life in detail is on the internet…”

“What… what have you called your blog?”


“Oh that sounds good.”

“Really, so you don’t mind?”

“No, why should I?” I pause in the conversation to think of a reply and in the meantime he is asleep…

The next morning I show him some posts (I go out the room as I feel really quite scared of his opinion on my writing – him being a writer by profession and ‘abit’ of a perfectionist!)

And as I thought the first thing he does is point out some spelling and punctuation mistakes (!)

Then he gives me praise! (Hallelujah and I jump 50 feet inside myself!) He likes it! He can be so scornful of bad/lazy writing and he wouldn’t be too worried about hurting my feelings on this account.

So now that puts the record straight!

Oh, yeh... this has been me all week!





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“Release from torment!”

Oh, to be used....

Went to bed 12.30am got up 4.30am, drove 3 hours for 3 hours of work and drove back.

On the motorway coming back I could feel myself getting sleepy. The next service station was 21 miles away… my chocolate was in the car boot. I put on cold air, I sang, I even blew rasberries to stay alert. What really woke me up though, was jerking awake drifting over into the next lane…Shit!!!

I stopped and dosed up on chunks of strong black chocolate!

I’d left him ill in bed with the 3 children all asleep…

When I got back, the kids were all at a friend’s and we had an hour to ourselves…

I was making some much needed coffee for us both. I was feeling very tired. He said I was going to get fucked… I really wasn’t expecting anything and thought he meant later or maybe tomorrow or in a few days time…

Then he started pushing me, slapping my legs and ass and face and then grabbing my hair. He dragged my dazed self into the hall and made me stick out my ass for him to slap…

It hurt, as he was hitting harder than normal – or maybe I just felt more sensitive due to tiredness – but getting very wet…

He pushed me onto all fours and then began to rub his hard cock on my butt.

“Do you like being ridden doggy style?”

“Yes, yes I do!” I replied. He made me stand up then and put my hand on his cock.

“Look what you’ve done!”

He grabbed my hair and turned my head to the mirror.

“Tell the mirror, you’ve made my cock hard!” I looked and saw my embarrassed, but smiling face.

“I can’t!”

“Do it!” He slapped me hard all over my thighs… I closed my eyes and hoped he couldn’t see them shut. I really couldn’t look at myself say these words:

“I made your cock hard!”

“Now let me see your ass walk upstairs!”

Upstairs, he pushed me roughly onto the bed face down and smacked me on the ass some more…

“Please, can I just go to the toilet?” He began to pound my pussy, which made me want to pee even more.

“Why don’t you just do it here?!”

“Please….please…” He turned me over and slapped me in the face.

“Go now!” I dash for the loo. My knickers are sopping wet…

When I came back, he pushed me face down on the bed again and pulled down my trousers.

“Look how red your ass is! Has someone been hitting it?” I turn to try and look, but then he slaps some more… I don’t know how much more I can take as he’s going in particularly hard today…

I don’t need lube, already being so wet, but while he’s putting on the condom, I put some lube on my ass and then, when he came over, I put some lube on his ass aswell…

“I think you’re overstepping the mark aren’t you?!”

He pulled off my knickers as if he’s disgusted with their presence and entered into me quickly which took my breath away…

He pulled up his vest and held my head to suck and play with his nipple…

“Busy yourself! You’ve got to work for it!” I licked and teased for all I was worth…

He dug his fingernail into my shoulder.

“Is that too sharp for your ass?

“No, thats fine.” I say…

He stuck one finger in and then another. The pleasure of it all was pretty unbearable.

His face was right next to mine – witness to my ecstasy.

‘Do you feel all filled up?”

“Yes, yes I do!” He paused for breath then and seemed to need to rest.

“I think I’ve over done it” he said…

“Can you last another minute?” I tried to cum then very quickly – luckily it only took about 30 seconds. The orgasm was pretty mindblowing and seemed to last and last and last – or maybe it was just one after the other all running into one…

He really doesn’t look too good now.

“Just lie back!” I got him to self pleasure while I licked all there was to lick.

Just before he orgasmed, I teased his ass hole with my tongue.

“Kiss it!” I did…. and then we were both sated – for a while…

Later when I ‘mention’ about the drifting over into the other lane from tiredness he is very pissed off with me. He swears and shouts and asks me why I didn’t just pull over onto the hard shoulder to rest and get the chocolate? I have no answers, as I know he is right.

He also said that if he’d known about ‘that’ then ‘this afternoon’, certainly wouldn’t have happened… (So anyway – I know he’s right and I have it drummed into me what to do next time to stay safe – but between you and me, I’m really glad I didn’t tell him until later!)


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More torment!

Not so persuasive after all!

He’s going to the doctors…

He’s been too ill to bathe, so he is soaping up his hairy chest. He walks into the living room all lathered…’Oh, how I wish I were the doctor!’

I feel totally, totally deprived of fucks and when he’s ready to go, I ask him (trying not to whine!) when I can sit on his cock?

“Soon!” (Not soon enough for me!!!) I give him a hug – trying not to seem too desperate… He looks at me with a little smile on his lips.

“You’ve tormented me all these years. Now there’s just a chance, I can torment you! So tonight, I’ll wake you up again and turn you on… But no cock for pussy, until I’m better!” This is like the worst kind of Chinese torture…

“But I really didn’t mean to tease you, I didn’t have any libido. I was breast feeding and my hormones made me just be there for babies! Now my hormones are totally geared for you. To be fucked by you, used by you. But you’re ill and I’m going crazy!!!”

The bastard just smiles at me and goes for his appointment. God I want his cock!

Secretly, I’m thinking that he’s just got a cold. But on the other hand, I can be very persuasive when I want to be fucked and last night it didn’t make a blind bit of difference… So maybe he really is ill…

Oh, God, I feel awful! Apparently, the doctor says he’s not getting any air into one of his lungs and has to have total rest as he is very close to pneumonia. Antibiotics – should take a few days. A FEW DAYS!!!

God I’m a complete bitch when I’m thinking in my knickers…

But poor guy. You might not believe me, but I do know that he is more than just a big cock. In hindsight he was playing down his symptoms and acting rather brave..Pneumonia is very serious after all…

But still, he is being rather cruel to me… Don’t you think?


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“I’m going to torment you!”

I can be very persuasive!

Its hell and too delicious at the same time…

He is ill – chest infection – so he says he’s not going to fuck me until he’s better…

But what he will do instead, is wake me up every night and ‘torment me.’

This has happened the last two nights…

The first night I was not quite asleep, but nearly. (He usually goes to bed after me…)

He rips off the covers and pounds my pussy until it hurts – Of course I get so turned on, that I end up sucking his cock (again!)

He then gets a pain somewhere and so we stop. The sweet bastard decides enough is enough and  says ‘Goodnight!!” It was hard, but I obediently curled around his back and somehow drifted off…

I was completely asleep the next night – about 1am… He pinches, slaps, hits and pounds me into submission…

I ask him, if I could possibly just sit on his cock, then he can rest while I do all the work… He says “No!” I lick his nipples, his balls, rub myself silly on him and ask very nicely again. The answer is still ‘NO!’

I plead…He is very strict – like a firm parent. I can be very persuasive – but he isn’t having any of it…

He begins to play with my nipples and by this time I am absolutely gagging for it…

“Why are you doing this to me? (More pounding of pussy and hitting/rubbing of clit)

“Not once have you asked me to stop!” he replies. I don’t, of course, say a word…

I do so badly want his cock…

He begins to rub my clit. Its not the release I want, but I damn well need a release and I cum…

“Bu…gger! Bugg…er! Fuuuuck! Ffffuck! Daaaa….ddy!

“You did alot of swearing there!” He rubs me again, my other hand digging into my pussy.

“Daddy!” I orgasm again. ( I haven’t called him daddy for a long time – not since we’ve had kids) It just comes out – maybe because he’s being so strict and I feel so helpless (and deliciously frustrated!)

He helps me cum again and then I do the last one…

I go down on him. There is alot of pre cum, which I lick up rather greedily.

I’m on top, but he’s holding my head tight controlling the fucking of my mouth.

It doesn’t take long and I swallow every last drop….


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“You’ve made a bit of a mess…” continued ‘Masturbation!’


When he’s cum he’s always sleepy, so I’m not expecting any more attention from him…

He’s lying close with his back to me. I spread my legs and open my knees as wide as they will go…

My right fingers begins to circle my clit….

I put the middle finger of my other hand, (that was just in his anus), into my own hole. The thumb of that same hand goes into my pussy.

I am amazed and interested in the walls of my cunt – they seem to move of their own volition…

I’m getting close now and the finger in my bottom is particularly sweet…

My movements are waking him up and he slaps my thighs gently. I move his hand to my clit – but he’s just not awake enough and not doing it ‘properly’. I push his hand away and he runs it up and down my thigh a few times…

I’m not a pro at masturbation anymore – or maybe I’m just not a teenager…

I used to cum from self pleasure within a couple of minutes. Tonight, I gasp and tremble and shiver in about 10…

He falls asleep then and I go for another with my legs wide. How wide can I spread them? I try to push my knees even more open – they’re touching the bed…

The finger in my anus providing most stimulation brings me to the next peak. In the throes of my orgasm, I turn my head and gently bite his back…

I bring my legs together now and squeeze tightly. Somehow, I am still able to pound my pussy with my fingers.

I think my biting wakes him up and he’s fondling my right breast and playing with the nipple. This makes all the difference and I cum deep inside my pussy, my breast tingling for more…

Then the sweet bastard goes to sleep again…

I’m dripping wet with sweat and my cunt is one very slidy zone…

I go for another orgasm… and another…. and another…. and another – gently biting his back each time… and another… and another… until I lose count…. I do stop finally…. I’m really not still at it!


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“You’ve made a bit of a mess haven’t you?!”

“F’s got a rash under her eye, can you check it out!” I drag my tired body out of bed and look at her sleeping arms, belly and legs…

“She’s fine!”   I get back under the warm covers and ‘make’ to go to sleep…

“Did you check her properly?”

“Yes! Her arms, belly and legs!”

“How about her back?”

“Umm, I didn’t check her back…”

“You didn’t check her back!” He pounds my pussy with each syllable. Then he carries on rubbing and hitting and squeezing and pinching until I am a willing whore…

Apparently its stored in his memory bank ‘how to get me to do a blow job’ Oh, and apparently ‘its easy!’

He’s been abit under the weather and its very late, so I ‘decide’ to go down on him…

I lick and suck his nipples and slowly, but surely make my way to his cock…

I am on top, between his legs, getting about halfway down his shaft and gagging every now and again…

He grabs my head and starts to push it down on his cock. My mouth is being fucked and this loss of control on my part for his pleasure is just too delicious…

After a couple of minutes, I take one of his hands and guide it to the base of his shaft and get him to help out abit…

I am still working hard on the head of his cock which is getting ready to burst…

One of my fingers works its way into his anus and the other hand scratches his balls…

He cums very suddenly and violently and I only manage to swallow a mouthful. The rest shoots into my hair, down my chin ond onto the base of his cock…

“Thats for not checking her back!” he says. I look up at him totally disheveled…

“You’ve made a bit of a mess haven’t you?!” he says deliciously.

“Yes, I have, I’m sorry!” I reply, unable not to smile…

To be continued…


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This is one of the fucks I’ll never forget…

Makes me feel like a little girl...

I can’t help myself from thinking about last night… Butterflies in my tummy – lots of them…

Sometimes I think its just weired… How long have I been with him?  Still acting like a school girl…

But he was just sooo big! Bigger than normal somehow… Maybe thats all it comes down to. A big cock!

But I’ve always believed that its what you do with it that’s the important thing… Really I do!

It was freezing cold in our room – but on opening my legs he just got bigger and bigger and…

When he was inside me, he just felt enormous.  There was no trying for cummings, they just slammed into me sweet and easy…

This is one of the fucks I’ll never forget…

Deep, deep inside, aching, painful sometimes. Friction of rubber against skin…. Burning…

He made me feel tiny, like a little girl, yet all woman!

Pinned down….fucked…. relentless delicious thrusting….made to cum again and again…

I moan with pain and delight – sometimes “Ow!” escapes my open lips….

He asks if I’m ok…”I thought you said ow?”

“No, I didn’t!” I lie.  He’s worried about damaging me inside before, but I don’t in the world want him to stop – So I’ll never tell him the truth about how it does hurt sometimes…

He doesn’t need to hit or slap me (although he can if he wants…) I am already completely at his mercy…


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“It wouldn’t be worth my while otherwise!”

Kids are out and I’ve made a nice meal…

Making it worth my while!

We are eating, but not talking much…My mind is wandering – as it does – some of it is about sex – but not all…

We often giggle and joke about – but now there doesn’t seem much to say…

The thought crosses my mind for a moment, that we are like a boring couple who don’t have anything to talk about…

Food over and I bend over to pick up the dustpan and brush. I stay down a few more moments than are absolutely necessary…

He comes over and slaps both ass cheeks very hard… Delicious!

“You don’t really have to bend over for so long do you?”

“It wouldn’t be worth my while otherwise!”

Anyway 3 minutes later we are fucking deliciously as quickly as we possibly can. Then I dash out fast and pick up the kids on a very happy high…


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“I know how to get you to give me a blow job – its just so easy!”

I was nearly asleep, when I felt the covers being pulled off me.

A match made in heaven?

He slapped me really hard on the ass. I was still dozy, but I think I yelled out and pulled the covers back up.

Every time he came into the room in between his teeth brushing and toilet, he would pull the covers down and slap, pinch and/or rub me somewhere. It was very very cold. When he finally, after much delicious torture got into bed beside me, he became even more relentless with his nipple pinching, pussy pounding and slapping of my ass. I was so turned on – whether I liked it or not!

When I’m in this state, I really feel like I will do anything for him…

One of these anythings is sucking his cock…

I did and he came really quickly – I think I’m getting quite good at this art!

I actually felt fine going to sleep without any relief for myself – I must have been really tired!

I was cuddling up to him for sleep and he decided to impart this important information to me:

“I know how  to get you to give me a blow job – its just so easy! Its imprinted in my memory bank!”

With that he fell asleep.

Strange to feel really slutty (in a delicious way!) and after so many years of marriage – seems to be happening more and more….

A match made in heaven?


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Will try my very best to get into his good books later!

My husband does most of the washing up in our house. I’m not much of a perfectionist when it comes to dishes, which has made him take over this most skill needed task. I think my husband has slight OCD tendencies when it comes to anything to do with water – washing up being no exception!

“Why did you put the dish with all that melted cheese in with all the other washing up?”

“I wiped it first!”

“Did you? Did you really? Don’t do it again! I REALLY MEAN IT!” He didn’t shout that last bit, but there was so much intention behind his words, I just felt it right to put them in capitals.

Anyway, this reprimand (my idea of domestic bliss) made me go quite weak at the knees – which I was rather embarrassed about – seeing as he wasn’t fooling around and ‘really meant it’.

I began to quickly stir whatever was on the stove. He surprised me then by coming up close and whispering into my ear.

“Not everything is a prelude to something. I heard your little sharp intake of breath…”

I’m wet now and he knows I am…

The children burst in at the door and that moment is gone. Mmmm… will have to try my very best to get into his good books later!

(Will let you know what happens ‘tonight’ when I am back home in a few days)


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The seed of a fuck is planted…

Lots of seeds!

You know that moment when sex is inevitable…

The fuck might happen moments after… hours, days, weeks, even years sometimes… But that moment is always delicious – whether you are fully conscious of it or not…

I remember my very first fuck seed was planted when splitting up with my first ‘proper’ boyfriend age 15. The moment that I thought I’d lost him showed me how special/horny he really was. I knew then that he had to and was going to me my first cock inside….

I have lots of fuck seeds now… This one happened yesterday afternoon:

We were having a disagreement about something – I can’t even remember what now… I was being particularly stubborn in a flirty sort of way…

Suddenly he started rubbing my clit nicely hard. I doubled up with the shock and pleasure of it.

The kids were around, but he managed to do it without any of them noticing.

“Haven’t got any answers now have you?”  He says cockily walking off. He’s right though (the bastard!) I couldn’t speak out of pleasure and trying to keep it together in front of the kids!


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Oh my God, oh my God! He went down on me!

Oh my God, oh my God! He went down on me!

For those new to these pages my husband has not gone down on me for about 19 years… I was relatively young when we first got together and distrustful of my body – so didn’t want him going down there in case he didn’t like what he smelled or tasted… So, to cut a long story short ‘it’ has simply not been on the agenda…. Until last night!

A few weeks back, I shyly (yes, I know abit out of character!)  said to him, that it would be nice if he gave it another go at some point – the first time, definitely after a bath…

It was 12.30am and I was really very tired, but he was obviously very horny. I could have easily gone to sleep, but his rubbing and caresses and slaps and punches kept me awake…

Anyway it got to the point where I was sucking his cock and then I thought ‘Hey! I had a bath this lunchtime!

I began to take off my knickers (which is totally against the norm of things, as he usually has the honor)

“What are you doing?” he asks… I couldn’t say what I was hoping to do for a moment out of shyness (again!) We did have a conversation the other night about whether or not as a couple we would fit into an easy or awkward 69… so I reply:

“I was just wondering if we would fit in a 69…”

“No, just lie down and spread em!”

Of course I immediately obeyed and spread my legs. I was scared and excited and turned on. It was a kind of ‘first date’ sort of feeling. Although I’m sure I’ve never done this on a first date!

I’m quite naturally not a hairy person (on my body not my head!) but there is some hair …I’ve offered to shave below – but he’s never wanted me to.

So he gently moved the hair away and I think I’m holding my breath in anticipation. Then he opens my lips and then his tongue goes in and touches my clit… and I moan with what can only be described as delight! OH BOY it is so so delicious! I remember to breathe every now and again, in gasps and pants – but mostly I continue to hold my breath.

He twirls his tongue around my clit, he sucks..

“You’re really wet! he says. (Who wouldn’t be?!)

He sucks again… He’s good… Really good!

I know I’m not experienced in receiving thus, but he is a pro.

We came together when he was 25, so he must have come down on quite a few women before me – evidence suggests this to be true! (He was abit of a slut before me!) So there must be females out there who he’s ‘tongued’ more than he has me…Ooh, I’m abit jealous – in a kind of turned on way – especially as he’s sooo good!

I resolve to change this imbalance asap, but for now I call him up. I’m not going to go for an orgasm this first time.

We go on to penetration. I’m not going to elaborate apart from using my favorite word ‘delicious’ and on my first cumming I cried out,

“Fuck me hard!” and he did!

Just to let you lovely people know that I have 4 projects to get on with which are going to take up alot of my time for the next few months (money is a little tight at present!) So I am going to try and be really disciplined and not blog more than once a week! This is going to be very hard for me as I love writing these posts sooooo much – but needs must! Thank you for reading!!!


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“Don’t do that please!”

Girly and sexy?

I normally don’t like wearing clothes that are too big for me – Did the baggy thing in my teens and some of my 20’s. Now I’m so happy with my body it has to be close fitting attire most of the time!

Anyway, I put on this white, kind of baby doll dress nighty, which is a couple of sizes too big for me – but very short. I am hoping it makes me look girly in a sexy sort of way.

I then choose some cream and black ‘fuller’ knicker style – which he seems to prefer – opposed to a piece of string – which I guess is more ‘in your face’ kind of sexy.

There.. I was ready, but he is downstairs on the computer…

I make some really loud light clicking turning off sounds and a big audible bounce into bed… Great! I can hear the laptop shutting and then his footsteps…

I smile at him as he comes in and then turn over as if going to sleep. He pulls the covers off to reveal what I am wearing…

“What’s all this?’

Not so in your face!

“My nightwear!” I say, pulling up the covers. He pulls them off again and then punches me in the pussy. Delicious! He jumps on top of me, pinches my nipples and hits me in the ribs. In the excitement, I mistakenly elbow him hard in the knee…

He goes to the toilet and gets into bed turning away from me. I bite his back softly a few times.

“Don’t do that please!” I’m not sure if he is joking or not…

I turn my back to him and he asks if I have all the contraception ready!?

“No, I thought you were tired.”

“That’s why you got all dressed up then?” (The cheek!) He turns round and gives my pussy such a pounding, I think I am going to cum and/or wet myself.

He turns off all the lights and puts on a condom. I lube up quietly and then wait for him as if I am sleeping. I love the idea of him fucking me when I’m not awake and haven’t given my consent. He pulls off the covers (again!) and roughly opens my legs.

The fucking is bliss. He feels just so hard to the point of aching . As we haven’t got it on for a few days its too delicious and I cum very quickly bathing my whole body in hardcore pleasure.  Orgasm two comes straight after – deep inside me. Three, four and five make me buck with urgency for the sweetness of more – I feel it much more in my clit.

He moves to behind me to go for his cumming. It is gorgeous – right on the G spot. He’s hanging over the side of the bed pumping away vigorously. It is soooo horny and then he goes and wallops his head on a wooden chair! We stop… (He’s abit of a wimp when it comes to pain – but it was abit of a bang.)

He ends up self pleasuring.

I lick his nipples and work my hand lower… After about 10 minutes of no cum I think its about time!

I suck one of his balls, taking it fully into my mouth, sucking gently, slowly and deliberately. Then I take the other ball and do the same. He cums!


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I love to see his face when his cock is in my mouth…

He came downstairs just as we were about to leave wearing only a towel. – Very hairy and very male… My urge at that moment was to fall down on my knees and give him head – but I couldn’t – the children were waiting and we were already very late…

I did however keep this image in my mind and the urge was still there…

The next morning we were at his mother’s house. In the bedroom I tried to pull him over, grabbing at his belt. He uncharacteristically behaved rather coyly and said the neighbours might see us…

He went out of the room, leaving me feeling a tiny bit hurt… Two can play hard to get, I thought… He came back about 5 minutes later. I think he’d just figured out what I had been about to do…

I was now ready for some yoga and was standing ignoring him with my hands in prayer position looking (I thought!) rather angelic. I did a few salutes to the sun – talking to him pleasently enough – but not making any advances towards him…

The tables were turned and he definitely knew what he’d missed out on. He was now very horny and going to try and get me back onto my knees as soon as he could…

He was doing all the running now and it was delicious. Slapping my ass at every opportunity – sometimes when his mother had her back turned – luckily she’s pretty deaf. He kept pushing me up against walls and rubbing me hard. Mmmmm…

Later I was in the bedroom and he was downstairs..

“Can you bring me my notebook please?” I called down to him. He very kindly came up with it.

“Just turn off the light if you don’t want anyone to see.” I said. He obediently clicked the switch.

I undid his leather belt and tried to undo his zip – it was stuck. He helped out a bit…

His cock was already massively hard, so I carefully took the band of his boxers over the ‘protrusion’. Trousers and all were now around his knees. I was surprised at how ready he seemed – although reading this over – fool me! His balls were very full aswell and definitely ready for some action.

I tentatively licked the head, as I sat on the edge of the bed…

I took him into me as far as my mouth would allow. I could hear him moan as he rebounded against the back of my throat. He brought me to my knees and gently held the back of my head pushing his cock in and out of my throat. I gagged then and retched – luckily nothing came up.

I pushed him away a bit so I could recover…

He pushed me back then, so my shoulders were on the bed – his knees either side of my head. I felt pinned down…

I love to see his face when his cock is in my mouth. He laughs when he sees me looking up at him. We come back off the bed for a moment and I take his hand and move it to the base of his cock.

“Why don’t you lie on the bed – you’ll be more comfortable?”

Ooh yes!

He sat on the edge of the bed and lay back. I put my lips around the rim of his head and move up and down with the flat of my tongue rubbing the dainty sensitive spot. I’m gently scratching his balls and playing with his right nipple with my other hand. He feels so close…

“Here it cums…” I wait to swallow, but there’s a little delay and then it shoots out into my ready mouth. I swallow and lick, lick and swallow…

When he is completely clean I put my mouth around his cock which is still ready and hard – This seems to drive him wild…

“Mummy?” Little footsteps coming up the stairs…

“When is the Simpsons on?”

‘In about 10 minutes” I say

My husband is sitting on the bed with his shirt hanging over evidence…

“Let’s go downstairs.” he says to middle child. I read a story to said child and husband gets himself together.

Just as they leave the room I say,

“That’s a thank you for bringing up my notebook!”

I pick up the notebook and open its pages ready to write some very exciting events….


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How to encourage an Orgasm (or 2 or 3 or 4!)

Had another article published by Talk Tabu. This company are run by 2 very cool women. In a nutshell Talk Tabu is a new app for making sex education horny – instead of boring! Sounds very good to me!!!

Here’s the link for the article How to encourage an ORGASM!!!

(Noone has liked it yet… just saying : )

There are lots of other very interesting sex based articles on their blog.



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Going to sleep very soon…

imageI told my husband earlier that I’d just released an egg. And of course this wouldn’t come to anything – but we could go through the motions…

Well I’m definitely ovulating as I’m particularly horny. But my man is downstairs on the computer… Not good really is it?

We’ve had a couple of days break as well from actual sex – so really he should be up here with me and ready to go.

Ooh I think I hear things turning off downstairs…


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Where can I buy a vibrator?

Hello lovely people who I haven’t seen for  a long long time.

I haven’t left the planet – but have started another business which is doing beautifully – but leaving me so much less time for blogging…

Just wondering as I’m rather innocent in this department : )

Can anyone recommend a silent vibrator? Where can I buy it?  (I’m in the UK) Or a good online store where I can view a selection.

Thank you in advance. I do miss reading your salacious stories – but all in good time!



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